A Newfound Love for Mazes

Summary: Oneshot. Java Junkie. Luke and Lorelai meet in the Hay Bale Maze and the spark returns. Literally.

A/N: My first oneshot! Who knows? Maybe I'll turn it into a chapter story if it gets picked up (i.e. REVIEWS!!). I just got inspired by tonight's episode. So enjoy!

"I'm sorry, too," Luke hesitantly replied to Lorelai's long-awaited apology. Luke, obviously very nervous, started to turn into Lorelai and ramble on and on. Bringing up the pain of it all was incredibly hard for the two individuals.

That's what they were.


They weren't a couple anymore. And this knowledge gnawed the two inside to the point of crying themselves to sleep, even now, almost a whole year later.

Digging up all his feelings for Lorelai didn't really take much work, seeing as he still wished he had let her in on his life and hadn't been such a dumbass. But he also wished she had let him known how miserable he was making her. He could have fixed it. Then the engagement wouldn't have been called off. They would have gotten married.

Would we have? The thought ran through Luke's mind like a freight train, completely capturing his attention. Would we have gotten married? I mean, I did postpone the wedding. But that was after Lorelai found out about April. Maybe if I'd been upfront about her we would have still gotten married on June 3rd. But I didn't really like the idea of June 3rd. Too many bad memories about that date. That was Rory's court date.

Luke hated thinking of Rory as anything more than an innocent sixteen year old who got kissed for the first time and ended up shoplifting corn starch, let alone a felon for grand theft boating.

"Luke?" Lorelai brings Luke back to the real world, in the Hay Bale Maze. "Luke, are you okay? You zoned out for like five minutes…" She trailed off, uncertain of the look in Luke's eyes. She'd seen that look before.

It was the look of longing. She'd seen it so many times before, but she never realized what it was until that night on the porch steps of the Dragonfly Inn.

Suddenly, Lorelai had that longing. Longing to be back on the porch steps, sharing the newfound love between them. Although it wasn't really newfound. I just never noticed it before. God I'm such a dumbass. I wasted all those years just flitting from man to man, just like mom said four years ago.

As Lorelai descended back to Earth, she realized she was on the ground, sitting against the hay, with Luke close—extremely close—beside her. Neither of them made eye contact. They just stared at the opposite wall of hay, not really seeing it, thinking back to the good times and what they could (and should) have done better.

Finally, Luke turned to face Lorelai, tapping her on the shoulder so she'd follow suit.

"I've missed you, Lorelai," He started. "You have no idea how much I've hoped to see you come through the doors of the diner and kiss me and fill my ears with your incessant, annoying, cute, mind-numbing, wonderful chatter."

"Hey, man, there is nothing mind-numbing about my chatter…the rest maybe, but that's where I draw the line!" Lorelai joked, trying to lighten the mood. She really wanted to go there again. Be a couple. But will it work?

"Look, as I see it, we have three choices. One, we go back to completely ignoring each other. Two, we go back to being friends. Three, we start seeing each other again, seriously," Luke finished, taking a deep breath and hoping against hope she would say the third choice.

"Luke, I l-love you," Lorelai began uneasily. At her words, Luke's heart skipped a beat. Is she really saying yes? "But…but I don't know if I can survive having my heart broken another time. Every time we start to get incredibly serious, something involving Christopher comes in the way. I'm not saying it's all his fault—okay so the first time was, but the second time was mostly mine—, but I'm just afraid it'll happen again and I wouldn't be able to stand that. I really miss you, too, so can we go back to being friends again? At least I'd be able to see you everyday again. Besides, I really need your coffee." Lorelai almost cried at seeing Luke's face fall considerably as he simply nodded, unable to speak. "I'm so sorry, Luke. I'm just too scared, now."

What the hell am I doing?! Lorelai yelled at herself. I love this guy and I'm turning him down! GAH!!!!

Neither of them moved. The two just sat there, staring at the falling sun, wishing they were still together.

A good fifteen minutes later, Lorelai's chatter kicked in. "Hey, Luke? Do you ever think about Rachel?"

Might as well be honest. "Yeah, sometimes, but not nearly as much as I used to. Why?"

"I don't know, but I was wondering if you knew her current address." At this, Luke flipped his head around in bewilderment.

"Why on earth would you want it?"

"Well, technically, she's the one who started the entire Dragonfly reconstruction. I mean, she showed me the picture of it and that's how it all began. I just think I should thank her. I could send her a picture of it now!" So many ideas popped into her head just talking about it. So did so many jealous thoughts of her and Luke together.

"Yeah, I think I have it. I'll give it to you. It's at my place." Luke conceded.

"Thanks!" Lorelai turned and smiled at him, holding eye contact for way too long. "Need…" Lorelai suddenly whispered as her eyes turned a shade darker blue. Before Luke had any idea of what's going on, she grabbed his neck and planted a big wet one on his lips.

Luke, overjoyed at this, eagerly kissed her back. As the heat between them rose, they opened their mouths simultaneously, inviting each other inside.

Lorelai got up on her knees and crawled onto Luke's lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. Luke took this opportunity to sneak his hands under her shirt, rediscovering her back. Her skin was just as baby soft and she was even better to kiss.

Breaking apart, the two were panting so hard they were sure they would be heard. Looking into each other's eyes, almost black with lust, Lorelai smiled bigger than she ever had with Christopher, Max, or Alex. This was her genuine loving smile.

"Lorelai, what happened to not being able to stand heartbreak?" Luke asked as he caught his breath.

"Well, one, I didn't factor you in, and two, who said there was going to be another heartbreak?"

"So you're in?" Luke beamed at Lorelai's emphatic nod. "Yes!!!!!!!" He exclaimed to the sky and kissed Lorelai in sheer joy.

Just as things were getting more and more heated, the two heard frantic running through the maze and pulled apart, fixing hair, clothes, and faces.

Taylor turned the last corner and was crying, still suffering from hay allergies. "Get out of the maze!"

"Why?" Luke and Lorelai asked in unison.

"Some dipstick lit a cigarette and a spark caught light on a hay bale! It's going up in flames as we speak! Out! Out!!!!"

Following orders, the three Stars Hollow-ites sprinted out of the maze.

Going back to Luke's apartment to get the address for Rachel, Lorelai looked at the framed picture at his bedside table. It was a picture of them kissing in front of the Dragonfly.

Smiling to herself, she declared, "We'll send this one to Rachel."

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