A Newfound Love for Mazes

Summary: Oneshot. Java Junkie. Luke and Lorelai meet in the Hay Bale Maze and the spark returns. Literally.

Chapter 4: Right of Passage

A/N: Weird chapter title, I know. I'm listening to Brave by Idina Menzel and that's one of my favorite lines so just bear with me haha. I love you, my beta, OkGoPrettyMuchRules!

Lorelai didn't want him to tell Rachel about their engagement.

Is she ashamed of it?

Luke walked back to the gazebo in a blind panic. She can't be ashamed of it. She just...just can't!

When he reached the gazebo and found not a soul there, he checked the diner and the apartment upstairs before going to Lorelai's place.

Upon reaching the door, Luke paused and put the ring in his jean pocket. Couldn't let Rachel see it until he was absolutely sure Lorelai wasn't ashamed. That would be, well, a bit awkward.

"Lorelai?" Luke called as he poked his head through the door. "Lorelai, are you here?"

"In the living room!" Lorelai yelled in reply. "Hey, sweetie!" Lorelai greeted as Luke walked in. "I believe you have something for me?"

"How-how...how?" Luke stammered. How the hell could she know he got her ring?! And he'd rather not do it in front of Rachel.

"Because of one, you were gone for far longer than necessary for delivering food and two, either you have a box in that pocket or you're just extremely happy to see me." Lorelai smirked. Damn, did he have to fall in love with a crazy woman?

"Fine, but does she know?"

"Duh, Luke. I wouldn't be sitting her telling you to give me my damn ring if she didn't," she laughed. Even Rachel let slip a wide smile. They were both enjoying torturing Luke. Stupid women.

Sighing, Luke pulled out the box and started to hand it to Lorelai before he suddenly changed his mind. Instead, he changed course and handed it to Rachel, who could not have been more shocked.

DAMN! WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST DO?! NOW THEY'RE GOING TO THINK I'M PROPOSING TO RACHEL! Luke continued mentally slapping himself while he watched Lorelai.


Lorelai was...stunned. She'd hoped this wouldn't happen. He's gone back to Rachel?


What the hell? Rachel took the box, wondering why Luke gave it to her. He couldn't go back to her. HE'S ENGAGED.


Okay, Luke, time to recover. "Open it," he suggested. Rachel complied. "What do you think?" He could almost feel the tension leave the room as both girls relaxed.

"I approve...a lot," Rachel replied as her eyes bugged out. "Geez, Luke, how much did you pay for that rock?"

"Rock?" Lorelai perked up. "Lemme see! Lemme see!" She started whining and bouncing on the couch in her eagerness. "Lemme see, damn it! It's my ring!" Rachel looked to Luke for permission before conceding the ring to Lorelai. "AH!!!! It's gorgeous! Oh, my God, Luke!" She hopped up on the couch to give him a big smooch. "You're awesome, Luke."

"Yeah, yeah...so what have you guys been doing?" Luke asked, relieved she hadn't freaked out and elated she wasn't ashamed of their relationship.

"What do I do best?" Lorelai fixed him with that stare, the do-you-even-KNOW-me stare.

"Talk?" he replied, unsure. There were too many things she was good at.

"Gossip!" Lorelai exclaimed at the same time Rachel went "Duh!" What was it about insane women that attracted him so much?


Lorelai smiled to herself as she admired the masterpiece on her left ring finger. Granted, it was dark so she couldn't really see it, but it was just so damn pretty! No. Pretty isn't enough. It was drop-dead supercalifragalisticexpialadocius!

"Why do you keep staring at it? It's not as though it's the first time I've gotten you a ring," Luke groaned, stroking her arm. "It's three in the morning. Time to sleep," he declared through a yawn.

"Why shouldn't I keep staring at it? It's beautiful! I'm not gonna let this one go, you realize that, don't you?"

"I'd hope you wouldn't!" Luke exclaimed, alarmed at the suggestion.

"Haha, calm down. I'm not thinking about letting go." Lorelai grinned up at him and resumed her place on his chest. She was twirling her fingers in his chest hair. God, she missed doing that, among other things.

"So, was that some sort of right of passage?" Luke asked, his low, growling voice sending shivers down her spine.

"What do you mean?"

"The whole torturing me about whether or not you were ashamed about the engagement and giving you the ring in front of Rachel!" he replied, wondering how she couldn't know what he meant.

"Haha, you could say that," she laughed. "Honestly, I just wanted to tell her the entire story before springing the whole 'we're engaged' thing on her. But it was fun torturing you!" she added, giggling.

Not for the first time--not even for the twentieth time--Luke asked himself, "Why the hell am I in love with a crazy person?"

"You're too hot not to be," Lorelai stated as if it was a fact. "You make every girl salivate every time you walk by, even with the flannel on. When I saw you swimming at the lake that first time, I almost stripped and got in with you."

"I wish you did," he admitted. "Maybe then we'd be married by now."

"Anyway, you make it very hard for a girl not to haver her way with you every second of the day."

"I think I'd like it if you didn't hold back, but just you," he laughed.

"Good, because if you let another woman so much as look at you, I'll skin you both alive."

"You sure?"

"Okay, just her. I'll make you feel really sorry and then we'd have angry makeup sex. I wouldn't want to mar your perfect body," Lorelai declared.

"Perfect body, huh?"

"You're like an incredibly sexy Greek God."

Greek God.


Luke went to sleep smiling with Lorelai in his arms for the first time in a year. And it felt good.

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