Vengeance by Drucilla Malfoy

Chapter 1

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A/N: Yes, this is a Blood Ties/ Forever Knight Crossover. Vampires, Toronto, crime. They were just begging for a cross and I had one floating about. So yeah. I'm not sure if Tanya Huff ever addressed the powers of really ancient vampire in the books so I'm just kind of winging it. Emma's abilities are a bit of FK convention (Lacroix survived a flaming stake through the heart after all) with a little bit of ricean/ Kindred:The Embraced stuff tossed in for the hell of it. (Sun walking, etc) So I hope ya'll like it and it's not too far out there.

"You can't blame Henry every time you get bodies without blood." Vicki Nelson paced around her office.

"Well, since he's the only vampire I know of…" Mike Celluci tossed the file on her desk.

"It wasn't him, Mike. He was with me the night it happened."

"All night?"

"All night." It was the truth. They had literally been together from sun down to sun up finishing a case and simply just spending time together. She picked up the top picture from the folder. "Anyway, those aren't his marks."

Mike stopped and turned toward her. "And how the hell do you know what his bite marks look like?" Anger crept into his voice.

Vicki knew the reality of her relationship with Henry was a fairly new thing and Mike was not taking it well. He had only recently begun speaking to her again. "Do you really want me to answer that question?"

He sighed. "Please, don't. I don't want to know. I'll take your word for it. Can you tell me why they're wrong?" He joined her standing before the old desk.

"These ones," she pointed to the image, "only have one set of punctures. Henry's," she resisted the urge to pull up her sleeve and show him the fresh wounds, "have two."

"So unless he had his fangs pulled lately…"

"He hasn't" she whispered.

"So it's someone else." He slumped down in one of the chairs. "Think your vampire will ask around for me?"

"Maybe. How 'bout we trade my vampire for your police connections?"

"What are you working on?"

She dug through the files on the desk and took a seat beside Mike when she found the one she wanted.

"Adam Williams hired me. He wants to know who killed his brother."

"Don't the police usually figure out things like that?"

"The coroner ruled it an accident. Jacob Williams was found with a broken neck at the bottom of a stairwell."

"That sounds like an accident, Vicki."

"Yeah, except… his girlfriend lives at the bottom of the stairs. He was found right in front of her door. He never went up the stairs, had no reason to. And since he died five more people who ran in his crowd have died."

"And they're all connected to the girlfriend."

"Yep. Emma Lincoln."

"So either she's one strong girl or she made some strong enemies."

"I'm betting on the latter." She dug out a picture of the file. The girl was medium height and slim, pale skin and dark eyes.

"She doesn't exactly look like the neck breaking type. Couldn't you find anything on her yourself?"

"I mean, she exists. Birth records, school records but not much else."

"Alright I'll see what I can dig up on the little black widow here."

The sun was just sinking below the horizon when Emma slipped inside the lobby of the large apartment building. The doorman barely acknowledged her as she stepped into the empty elevator. She had no idea what she would do next if he wasn't home. She'd spent the last two days moving about, nervous as a cat. The climb to the top floor seemed to stretch on forever. It would have been much faster to take the stairs but she needed the time to gather her thoughts and calm the nervous energy. Emma could feel the energy feeding the crawling hunger just beneath the surface. She squeezed her eyes shut as the elevator sounded its quiet ding and the door glided open. The hall was silent as she walked down to the wood veneered double doors. She knocked hard and waited shifting from one foot to the other. The door cracked open and sleepy looking young man poked his head out.

"Good, you're awake." Emma pushed past him and into the dimly lit living room.

"Emma? What are…?" Henry Fitzroy sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He had been just barely beginning to wake when he heard the heavy knocking on his door. "What's happened?" he leaned on the door a second and then turned to face the girl in his living room.

"It's bad, Henry." She dropped her backpack on the floor and began pacing.

"Emma?" Her behavior was already worrying. In the 450 years he had know Emma he had never seen her so agitated. "What's bad? What has happened?"

"They keep dying, Henry. All the people I care about. They sent me Magnus' ring. He's never taken it off as long as I've know him. It was charred, covered in ashes. I know he's dead. There have been 5 mortals. All with their necks broken. They killed Jacob. They left him for me to find."

Now he understood why she was so upset. The last time they'd spoken all she could talk about was her boyfriend Jacob. And Magnus… he had been her consort longer than anyone. "Who? Who is doing it?"

"I don't know. I… I just don't know." She had worked her self close to tears.

Henry crossed the room quickly. He grabbed her arms and stilled her pacing. "Calm down. You're safe."

"No, I'm not. I'm scared. I don't know what to do. What if it's the enforcers?"

"Did any of them know? Any of the humans?"

"Just Jacob. I was… I was going to turn him. We had all the plans made." A shadow crossed her eyes. "What if it's something like Her?"

Henry knew the old stories that floated around the city. A vengeful ancient vampire who'd regenerated and returned to seek revenge on the fledgling that had killed her. "Honestly, Emma." He dropped his head and caught her eyes. "That was just a story."

"No, it wasn't Henry. It really happened. I was here. I knew one of the ones she killed. She tried to wipe out his entire family. I killed my master too. What if… What if he's not really…?"

"Well, until he starts dropping off decapitated corpses in your fridge I think you might be safe." He let her go and sat on the sofa.

"It's not funny." Emma took up pacing again. "What if you or Christina are next? What then?"

"Fine, you're right. I'm sorry. But if it is the Enforcers… have you spoken to him?"

"Not in 50 years."

"I though you two were friends, of a sort."

"We had disagreements about child rearing."

He snorted a laugh. "Thank God for that."

"I still talk to Jeanette every now and then."

She stopped a moment, her eyes pressed closed.

"Emma, are you alright?" he was at her side in the blink of an eye.

She looked up, eyes black.

"When was the last time you fed?" He pushed a strand of hair from her face.

"Two days." She looked down then back up at him, back to normal. "And I've been out during the day so…"

"You need to rest. I heard The Raven has opened up again. I'll stop by and see if anyone knows where the old boy is. You should stay here and get some rest."

"I haven't slept in 2 days either."

He started leading her back toward the bedroom. "Oh, the affliction of being able to not only stay awake but walk in the daylight." He mocked her.

"Oh, darling, when you get as old as I am. Then you can experience the wonders of the prickling skin and aching eyes and constant hunger that go along with walking in the sun." In the bedroom she stopped and looked at him. "I was just kept moving."

"I know. You'll be safe here. You can get some sleep." He pulled her close. "As for the hunger…"

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