Vengeance by Drucilla Malfoy

Chapter 8

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They were silent a moment as Vicki processed everything she'd been told.

"Ok," she said finally, "but the territory thing? You said that was even more complicated.

Emma sighed. "That is another entire story."

"We have time." Vicki gestured absently. She was fascinated with everything she was learning.

"Vampires, well, specifically, our kind, can live in close quarters with little problem, especially within one family."

"Until what?"

"Very astute. Until a challenge is placed. We have a… very specific hierarchy. A pecking order if you will. It's one of the more animalistic aspects of our nature. Within each family there is a ranking of dominance."

"Almost like a wolf pack?"

"Somewhat, yes."

"I suppose that make you the alpha then."

"Yes, yes it would. The oldest, strongest is the leader. And then ranking down. However, since we are all still at least partially human personality plays a part as well."

"What do you mean?"

Emma thought a moment. "If one has a submissive nature they will defer the lead, and hence the dominance, to someone with a stronger drive."


"When a lower member of the family challenges a higher member it starts a bit of a chain reaction. A challenge cannot be ignored. It instigates an urge to fight that is completely irresistible."

"So Henry challenged Christina."

"Oh, no. Christina challenged him."

"Why would she do that? Territory?"

Emma smirked. "Yes, but not the territory Henry would have you believe it was. Christina had a decidedly more feminine type of territorialism in mind when she challenged him."


Emma closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the new night. Springtime in France really was so beautiful, even if they did have to spend it in Paris.

"I wish Henry, would let me go with him." Christina moaned.

As he became more skilled Henry had taken to hunting without his sire. A fact which constantly annoyed her.

Magnus simply patted her arm, consolingly.

"Now, Christina. We all have idiosyncrasies about how we feed. Provided he obeys the rules we must allow him his freedom."

She sighed and leaned more against Magnus but said nothing further on the subject.

Emma Stopped slowly. "I shall meet you by the river." She pronounced.

Her two fledglings knew better than to question her. Christina simply assumed she was off to find her own meal. Magnus knew better. He shook his head as he passed, Christina still at his arm, but said nothing.

Down the dark alley a small tryst continued and the predator began to approach. These small interludes were common of the back alley of the district. No one else would notice anything amiss about the lovers against the wall. The young tavern maid's skirts were hiked up and she was in obvious rapture as her companion kissed his way along her throat.

Emma stopped a few feet from them and sighed.

It was enough to draw the man's attention. He smiled and turned his attention back to the maid. He whispered quietly in her ear. The girl giggled and rearranged herself before re entering the tavern.

The man now turned his attention to Emma. She simply smirked and walked back toward the main avenue.

"How many times must I tell you not to play with your food, Henry?" she asked casually, over her shoulder.

He caught her quickly and offered his arm when she turned toward him.

"There was no complaint from the lady I assure you." He answered, sure of himself as always.

"That does not make the act any less unseemly. It is something we simply do not do."

"And why not? The lady had no objection, as I have said. I was far from her first moonlit tryst, believe me. Why should we not both gain pleasure from the act?"

"You are your father's son, Henry Fitzroy that is certain." She was amused but unrelenting.

He broke from her and bowed dramatically. She rolled her eyes and laughed but moved past him.

"Well, then Lady Emmalina, how, pray tell me, am I to keep myself pleased?"

"There is always Christina."

Strong arms locked around her and pulled her into the small, dank alley. "And if I have tired of Christina?" Henry whispered against her ear.

"You certainly should have considered that before you followed her into eternity, my little prince." She gave him a coy look.

He smirked and began pressing open mouthed kisses along Emma's neck.

"Though I cannot fault you. She seems to have neglected your education terribly."

Laughter vibrated through him. "Yes, my Lady she has. I seek enlightenment." He pulled her closer against his body.

She tilted his chin down to hers and captured his lips. "Not now, Henry." She said finally, pushing away and straightening her dress.

"Why?" he leaned against the bricks, annoyed.

"Because they are waiting for us. I do not wish to deal with Christina's voice should she discover us."

"You could destroy her."

"Easily. But it would vex Magnus and is not worth my effort. Be patient, my little prince. I always repay your patience."

"Yes, true." He pushed away from the wall and again offered his arm as they began again to stroll toward the river.

"Enjoy your meals?" Magnus asked sarcastically as Emma took a seat on the grass beside him.

She was aware he knew of her interludes with Henry but also knew him well enough to know that he would not tell Christina. "Yes, thank you, it was lovely."

Henry smiled knowingly to himself and sat beside Christina. She seemed more annoyed with him than usual when he moved to take her hand.

"Christina?" he was surprised when she pulled her hand from his.

"Why must you do it, Henry?" She crossed her arms and looked away from him.

"What is it I have done?"

"I know why you will not let me hunt with you. You play with them. Why must you always do that?"

"Christina…" Emma's voice had a warning tone as she and Magnus, now standing had approached them.

"Am I not enough for you?" She was standing now, pacing.

"And if you are not enough? What will you do to me? Do you think you can stop me?" He still reclined in the grass, arrogant as ever.

"Enough Henry." Emma glared at him.

Christina was becoming more and more agitated. "I… I… would stop you."

"You haven't the strength or authority."

Her eyes narrowed. "Is that what you think?"

"It is." He stood and began circling.

"I could destroy you." she seethed.

"Is that a challenge?"

"Yes." She whispered.

The two older vampire barely had time to step between the two before they attacked.

"Enough of this!" Emma commanded as she held Christina back. "I command you to stop this foolishness.

The pair continued to glare at each other but ceased their constant attempt.

"You have brought this discord into my house, Christina. You have until daybreak to be out of the city or I will destroy you myself." She turned her back on her, "Entertain him until dawn." She commanded Magnus before she pulled Christina away.

"Was this your not so subtle way of telling me you've slept with Henry?" Vicky was less than thrilled now.

"Yes and no. We were together for a short time. But that was a very long time ago. He's like my brother now. Nothing else."

She nodded thoughtfully. "So Christina challenged him because of you."

"No, she never knew about us. I still don't think she does. You know how Henry likes to feed. He is…giving if nothing else." She smirked.

"Yeah, I'm aware."

"I don't know how many times I told Christina it would end that way. It's one of the reasons I didn't want her to turn him. I knew how he would be."

"So… they will be at each other's throats forever?"

"They can tolerate each other if they have to now. It helps that's I've forbidden them from killing each other."

"Why does that help?"

"As you said, I'm the alpha in our little family. They cannot disobey my direct orders."

"What would happen if they did?"

"It would be a direct challenge to my authority and I would be forced to…"

"Discipline them?"

Emma smirked absently, "More destroy any threat to my leadership."

Vicki nodded but didn't respond. Emma watched her as she studied the floor.

"You should get some rest. It's going to be a long night."

Vicki nodded. It was the end of the conversation. She sighed as she stood.

"I'm not planning on going anywhere, Vicki. If we all survive this I'll be here to answer everything else you come up with."

"One more question. Did you ever… with his father? He said you were all at court."

Emma laughed openly. "No, no. No. He tried. However, as far as the king knew I was a barren, grieving widow with a promiscuous sister. I really played up the good, catholic widow thing with him. He was… kind to me, in his way, but he only made one advance."

Vicki nodded, making a mental note to ask for details later. "Good night, Emma." she called as she headed for Henry's bedroom.