Chapter 1: Assassination Attempt

(Author's Note: this is an alternate universe, purely fantasy, hope you like it.)

A glittering affair at wealthy industrialist Jaren Fangmore's mansion. All the important personages of Megakat City are in attendance. Hidden in a dark corner, fierce eyes watch as the guests sample the buffet. Constantly moving like waves on a beach party goers swirl past unaware of the drama about to be played out before them. She spies her target to one side of the large ballroom talking with Mayor Manx and their host Jaren Fangmore.

The fool's don't know who she really is, but I'll give them an education they'll not soon forget. She thinks she's safe in this crowd. She doesn't believe I'll risk exposing our kind to these sheep! How I loathe hiding who we are from these creatures. They think we are extinct and she let's them believe it while our kind slowly disappears. Well no more! It's time a leader took over that will show these kats who should really be in charge" the hidden one rants to herself.

Waiting her chance, she moves further into the darkness watching avidly as her target moves closer. Any who saw her would only see a well dressed male with impressive muscles, slim waist, handsome features, and natural grace of movement, but the eyes held a burning fanaticism that made anyone looking into them uneasy.

As her target moved within a few feet of her observation spot she uncoiled like a spring and leaped in front of the Chief Enforcer of Megakat City. Screaming a challenge, she charged the Commander with long talons and extended fangs.

Stunned for only a moment by the unexpected attack, Commander Feral displayed an equal set of formidable fangs and claws and met the attacker head on. Feral was larger of the two and succeeded in knocking his opponent away and ripping its clothes from its chest.

The assailant gracefully twists in the air returning to rip Feral's clothes to shreds and avoiding his longer reach. The battle goes on with each ripping the others clothes to tatters but not quite tearing fur and skin. They move with deadly skill and grace.

It is a frightening sight. Those guests who hadn't run away press back against the walls and watch in horrified fascination. Fangmore's security arrives with weapons drawn and join the enforcer guests already there.

"Don't fire, put your weapons on safety. We don't want to accidentally harm a guest. So far they are the only combatants. Keep the guests safe and stand by!" He ordered and though the enforcers were reluctant they saw the wisdom of waiting to understand what was really going on.

"Johnny don't miss anything" Ann Gora from Kats Eye News ordered her camera man in excitement.

Though Mayor Manx wanted to run and hide, Ms Briggs managed to pull him into an alcove and keep him there while she watched the drama unfold.

Meanwhile both combatants had succeeded in ripping their clothes to ribbons revealing dramatically patterned fur. It was dark brown with black lightning stripes. Nearly nude, the true sex of the combatants is clearly visible. Ripping claws draw bloody furrows that spray everywhere coating both. Rearing back to catch her breath and assess her opponent Commander Feral snarled at the other bloodied female.

"How dare you reveal our existence to these outsiders? Are you mad Cherith?" She panted furiously.

"I dare because I and others are tired of hiding amongst these worthless creatures while we Seltarins vanish from existence. We should be the rulers here! We are much stronger, more aggressive than these pitiful kats!" She spat, "You are too cowardly to be our Queen! It's time someone with a stomach and claws take over!!!" Cherith snarled self righteously.

"Meaning you!?" Feral snorted in contempt.

"Of course! I have the vision to set our people on the path to greatness. Prepare yourself to be deposed, my Queen!" She said triumphantly as she leaped to make a killing blow.

Feral twisted aside causing Cherith to miss. As her opponent turned to strike again, Feral reached out and dealt Cherith a stunning blow to the head. Shaking her head and ducking aside Cherith snarled in fury and body slammed Feral to the floor. Rolling around they each tried to get a choke hold of the other.

Feral ended the conflict by shoving Cherith's head back and plunging her fangs into Cherith's throat. Clamping down she crushed her enemy's windpipe killing her instantly. Feral rolled away from her dead subject and lay panting for breath. Her muzzle and chest was covered in blood. Silence reigned over the ballroom.

Seemingly from nowhere, two strange kats rush up to the Commander. Seeing them she surged to her feet quickly despite being exhausted and bleeding. The strangers flashed their fangs and claws and circled Feral threatenly.

Hissing at them Feral coldly demanded "Chose! Obey your rightful Queen or die with this pretender!"

The two hovered nervously for a few seconds, then as one they retracted their natural weapons and knelt down before the furious Queen. Feral retracted her own weapons and stood staring down at the pair. She was hurting but kept her face stoic not giving her enemies anymore chances to attack her.

Before she could speak two more kats appeared but it became clear they were the Queen's bodyguards. She ignored them as they took up positions to either side of her.

In a cold even tone that held a promise of quick reprisal she addressed the kneeling pair. "Be gone from my sight! You are banished from the clan holdings and from any contact with others of our kind for 6 months. By the end of that time you may petition me for your return..." She decreed then kicked the carcass of her dead opponent "...and take this carrion with you."

The two traitors quickly got to their feet, lifted their fallen leader and departed. Everyone moved out of their way and Fangmore's security saw them off the grounds.

Turning to her guards she displayed her fangs in displeasure for a moment. "And where were you two when Cherith made her power play?" She snapped. Both guards dropped to their knees and abased themselves at her feet.

"Forgive us, My Queen! We had been lured away by a ploy from the pretender that had us looking for her on the other side of the property. We realized it was a fake out too late." the taller of the guards stated nervously.

"Please my Queen, you are injured. Allow us to see to your wounds and take you to safety. " The smaller guard begged.

Before Feral could answer, Jaren Fangmore moved forward and smoothly interrupted. He was followed by Mayor Manx, Ms Briggs, several enforcers, and of course Ann Gora.

"Commander Feral, I humbly offer my home and personal physician to see to your care and safety. I know you would prefer to go home but as you can see it's going to be a media circus trying to leave. What with the press already witnessing events I'm afraid you are not going to get away without answering questions about what went on here. I can offer a more private area where your wounds can be seen too and all interested parties can gather to discuss these events." Fangmore offered quietly.

"He is right my Queen. In your present condition it would be difficult to protect you from further attack and from the curious crowds of onlookers. Mr Fangmore's concern is a valid one. Please accept!" The taller guard pleaded.

Tired, outnumbered, and in pain, Feral capitulated, "Seems I don't have much choice. Very well, Mr. Fangmore I accept your assistance. Please escort us out of here and there is no need for a physician."

"Certainly, Commander. If you will follow me please" Fangmore bowed and turned to lead the way towards a side door. Opening it he gestured the Commander and his guards through then only allowed their honors the Mayor and Deputy Mayor plus two of Feral's top enforcers, and Ann Gora (without her cameraman) entry. He signaled his security chief to prevent anyone else access.