Chapter Three: Decisions, Decisions

Marie had the distinct impression she was being followed, but every time she turned around there was no one there. Shaking her head with amusement, she continued to her room. Honestly, Logan was so fucking stubborn. If he'd just get his ass in gear, everything would be perfect. But no, he had to still keep her firmly planted in "Little Girl" status.

She knew he was attracted to her. The hard on today at the pool was proof of that fact. But maybe that wasn't why he was being so resistant. She knew he had loved Jean. Maybe it had been deeper than she realized. It was one thing if he was trying to resist because she was too young, but a whole other thing if he was still pining for the dead doctor. Suddenly, Marie was hit by a wave of despair. Figures she'd be in love with someone who couldn't get over a dead woman. Sighing, she entered her room. A shower sounded nice.

Stepping into her bathroom, she slowly stripped. She turned the shower on, allowing it to warm up before she stepped under its relaxing spray. Humming contently, she walked into her bedroom and rummaged through her underwear. Picking a pair of sexy red panties, she moved to the next drawer, picking her nightwear. The feeling of silk between her fingers made her sigh in bliss. It felt even better on her body. Returning to the bathroom, she laid everything on the counter, ready for when she was done showering.

Distantly, she heard a knock at her door. Turning the shower off, she grabbed her robe where it was hanging from the door. Falling to mid-thigh, it was another indulgence she enjoyed. Green, silk, and beautifully embroidered, it always made her feel sexy. Tying the belt securely, though it did nothing to hid her curves, she approached her bedroom door in curiosity. Swiftly unlocking it, she threw it open and was shocked to see Logan standing before her.

"Logan…W-what are you doing here," she asked breathlessly. This was strange. He hardly ever visited her at her room any more. Ever since she'd asked him about the virginity thing, he'd been avoiding her like the plague.

"I've made a decision about the virginity thing. I know the perfect person," he said cockily. Seeing her in nothing but the grin silk robe was making his mouth water. He had no idea why he'd waited as long as he had. Her nipples puckered, giving him ideas.

"Who has passed your elevated standards," she quipped. If he said Professor Xavier just to keep her from doing this, she was going to drain his ass dry.

"Me," he replied before pulling her forward to meet his hungry lips. The moment their lips connected, she was lost. He was savage in his intensity, drawing her deeper into a pleasure filled haze. Slowly, he gentled his kiss, drawing her full lower lip between his own, suckling it. Moaning in bliss, she succumbed to his advances.

Releasing her mouth, Logan trailed his way down her creamy throat. When he reached her rapidly beating pulse, he laved, suckled, and nipped until a red mark marred the once unblemished expanse. Satisfied with his work, he continued his way down until he was level with her nipples. He gently drew a silk covered areola into his mouth, suckling much as a newborn babe.

When he reached her breasts, Marie let out a yelp of surprised pleasure. He was making her body respond in ways she hadn't dreamed of. He continued to suckle, until she thought she would go crazy with need before he released her with a playful nip. He blew on the silk covered flesh, causing ripples of pleasure to shoot strait to her groin.

"Logan, that was silk. You ruined it," she said breathlessly. Truth be told, she didn't care, but she was trying to anchor herself in a world that continued to tilt precariously.

"I'll buy you a new one," he growled, continuing his ministrations on her neglected breast. His hands worked their way down to the belt that was keeping her delicious flesh from his heated gaze. Finding the ties, he yanked them loose, raising his hand to pull the fabric from her delicate shoulders. He watched in amazement as the green silk fell, slowly revealing her luscious body to his hungry eyes.

"You're beautiful," he ground out. Truly, he'd never seen anything quite as beautiful as Marie. Even Jean paled in comparison with the woman before him. She was everything a man could want. Reverently, he brought his hands forward to cup her pert breasts, running his thumbs across her puckered nipples. He watched as she closed her eyes in rapture, a moan falling from her plump lips as she leaned her head back, offering her throat in tribute.

Swiftly, he lifted her delicate form in his arms, carrying her over to the giant bed that dominated her room. Setting her gently on its edge, he fell to his knees so they were at eye level. He kissed her again, his tongue plunging into her moist cavern, exploring its nooks and crannies. He would never get enough of her taste.

Reluctantly releasing her, he pressed lightly on her shoulders, indicating for her to lie back. She shot him a questioning gaze before complying. He raised one smooth leg by a delicate ankle, bringing a dainty foot into focus. He slowly drew a toe into his mouth, suckling it. Marie let out a guttural moan of pleasure. Who knew her feet could be so sensitive?

He began his way up her leg, kissing every inch of creamy flesh. He licked the underside of her knee, feeling her shudder. He worked his way closer to her heat, and she waited in anticipation. Just as he reached the part of her that was weeping with need, he skipped to her other leg. Groaning in disappointment, she heard him chuckle.

"Not just yet, darlin," he said. He worked his way down her other leg before he stopped. Growling in frustration, she raised her head to glare at him. Couldn't he see that she needed him to hurry the hell up? Gods, he was killing her with this pace. She didn't think her body could handle anymore pleasure. He just smirked. She watched in fascination as he drew her legs over his shoulders, grabbing her hips to bring her to the edge of the bed, and within his mouth's reach.

The first swipe of his tongue had her throwing her head back in pleasure, her back arching with the unexpected sensations. She shrieked, stuffing her hand in her mouth to keep from being too loud. She'd never live it down if the whole mansion was privy to every moan and groan of her night with Logan.

He continued his assault on her heat, alternating between licks and nips. He drew the bundle of nerves nestled in her folds between his lips, suckling to excited noises from Marie's lips. Releasing the sensitive flesh, he plunged his tongue into her core, mimicking what he desperately wanted to do with another part of his anatomy. He continued his assault until her inner walls clamped down, her release billing his mouth with her sweet essence. He took it all, cleaning her until every last drop was gone before leaning back to see her flushed form.

Marie drew in great breaths of air, slowing coming back from her peak. That was amazing, and it wasn't even the real thing yet. He shakily raised herself to a seated position, meeting Logan's lusty gaze. Lord, she was already dripping with need for him again with just a look. She slowly eyed his form from head to toe, stopping to take notice of the very prominent bulge hardly covered by his skin tight blue jeans. She licked her lips in anticipation. He wasn't the only one who could bring pleasure like that.

"My, my, my, someone needs a little relief," she said huskily, standing and looking down at Logan. She grabbed his hands, silently asking him to stand so she could return the favor.

"I think you deserve a treat for a job well done," she continued seductively, cupping his very obvious arousal.

"Marie, you don't have to do anything you're uncomfortable with," he replied quietly. He would love if she took him into her mouth, but he didn't want to rush anything. Marie just smirked. She raised herself onto her toes, drawing him into a heated kiss. Her hands worked themselves under his white T-shirt, drawing the fabric up his chest, fingers skimming silky skin sprinkled with coarse hair. The contrast was amazing.

Breaking the kiss, he helped her to draw the fabric over his head, tossing it behind him. As he drew forward to continue their activities, she stopped him with a gentle hand on his chest. Looking at her with confusion, he watched as she drew forward, drawing a nipple into her mouth. He groaned in pleasure. She continued to kiss her way down his chest, mapping his body with hands and mouth.

When she reached his belt, she quickly yanked it from his form. Unbuttoning and unzipping his pants, she wrapped her arms around his waist, slipping her hands into the back of his jeans to divest him of the last article of his clothing. She gave his firm derriere a squeeze of appreciation before drawing the fabric down to his ankles. He raised each leg in turn to help her. With his erection free, he waited in anticipation of what she would do next.

Marie stared at Logan's impressive package. Hung like a horse came to mind. To her, everything about him was beautiful, and this was no different. Reverently wrapping a small hand around his length, she gave the tip of his erection an experimental lick. Hearing him hiss in what she assumed was pain, she quickly let go of him, looking up to see if she'd done it wrong.

"Don't worry baby, you're doing great," he ground out. Smiling in relief, she once more to a firm hold of his length, licking the head of it like a favorite piece of candy before encompassing it with her mouth. She heard him moan in appreciation and plunge a hand into her hair to help guide her. Slowly, she slid down, stopping when he hit the back of her throat. He went to draw her back out, but she had a little secret. She had no gag reflex.

She continued down his length, until her lips touch his balls. Logan could barely keep from exploding right then. Cupping him in her hands, Marie began to slowly bob her head up and down his length, sucking as she came up. She gently squeezed him to help stimulate his release. Soon, he began bucking his hips slightly, and she knew he was close.

He didn't know how much longer he could hold on, but he was in heaven. He could feel the pressure building quickly until he exploded. He tried to draw himself out of her moist cavern, but she stubbornly refused. Giving up, he allowed his body its release, spilling his seed into her eager mouth. She greedily swallowed everything, licking him clean before looking up at him with pride.

Logan grabbed Marie and flung her on the bed. He quickly followed, towering over her small form. He claimed her lips in a heated kiss, burying a hand between her legs. He plunged a finger into her heat. Thrusting in and out, he continued his assault on her mouth in time with the one on her body. He then added a second finger. Her felt her gasp into his mouth with the added pressure. He could feel that she was on the brink again and withdrew his hand. Breaking their kiss, he heard her sigh in annoyance. Smirking, he reversed positions. He noticed her curious stare.

"This is your first time honey, and I ain't exactly small. It will be more pleasurable for you this way," he explained, guiding her heat to rest above his arousal. Slowly, he lowered her onto his thick erection, drawing him in inch by inch. When she was half way down, he ran up against a thin membrane. Meeting her eyes in silent apology, he yanked her down until he was buried to the hilt.

Marie let out a gasp of pain, tears quickly filling her eyes. She knew it always hurt the first time, but she hadn't been as prepared as she thought. She heard Logan murmuring words of comfort to her as he held them still, allowing her to adjust to the sensation of him filling her. It felt like an eternity, but the pain slowly began to fade. When it was nothing but a dull throb, she rocked forward experimentally. A bolt of pleasure shot up her spine, overshadowing the continuing throb in her groin.

He waited patiently for her to give an indication that she was ready to move. He would wait until it killed him to prevent her further pain, but he was very happen when she gently rocked forward, letting out an entirely different gasp than the one when he'd entered her. Slowly, she began to rock back a forth, causing them both to moan in pleasure.

When Logan was sure that Marie was feeling no more pain, he reversed their positions, resting his weight on his elbows. Seeing her frustrated look, he merely smiled before drawing himself out until only the tip remained before plunging back in. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her back arched, pressing her breasts against his chest, the hair causing a delicious friction. He continued to plunge into her heat, quickly drawing them both to their peaks before he stopped.

This time she growled in frustration. Laughing, he pulled out of her heat, flipping her over onto her hands and knees before plunging back in. Hearing her squeal of delight he grabbed her hips securely and proceeded to ram himself into her willing body. The sound of his balls smacking her butt could be heard throughout the room.

"Oh god, Logan. I'm so close," she moaned out, her head thrown back in rapture. Feeling his own release approaching, he reached around to rub the bundle of nerves he'd paid such careful attention to earlier. With a few strokes of his talented hand, Marie was thrown over the edge. Her climax hit her hard, her arms giving out as she yelled her pleasure to the heavens.

When her walls clamped down around his length, Logan lost himself. Roaring with release he gave a few more shallow thrusts, until he buried himself within her heat, shooting his seed deep inside her willing body. Exhausted, he fell to the side, withdrawing himself and wrapping his arms around her sweat slicked body. He wrapped himself around her small form, nuzzling her neck in appreciation.

"What brought this on," she asked breathlessly, still panting from her release. She had dreamed of this, but they didn't hold a candle to the real thing.

"I finally realized how stupid I've been. I was trying to keep you in the friend category when the truth is…I love you, Marie," he said softly. Admitting out loud how he felt was soothing. He hadn't been this happy since before he could remember. And he owed it all to the tiny female nestled in his arms.

"Oh, Logan," she said tearfully, "I love you too." Smiling in happiness, she snuggled more securely in his arms. Sighing in contentment, she felt herself slowly drifting off to sleep before a whiff of their activities reached her nose.

"You know," she said slyly, "I was just getting ready to take a shower when you arrived."

"Really," he growled, the rumble of his chest making her giggle.

"Yes. Beside, I smell," she said, her nose scrunching with distaste. There was no way in hell she'd be able to sleep smelling like this.

"You don't smell, but I'd be more than happy to help you clean up," he said suggestively.

"Then what are we waiting for," she cried, wriggling from his arms and disappearing into the bathroom. Grinning, he followed.