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It was like a scene from a movie; the tall, impressive figure of a hanyou stood on the cliff top, staring at the land surrounding him. He was a sight to behold in his red haori, his long silver hair lifting slightly on the breeze. Adorable silver dog-ears twitched and gold eyes roamed, showing his awareness of his surroundings. A battered looking sword hung by his hip, and the hanyou's hand rested possessively upon it. His nose quivered slightly as he tested the air for any dangerous scents. Suddenly he tensed, his hand tightening slightly on the hilt of his sword. A heavy fog crept over the land, effectively blanketing the scents from below. Out of nowhere, a strange shape burst out of the fog. The hanyou's mouth gaped open; not understanding what it was that he was seeing. Its shape was similar to a soul collector, almost snakelike, and was a metallic emerald colour. The thing wasn't a demon, but as to its true identity, the hanyou didn't have a clue. It had a snakelike head, long and elegant. Its eyes seemed almost human, and if possible, were filled with sadness. The thing floated over to the astonished hanyou and gently wrapped itself around his body. A soft, sweet female voice sounded faintly in the hanyou's ear as the scent of jasmine and vanilla filled his senses.

"Help me… Please help me… I'll wait for you… I will always wait for you…"

"… I will always wait for you…"

Inuyasha Takahashi bolted upright as remnants of his dream sped through his mind and the scent of jasmine and vanilla teased his senses. He looked around his bedroom, searching for the source of the beguiling scent. He was puzzled to note that he was alone in the room. He used his demon senses and was surprised to find that he was the only person in the large mansion; not even the servants were around. He knew the scents of the people around him, but Inuyasha had never encountered a scent like this before.

"Just a dream," he murmured. "Just a dream…"

"… I will always wait for you…"

In the shrine a few blocks away, Kagome Higurashi awoke, visions of a handsome half-demon with silver hair and dog-ears dancing through her mind. She was surprised, as she knew she had never met a man who wasn't related to her before, let alone a man who was half-demon. Yet somehow, the man had seemed strangely familiar.

"Just a dream," she muttered. "Just a dream…"


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