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Warning: This is a fairly huge departure from my normal fluff and happy stuff. This is VERY dark and not at all nice. I get in these moods now and then.
-To Come To Me
Kagome felt the numbness overwhelm her while she stood in the brush watching the hanyou and Miko. This was nothing new to her, far from the first time she had caught InuYasha and Kikyo together in the middle of the night. But unlike the times before, This time, Kagome had decided that she'd had enough.

Just how much was a girl suppose to take anyway?

How many time's was she suppose to be called a bitch, when the other was held so precious he would never dream of defiling her with such a name? How many time's could a girl take being called ugly, stupid, worthless and clumsy by the one she loved like she had never loved another? How many time's was she suppose to let him hold her knowing his were the only arms she ever wanted around her, yet fully aware that his arms would rather be filled by his cold dead woman of clay?

How many time's was she suppose to wake in the night to find him gone, to look to the sky to see her Shinidamachu soaring above some nearby clearing? How many times did her heart have to break? How many times could she withstand the pain of knowing he would one day die and be in hell with Kikyo, and he had chosen that over being alive with her?

Just how much was a girl suppose to take?

Yes, she'd decided finally that enough was enough. She had been thinking about it for a long time, about how and why, and if she really should, then when she had woken this night to find the silver blue Shinidamachu in the sky above, she had made up her mind. Kagome decided she'd had enough.

Kagome was calm as she stepped into the clearing. She blinked then looked up and lifted the hand that held the razor sharp arrow, clutching it inches from her chest with both hands.

"InuYasha." She said his name just loud enough to draw his attention from Kikyo and when he looked up she smiled sadly.

"Kagome…what are…" he turned in a nervous panic when he noticed the arrow.

"I love you InuYasha, I always have."


With his first step towards her Kagome thrust the arrow into her heart.

InuYasha caught her before she hit the ground. He cradled her in his arms and brushed the hair from her face.

"Kagome…why?…Why did you do this!?"

"InuYasha…" Kikyo approached and InuYasha yelled

"Get the fuck away!"

Kagome watched from the corner of her eye as Kikyo's Shinidamachu lifted her away.

"Kagome…" He kissed her forehead and then her lips as his tears poured down his cheeks, dripping onto her face. "Why….Why did you do this? Why?"

"Inu…Yasha…" She opened her eyes and gazed lovingly into his eyes.

"Ka…gome…I don't want you to die…don't go…"

"Thank…you…InuYasha." Kagome blinked and a wash of happy tears ran down her cheeks.

"For what?" InuYasha brushed his hands uselessly over her chest, as if they could remove the arrow and heal her wound.

"For…leaving Kikyo, just this once…to come…to me."

Kagome smiled and welcomed the pallbearers from the underworld.

He closed her eyes and whispered softly words spoken far too late.

"I love you too Kagome."

InuYasha kissed her lips, his heart irrepairably broken.

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