Chapter 9

The weeks continued onwards, as they always have had a habit of doing. Cameron developed a noticeable bulge in her abdomen. Cameron recalled the day when, much to her excitement, she had felt the tiniest of bulges in her stomach, but that tiny bump had grown quickly into something that was quite obvious. Cameron was incredibly thankful that she was in Philadelphia, away from Princeton, away from House and his intruding, personal questions. Cameron spent most of her spare time resting, or looking for a home. Chase had left her everything in his will, and by herself she was by no means cash strapped. In the end, she had settled on a nice home, built in the Victorian style, in the outer suburbs, with a large backyard, and six bedrooms. One, she was going to convert into a study when she returned to work, and she liked the idea of converting another into a playroom for the baby when it was a little older. As Cameron waited for the financial details to be cleared up, she had put a calendar up on her parent's fridge, counting how many weeks into the pregnancy she was. In no time at all, she was seventeen weeks into the pregnancy, and Cuddy was visiting.

"Alison, have you booked in to have an ultrasound done yet?" Cuddy asked as they sipped tea over the dining room table, photos Cameron had taken of her house spread around in front of them. Cameron nodded.

"Yes, it's in a few days. I hope everything's going okay"

"Relax, you're doing wonderfully. Pregnancy suits you, honestly"

"Thanks. I swear. I've seen a lot of pregnant women in my time, and none of them have been this big at seventeen weeks"

"Maybe we figured your weeks out wrong." Suggested Cuddy, shrugging. Cameron shrugged, eyeing the calendar on the fridge. In her mind, she flicked through the pages until she reached the next January, when, on about the 15th, she was due. Cameron smiled. It was not very far away, not when you thought about it.

"It's almost Half over" she commented to Cuddy, who smiled.

"Yes. It is amazing how quickly time flies. At least you're not having morning sickness any more."

Cameron gently stroked her rounded stomach, "Yeah, that's a definite advantage of being at this stage. I'm not huge yet, but I'm not throwing up everything that I eat."

Cuddy nodded and took a sip of her coffee, glancing up at the clock on the wall.

"I've got to go, Cameron. Give me a call after your ultrasound and tell me how it goes. I'll come down next weekend to help with the move. Does that sound good?'

"Yes, that sounds fine" Cameron got up and walked Cuddy to the door. Cameron watched as her friend's car drove down the street, before closing the door with a sigh.


Cameron watched, a joy swelling from deep within her, as she waited for her ultrasound to begin. Her mother sat beside her, eager to catch the first glimpse of her grandchild. Cameron's doctor, an old friend from college, completed preparing Cameron, and smiled.

"Ready, Alison, to meet your baby?"

"As I'll ever be"

"Good" The doctor flicked on the ultrasound machine, and the blurry figure appeared on the screen. Cameron closed her eyes as she heard the sound of her baby's heart beating for the first time. A slight frown crossed her face as she heard the heat beat. Something wasn't right. Cameron's eyes flashed open and she looked at the monitor, her medically trained eyes studying the image.

"Is that what I think it is?" she asked.

"Yes, it is" her friend answered, glancing at Cameron, smiling broadly.

"You've got a family history of Multiple births, don't you, Alison?"

"Yes. Oh my God, are you telling me that its twins!" Cameron gasped, shocked. Her mother squealed in excitement.

"Ahh, actually, Allie, its triplets, there's the third one."

"Oh my gosh. Triplets. I'm going to be a mother of three." Cameron smiled, the shock still settling in. Beside her, Cameron's mother was beside herself in joy

"Three, three little grandchildren. Oh, Allie."

Cameron gazed, mesmerized up at the screen, watching as her three little babies floated in nothingness.

"Their beautiful" she whispered, wiping tears from her eyes. Her mother hugged her.

"Robert's going to be thrilled, Allie. I know he is." She whispered, and Cameron nodded.


Cameron walked through a park that was near her parent's house, admiring the beauty of the plants. She sat down upon a wooden bench, stretching her tired legs out, and closed her eyes, imagining Chase was sitting right there beside her.

"Robbie, its triplets" She whispered to him, and she imagined him smiling.

"You're going to do a good job raising them, don't worry, Allie. You'll be fine"

"They'll want to know about their father"

"And you can tell them when their older."

"I'm scared, Robbie. Triplets. It's going to be chaos when their little"

"You have lots of people to help you, don't worry. Your mum and dad, Cuddy, Wilson, House, Foreman, everyone at Princeton. You never know, House could be excellent at nappy changing." Cameron laughed.


"Remember that I love you, I always have, and I always will, for an eternity. I love our babies too, I will always love them. I always will love all of you, I promise." Chase began to fade, and Cameron snapped her eyes open. Dusk had begun to fall, and the evening had turned cooler. Gathering up her bag, she hurried homewards.

By the time she got home, it was dinner time. Cameron talked the whole way through dinner, telling her parents about how she was going to decorate the baby's rooms and reflecting on how she was glad that she had bought such a large house. By 8:00, Cameron was sitting in the living room, dialing the number for Cuddy's house, and grinned when she heard Cuddy's voice form down the phone.


"Hi Cuddy, its Cameron. How are you?"

"Hi Cameron, I'm good, how was your Ultrasound?"

"Good. I got some excellent photos. Listen, you're not going to believe this!"


"I'm having triplets"


"You heard me"

"But that's, amazing. Are you excited?"

"Yeah, and scared. Can you imagine what they're going to be like when they're toddlers?"

"You'll be fine"

"You sound like Chase"

"Is that good?"

"Yeah, I guess so"

"Good thing you got that big house, huh?"

Yeah. Speak of the devil, how's House, Wilson and Foreman been?"

"House has been his usual old self. He's been trying to get out of taking in new fellows. He and Foreman have been running around like crazy ever since you left just to get the work of four people done by only two. Wilson has been good though, it doesn't take much to phase him but."

"Do you know how good House is at changing nappies?" Cameron asked, thinking of her 'conversation' with Chase earlier that day. Cuddy laughed.

'Well, he could get good through practice. I thought you didn't want them involved."

"Maybe. I could never work in Princeton again, I've accepted that, but one day, after the babies are born, maybe I might let them in on the secret. See the look on House's face, anyway, when I tell him that there is going to be three little Chases running around." Cuddy laughed at the comment

"It would be worth it." She agreed.

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