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Summary: 3 of the girls see the guys with someone else…on Valentines Day. The other one gets screamed at by the one she loves, unable to bear it anymore they leave. Years later when they return, they have changed. And who are these children?

Pairings: Sasuke/SakuraNaruto/HinataNeji/TentenShikamaru/Ino

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What Happened to Us?

Chapter 1 - Leaving

In a clearing there were 4 girls. One had long blonde hair and her name was Yamanaka Ino. Next to her was a girl with shoulder-length pink coloured hair and bright emerald eyes that were usually full of life but at the moment they were so dull and lifeless.. She was Haruno Sakura. One girl was slashing furiously at a tree with two kunais. She had brown haired tied in two buns, she was Tenten. The last girl was sitting there quietly. She had short navy blue hair and her eyes were white. She was Hyuuga Hinata.

"I can't believe him," Tenten cried out as she continued slashing at the tree.

'Tell us what happened Tenten and you might feel better". "Fine"


Tenten walked towards where she and Neji usually trained excitedly. Today was Valentines Day, yet it was also the day she and Neji had been going out together for 6 months.

She reached their training area but there was nobody there. That's strange, Neji is usually here way before me.

(30 minutes later)

"Ugh!!! Where the hell is he?" She turned around quickly when she heard voices. She walked towards the noise. She took one look and ran, for in the clearing was Neji hugging another girl.

End Flashback

"Wow. I never knew he would do something like that, and I thought I had it worse." said Sakura.

"What happened Sakura?" asked Ino.



Sakura was practically jumping up and down with joy as she walked (more like ran ) to Sasuke's place. Today was the day they had been going out together for more 3 months, not to mention it was Valentines Day.

When she arrived there was a group of fan girls leaving looking rather depressed.

'Hah! Serves them right trying to get my Sasuke-kun.' She had thought.

She walked up and knocked on the door. It opened.

"Hi Sasu-"

"Damn it! Can't you just leave me alone? I don't love you, hell, I don't even like you. You're all so annoying."

Sakura could feel tears threatening to spill so she ran. Behind her she could hear him calling her name but she ignored him and ran faster.

End Flashback

"I can't believe he said that! I going to kill him," Tenten exclaimed and she was going to run off if it weren't for Ino and Hinata who were holding onto her.

"Killing him won't help, the damage is already done Tenten" Hinata told her rather quietly.

"Hinata's right" said Ino.

"So Hinata what happened to you?" Sakura asked.



Hinata had decided that she was going to be brave and tell Naruto-kun that she was…the fact that she was…anyway, she decided she would tell him.(A/N: Hehe…I'm evil bet u really want to know what she needed to tell him right? well you'll have to wait and see xP)

When she reached Ichiraku, the Ramen place, she walked in and froze. In front of her was Naruto-kun…hugging another girl.

Hinata ran away and started crying . 'Why?Why?Why? Especially when I'm…' she thought as she continued running.

End Flashback

"OMG!!! I am sooo gonna kill him!" Sakura screamed after they had heard Hinata's story.(A/N: more like they watched the flashback, but anywaiis)

As Ino and Tenten were trying to calm Sakura down, Ino remembered something. "Hey Hinata, what were you going to tell Naruto anyway?"

Hinata blushed. "I'll tell you if you tell us why you're upset." "Fine." (A/N: I decided to not make Hinata as shy, but she still stutters when she's really nervous or something like that)


'I wonder if Shika-kun remembered to buy me anything, I mean it is Valentines Day' Ino thought as she walked down the street to where she knew Shikamaru would be.

When she arrived there she saw a scene that made her run. Sitting there was Shikamaru with a gift in his hands and he was kissing an unknown girl who was standing in front of him. To Ino it seemed like the gift in his hands were for the unknown girl as well, not for her.

With her tears threatening to spill, she ran.

End Flashback

"Happy? Now I told you my story, tell me what you were gonna tell Naruto Hinata."

But before Hinata could reply…"OMG!I can't believe he did that"

And Ino was tackled to the ground by Sakura. "Sa..ku..ra.." a half choking Ino managed to choke out. "Ooops…sorry" Sakura got off of Ino.

"Now, Hinata what were you going to tell Naruto?"

Hinata blushed. "Uum..w..well…I w..was going…him..t..that I.. am…p..pregnant…"

"WHAT!!!" screamed Ino and Tenten.

They all turned and looked at Sakura. "Why don't you seem so surprised forehead-girl?"

"Shut up Ino-pig, the reason I'm not surprised is because I'm a medic nin and I could tell."


"Also, I can tell that you and Tenten are possibly pregnant too."

"WHAT!" screamed Tenten and Ino.

"And what about you?"

"Ummm…I dunno, I guess I might be pregnant as well, I haven't checked." replied Sakura sheepishly.

"Anyway, how do you know that me and Neji/Shikamaru and me have already…?"asked Ino and Tenten together.

"Just come to my place in 15 minutes and we'll check." Sakura simply replied before walking off with Hinata.

(15 Minutes Later)

"Forehead-girl! You home?"

"Come in Ino-pig"

Ino and Tenten entered. Hinata was already there. She and Sakura were both holding pregnancy tests.

(10 Minutes Later)

"OMG! I'm pregnant with his child!" came 3 simultaneous screams.

After they had calmed down…

"So what do we do now?" Ino asked, trying to break the silence.

"I'm leaving." came the answer from a very determined pink haired ninja.

"What? Why?" asked a confused Ino.

"I'm going to train and improve, I'm also going to raise my child so that he/she will be strong and lead a happy life. I will return when I think that the time is right."

"Well, your not going alone. I'm gonna go with you" exclaimed Tenten

"Same here"

"I'm not gonna be left behind, count me in."

"Lets pack and we'll go ask the Hokage for permission"



"ok" came 3 enthusiastic replies.

That night…

'knock' 'knock'

'sigh' "come in" came the unenthusiastic reply when the Hokage thought it was Shizune with more paperwork.

The four visitors came in. The Hokage perked up a bit. "Girls what can I do for you?"

"Tsunade-sama please grant us permission to leave this village"

"And may I ask what for?" and so they told her everything, including the fact that they were pregnant.

"I grant you permission, but after a while I might send people to come and help you train, and you must take good care of yourselves and your children…understood?"


The four girls walked away and taking one last look at the village they all said the same thing, "One day we will be back, but for now, it's goodbye." and with that, they left.

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