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The Return of the Father

"Tadaima, Okaa-san!" shouted a 12 years-old girl. She have orange hair with black strips. She is wearing her school uniform which is the skirt and jacket is grey while the shirt is black. "Welcome home, Runa-chan." Rukia said it in a motherly manner. Than she saw that her daughter, Runawaki, was bleeding in some places and her school uniform is in a mess. "What happened to you Runawaki? You're all messed up!!!" Rukia said in an anxious tone. "Oh…err…I protected a friend from the bigger kids that where bulling her…Gomena-sai, Okaa-san…I know I shouldn't fight but my-" "Your instincts called you to help your friend to fight of the bullies right?" Rukia cut of her sentence while helping her finish of her sentence. Runawaki looked at her mother in amazement, "Okaa-san…how did you know what I'm gonna say?" After hearing this, Rukia's eyes softened, "That's because you are, after all, his daughter…Anyway, go and get washed up and I'll get ready for dinner, ok?" "Ok…" and with that she ran to the shower room.

While in the bath, Runawaki thought: I wonder if Otou-san still looks the same even if I don't remember how he looks like…but there is always a picture of Otou-san and Okaa-san when their dating…It has been 9 years scene I saw him now…

At the same time, Rukia was thinking: Where are you? You said you will come back to our side…my side…It has been 9 years now…why hasn't it end yet? Why can't you let me go to help and I could be by your side? Why haven't you come back? Baka…I've missed you…

As if on cue, the shower-room's door opened at the same time as the front door. By the time Runawaki went down the stairs, the front door was wide opened and a man came in saying "Tadaima, Rukia, Runawaki." Both of them heard it. A voice that they haven't heard for 9 years. The voice that they have been waiting for to say "Tadaima". "Otou-san? Is that you?" Runawaki said in disbelieve. "Yeap, Runawaki. Wow you've grown so big." Runawaki's father replied. Runawaki heard what he said and immediately rush up to him and hug him. "Runawaki, be careful…I'm hurt you know…" As for Rukia, she stand there in disbelieve…him, her husband has finally came back after 9 years. She, too, rushes up and hugs him tightly, sobbing in his chest. Runawaki know that they need some time for their own so she went back to her room.

"Baka! Now you are all injured! Didn't I tell you to be careful...Didn't I ask you to bring me with you? Do you know how much I miss you? You! BAKA! BAKA! BAKA!" Rukia shouted while crying in his chest.

"OUCH! Watch it will ya? And sorry… Please don't cry any more…It hurts me when I see ya cry…" The man said with a little sadness. Rukia stopped pounding and looked up strait into his strong, warm amber eyes and said, "But at least you came back alive…Thank you for coming back alive…Ichigo…Thank you…" "Yea Rukia…I didn't die…I've promised you not to die there alone right?" Ichigo said in a warm manner and then kiss his petite wife on the forehead, than on the lips. Rukia, of course, returned the kiss. When they broke apart because of the lack of air, Ichigo smelled something. "Hey, baka…I think I smell something burning in there…" Then with those words, Rukia knew what was burning. "SHIT!!! MY DINNER!!!" And with that she rushes to the kitchen. "BAKA!!! I'VE JUST CAME BACK AND I SEE YOU BURNING DOWN OUR KITCHEN!!!" Ichigo shouted then rushes to help Rukia.

And that was another start of another quarrel and they will quarrel like how they quarrel years ago.

Time comes and goes…

But for some people,

They will always be the same when they're with their love ones.

Just like Ichigo and Rukia...

-Kurosaki Runawaki

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