This is a quick note to Kyntor about his review on Chapter 3 and will be deleted later:

Kyntor - Hey this is Snape were talking about, who in the canon series hated Harry just because of what James Potter put him they when they were in in school, and immediately thinks he'll be a spoiled brat like his father who'll cause trouble. So if Dumbledore seems to not be surprised by what he said about Harry then that should mean, that everyone probably used to him saying stuff like that about a boy no one has seen in fourteen years, though Dumbledore has a right to be shocked at Petunia Dursley for immediately getting rid of her sisters only child rather than raise him. He had really believed that Petunia would take Harry despite whatever grievances she had with Lily.

I ALREADY said that Dumbledore decided to let Harry have a normal childhood for as long as possible whereever he was, and was going to continue using the Owl system to try and look for him when Voldemort's rebirth forced him to finally get Fawkes to find him. As for him using the word 'ain't' in his letter, THAT was on purpose, it's how he's supposed to be.


And for Amy:

In the original Harry Potter storyline, Harry wasn't two years old when his parents were killed. The attack happens exactly one year after his birth, which made him one year and three months old when Voldemort attacked the Potter family, and one year and eight months old when Mystique came and adopted him from the orphanage, so it does put his age at being fifteen and NOT sixteen by the time his next birthday rolls around.