Hello pplz!!! This is Dark and just come on to tell you that this is my very first fanfic!! I've been thinking of this for a while but never actually did it. So just to clue you in this is a Naruto/One Piece crossover and there will be some other anime involved!! Also I might add some pairings. So I hope you like it and I plan on writing some more.

Oh yeah i dunno why people do this but im gonna say it anyways I DO NOT OWN NARUTO, ONE PIECE OR ANY OTHER ANIME THAT POPS UP IN THIS FANFIC.

Naruto walked through his home of Konohagakure. It had been 6 months since he had brought Sasuke back to Konoha. When he brought him back Tsunade was unsure of whether to accept him back into the village and a few villagers disagreed with him coming back into the village but after testimony from himself and the rest of the rookie's they were able to get him back in although he had to do some Community service "hmmm man I haven't had any missions in a while" he thought "I wonder where Sasuke and Sakura-chan are??" he thought somemore as he walked around with his hand behind his head "Oh I know" he said as his expression brightened and he slapped his fist into his palm "I'll go get some Ramen" he said and ran towards Ichiraku Ramen House. When he got there he walked through the curtains and saw Sakura and Sasuke sitting at the counter "huh?? Sakura-chan?? Sasuke??" he said

Sasuke and Sakura turned to face him "oh hi Naruto" said Sakura

Naruto smiled at her with a fox grin "Ohayo Sakura-chan" he said as he took a seat next to her and then he looked at Sasuke and saw he was wearing an apron and a bandana wrapped around his head "whats with the clothes??" he asked him looking like he was about to laugh

Sasuke closed his eye and a vein popped in his head "the Hokage said I had to wear it because of the whole Community service thing" he said as he ate some of his Ramen

Naruto laughed at him while he sweatdropped "hahahaha i knew Tsunade obaa-chan had something more to this whole community service thing" he said

Teuchi, the owner of Ichiraku came out of the kitchen and saw Naruto "OH hey Naruto" he said

"Ohayo Old man" said Naruto with a grin

Teuchi then turned to Sasuke "HEY!! your break ended 2 seconds ago" he said "get back to work" he said

Sasuke stood up and mumbled something under his breath as he walked behind the counter

Naruto just stared wide-eyed at Sasuke as he looked to the side "you...work...here..???" he said as he started to giggle a little bit

Sakura sweatdropped "hehe this is one of Sasuke-kun's community service places for the weak" she said "I admire a guy who works in the kitchen" she said with a dreamy tone

Naruto sweatdropped "oi Sakura-chan your still doing that??" he asked

"why would i stop going after my true love??" she said looking kinda angry at Naruto as she snapped her chopsticks in half and the part she was holding turned to dust

Naruto and Sasuke's eyes widened in fear as they saw this "anyway are you gonna order or what??" Sasuke asked with an impatient look on his face

"fine fine fine" Naruto said "hehehe time to have some fun" he thought as he got that look he did when he wanted to see whats under Kakashi's mask "i'll have an extra large Miso Ramen with Eggs, Chiken, Negi and Chasu toppings, a some fermented bamboo shoots with a side order of Naruto and make it snappy Teme" he said

Sasuke got a vein in his head and then he cursed under his breath as he walked into the Kitchen

"haha this is more fun " he said with a big smile then he remembered something and got scared then he slowly turned to see a fist coming at him and when it hit he flew into the Ichiraku wall and fell to the ground

Sakura cracked her knuckles "wanna try that smart guy move again" she said as she sat down

Naruto crawled back to his seat with his right cheek steaming as it swelled up "no..ma'am" he said as he managed to sit down

Sasuke walked back in with a large bowl and a plate with a white and red food in his hand "heres your order dobe" he said as he dumped it on the table then he looked at his face "what happened to your face??" he asked not seeming to care

Naruto frowned as his cheek was still swolen "i will not answer that question due to the sake of my well being" he said as he heard Sakura cracking her knuckles under the table then he perked up as he looked at his Ramen then he clapped his hands together

"I.." he said

Some distant tapping could be heard


The tapping was getting closer and at this time Sasuke and Sakura moved out of the way


the tapping was really close now


"DYNAMIC ENTRY!!!" shouted a familiar voice and suddenly Rock Lee flew threw the Ichiraku Ramen bar curtains and kicked Naruto's head using his jump kick "haha that was perfect!! Gai-sensei would be so proud" he said with a fire in his eye

Sakura looked at Naruto whose face was now in his Ramen "um..hehe...Naruto" she said as she touched his back then her eyes widened "holy crap is he alive" she thought

Rock Lee turned to face them "good morning Sasuke-kun, Sakura-san, and Naruto-kun" he said "how are you??" he asked

Sasuke just did his regular "hn" and Sakura sweatdropped "hi Lee" she said

Lee then turned to Naruto "Oh Naruto are you okay?? Its not good to fall asleep in your food" he said

"FINE THEN WHY DON'T YOU HAVE SOME!!!" he shouted looking angry and with soup on his face as he picked up his bowl and prepared to throw the ramen at him but was struggling "Dangit" he said "your lucky i don't waste Ramen" he said then he finished it all in one gulp "okay now i can throw it" he said as he threw the bowl at Lee but he easily dodged it and it flew out of the bar

"OW!!! MY FACE!!" shouted someone from outside

"Anyways what the hell are you doing here Gejimayo" Naruto asked

"well Lord Hokage-sama has requested for all of you to report to her office. I think it might be a mission" he said

Naruto's face perked up "YOSHA!! Finally a mission" he shouted looking excited

"I guess we should get going now" Sakura said as Naruto and her got up

Sasuke saw this as an oppurtunity to get payback "hey old man!! looks like Naruto is trying to skip out on paying" he said into the kitchen

"nani??? what are you talking about the money's right..."

Before he could do anything else he saw a shadow surrounding him and got bigger "TEUCHI SMASH!!!"

"MATTE MATTE!!!!!" shouted Naruto but it was too late Teuchi had already body slammed him and was lying on him with Naruto's hand sticking out and was moving around then it fell

"HOLY CRAP!! HE'S DEAD" shouted Sakura

Teuchi got up "hehe maybe i went a little too far" he said

"YA THINK!!!" shouted Sakura and Rock Lee

Naruto's hand twitched a little and Sasuke saw this

"dangit he's still alive" he said

"wait a minute his money is right here on the counter Sasuke" Teuchi said

Sasuke acted surprised "oh sorry i didn't notice" he said

"damn you Sasuke-teme" thought Naruto as he layed on the floor

All 4 of them got to the Hokage's office they met up with Hinata, Shikamaru, Ino, Tenten and Neji

"oh hey guys" said Naruto "you come here cuz of Tsunade obaa-chan too??" He asked

"yeah sigh what a drag" Shikamru said "i dunno why she couldn't pick someone else instead of me" he said "its not like i can beat anyone" he said

"he says that and yet he beat an Akatsuki member by himself" thought Sakura as she sweatdropped

"are we gonna keep talking or go in??" asked Neji looking annoyed

"okay then" Lee said "now i shall go and walk around Konoha on my hands 500 times" he said with a fire in his eye making everyone sweat drop

"yeah you have fun with that " said Sasuke

"Thank you for your concern Sasuke" he said "THE POWER OF YOUTH WILL PREVAIL!!!" he shouted and ran to a window and jump kicked through it

"He does realize that he are on the third floor right??" Ino said


"Apparently not" said Shikamaru "okay lets get this over with" he said

Naruto burst trough the door which surprised Tsunade "OHAYO TSUNADE OBAA-CHAN!!!" he shouted

Tsunade spilled the sake she had been trying to drink due to the surprise and she stared at it, looking shocked "..."

"um..Tsunade-sama??" said Sakura

Tsunade just kept staring at the spilt sake then suddenly her face turned dark and she stood up and put her hand on her table

"um T-Tsunade-sama...please calm down" said Sakura

"NAAARRRUUUUTTOOO!!" she shouted as she through her desk at him

"m..MATTE!!" Naruto shouted as he ducked and it flew over him and then out a nearby window and a crash came from outside

"AHHH MY SPINE!!" shouted someone from outside

"Was that Lee's voice??" Neji thought

"whoa that even scares me" Sasuke thought

"and the tree in the hole, and the hole in the ground, and the green grass grows all around and around and the green grass grows all around" Shikamaru sang in his head

Hinata, Ino, Sakura, and Tenten were trying to hold Tsunade down "please calm down Tsunade-sensei" said Sakura then she got an idea and whispered something in her ear then Tsunade got a scared looked on her face and then she calmed down "haah finally" she sighed in relief as the four girls walked back to the boys

"What did you say to her??" asked Naruto whispered to Sakura

"i'll make you watch Barney re-runs" Sakura said

Naruto shuddered at the thought "man i guess Sakura-chan has a bad side too" he thought i apologize to any Barney fans ;

Tsunade sat down in her chair "sorry you had to see that" she said "anyway back to business. Just recently we got word of a bunch of Pirates who are terrorizing villages and they stole a very important scroll from Kirigakure Mist Village. Your mission is to retrieve it and stop the pirates. This is a B-rank Mission and seeing as Neji is the only Jounin then I am appointing him as leader" she said

"BOOYAHH!!!" shouted Neji in his mind

"man!! I wanted to be Leader" thought Sasuke and Naruto

"it's me and its you, the silly old Winny the Pooh" Shikamaru sang in his head not even paying attention

"i know their terrorizing villages but does it really have to be B-ranked?? i mean they are just regular old Pirates" said Ino

"Don't underestimate these guys by the looks of the situation they seem pretty tough" said Tsunade "i thought it was hard to believe too when i saw the captain of the crew" said Tsunade "but thanks to Naruto i don't have my desk that had the pictures in it" said Tsunade

"hehehehehe im sorry" said Naruto as Tsunade glared at him

Someone then knocked on the door "come in" Tsunade said and Gai came in with a messed up desk "i think this belongs to you" he said hurriedly then ran out of the room "IM COMING LEE!!" he shouted

"o---kay! now that i have this back heres what the look like " she said as she layed 8 pictures on the table and they all looked at them and sweat dropped

"this is a pirate crew??" Naruto said "wow they look really goofy" he said

"you shouldn't be talking Naruto" said Shikamaru

On the Table there was a picture of a Man with curly blue hair and a metal nose, a guy with a weird looking mask and a long nose, A reindeer with a blue nose, An orange haired woman who was winking, a Woman with long black hair and a grin on her face, a Blonde guy with curly eyebrows with a cigarette in his mouth, and a guy who was sleeping and had green hair "the only ones who look like ledgible Pirates are the Black haired woman, and the guy whos smoking" said Tenten

"Just check out the captain" said Shikamaru as he pointed at a picture of a black haired boy wearing a straw hat. He had a huge smule on his face and a scar under his eye

"umm Tsunade-sensei are you sure this is a real pirate crew?? they don't look like the type that would terrorize a village" said Sakura

"hard to believe isn't it??" she said "but yes they are Pirates and well the Mission said they are terrorizing villages and the mission never lies" Tsunade said "anyway you should take these guys seriously!! I here they aren't pushovers" she said

"well if you say so" Naruto said

Tsunade then looked at Shikamaru and saw he wasn't paying attention "Hey Shikamaru" she said

"CHIP N DALE!!" he shouted and everyone stared at him "uh...i..mean...how troublesome" he said then everyone calmed down

"did you catch everything i said??" Tsunade said

"yeah i did" he said

"okay then you all should set off you'll be heading for the Konoha Docks " she said " Oh and someone else will be joining you!! Good Luck" she said

Naruto ran towards the gates with his backpack on and saw Hinata standing there, ready to go "oh..here comes Naruto-kun" she thought "okay Hinata...this time im gonna do it! Im going to tell Naruto-kun my feelings" she thought

"OHAYO HINATA-CHAN!!" he shouted as he ran towards her "i guess you were the first one here" he said stating the obvious

"well I-I guess so" she said shyly "um Na-Naruto-kun..theres something that I w-want to tell y..."

"HEY NARUTO. HINATA-CHAN!!" shouted Sakura as her, Ino, Sasuke, and Shikamaru

Naruto turned his head "oh OHAYO SAKURA-CHAN AND COMPANY!!" he said

"what do you mean by 'and company' " Ino said getting angry

"i guess my plan failed" thought Hinata as she sweatdropped

"hey Hinata are you okay??" he asked "you look kinda spacey"

"N-n-no its okay" she said with a stressed yawn

"hey here comes Neji, and Tenten" said Shikamaru as he pointed at the incoming Tenten and Neji and they seemed to be having an interesting conversation

"you see the wood chuck would chuck that much wood?" said Tenten then she turned and saw the rest of the group "oh hi guys" she said to the group

"what were you guys talking about??" asked Sasuke

"Weapons" Neji said simply covering up their real conversation

"okay now that were all here why don't we get going" said Shikamaru

"um T-Tsunade-sama said that someone else would be joining us" Hinata said

"oh yeah!! Nice memory Hinata" said Naruto giving her a Naruto grin

"so where is the person we're waiting for" asked Ino

"here I am" came a voice from a behind and walking towards them was Kakashi the copy ninja reading his signature book, Icha Icha Tactics VOLUME 3!!! once again "sorry im late!! I stepped on a crack and had to go check up on my mother" he said

"whoa thats a new one" thought Sasuke

"don't worry about Kakashi-sensei your actually unusually on time today" Ino said

"i am??" said Kakashi sounding surprised "well i guess you should've waisted more time then" said Kakashi


While everyone was still looking at Kakashi, Naruto walked over to Hinata who was standing away near a tree "hey Hinata what did you wanna tell me before??" he asked

"oh..should I tell him??" she thought "w-well Naruto-kun i wanted to s-say..."

"SENNEN GOROSHI thousand years of pain" shouted Kakashi and Shikamaru went flying over the gates and landed outside "thats what you get for touching my book" Kakashi said

"um...nevermind" Hinata said with a sweat drop

After Shikamaru's butt was good for sitting again and everyone was ready they all set off "ALRIGHT!! LETS GO!!!" shouted Naruto and they all set off for their new adventure


Well pplz thats the first chapter!! Sorry if its too long but I hope you enjoyed and i plan on writing somemore like i said at the beginning. Please feel free to leave any reviews to tell me how I did or to comment on the story!! THANKS YOU!!