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Once again it was a beautiful day in the morning of........It was a beautiful morning. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing and the birds were flying. Everything was perfect

"Mmmm.....Sakura-chan....Hinata-chan.....no..not there.....okay we can......lets-"


Naruto fell out of his hammock onto Sasuke who was sleeping on the floor who in turn kicked Neji "OOOW!!" Sasuke yelled "GET OFF ME YOU IDIOT!! Why did you get a hammock in the first place??" He yelled

"Why do all the guys have to stay cramped in here in the first place??" Shikamaru said as he rubbed his eyes

"My back...." Neji cryed "DAMMIT SASUKE!! What kinda ninja can't control his movements" Neji yelled but everyone turned their attention to Naruto "....Nevermind"

"Hey its not my fault!!" He blonde Ninja yelled "I was having myself a nice dream and then outta nowhere I heard a loud-"


"Yeah like that" He said

Suddenly Sakura burst into the boys room "GUYS WE'RE...." She then quickly rushed out of the room again

"What was that about??" Shikamaru asked and everyone just shrugged

Then just as suddenly as Sakura came in so did Sanji "HEY GET YOUR LAZY BUTTS IN GEAR!! WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!" He yelled and then noticed something "And for God's Sake put on some clothes" he said then left the room. Thats when the guys noticed that they were all just in boxers, well except for Naruto who had his trademark sleeping cap on.

"Whats going on??" Naruto yelled as he burst onto the deck followed by the other male ninja's

"I thought I made that pretty clear before" Sanji yelled over the roar of the cannon fire as he did a back flip and kicked an incoming cannonball into the water

"Who's attacking us??" Sasuke said holding on to the mast so the rocking waves wouldn't knock him over

"Marines!!" Zoro said as he cut an incoming cannonball

"WHAT!!!?? Aren't Marines supposed to be the good guys??" Shikamaru asked

"Well you see," Kakashi said as he threw three shuriken at three incoming cannonballs "If you guys woke up on time you would know that since we joined the crew yesterday we are now honorary pirates making us the bad guys."

"Oi don't say it like that" Luffy said "The Marines are way worse than we are" he said as he jumped in the air and expanded to deflect 4 incoming cannonballs

"So what do we do?? Are we just gonna keep fighting cannonballs till they run out??!!" Tenten asked as she opened a scroll and an array of weapons flew into an incoming flurry of cannonballs

"SUGOI!!!" Usopp, Luffy, and Chopper said as they saw Tenten scroll

"HEY PAY ATTENTION!!" Nami yelled "Okay we gotta get outta here there are too many ships and I can see more coming" Nami said as she looked through a spyglass "Franky how long till we can do a Coup De Burst??" she asked the shipwright

"I can get us ready in about 30 minutes" He said as he shot 3 cannonballs with his Beans Left

"Thats too much time." Nami said then she got an idea "Okay Franky get a Coup de Burst ready." She ordered and Franky nodded and ran went below deck "Luffy take someone with you and cause some trouble on those Marine ship"

This made Luffy grin "YOSHA!!" he yelled then looked at Naruto "Naruto you ready??" he said to him

"Um...sure but how are we-"

But before he could finish his sentence Luffy had already ran past Naruto and stretched his arms past Naruto and grabbed the edge of the ship "GoMu GoMu No...."

"W-wait Luffy WHAT ARE YOU-"

"RoCkEtTo" The captain yelled with a huge smile on his face and he shot like a rocket at Naruto, crashed into him, and flew straight at the fleet of ships

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh..............." was all the last the crew heard of Naruto as he flew at the Marine ships

"Could he be any less subtle??" Nami asked herself as she sighed "Alright guys we gotta keep the ship safe until Franky's rea....Sorry about that you have to keep the ship safe until Franky's ready"

"DON'T CORRECT YOURSELF!!" Everybody yelled.

The Hyperactive captain and ninja were flying through the air and getting closer and closer to the fleet of ships


"Oi Naruto how bout we make this interesting" Luffy said with a sinister grin

"Watcha got in mind??" Naruto said suddenly forgetting his fear

"Lets see who can take out the most Marines. Winner gets a 'make all the food you want' coupon for Sanji

Back on the ship Sanji felt a chill go down his spine "Whoa. That was weird"

"Alright" Naruto said with a sinister grin of his own

"Okay. 1-2-3-BREAK!!" Luffy yelled and the two of them seperated

"Sir" Said a Marine as he knocked on the door of his Captain

"CAN'T YOU SEE IM TAKING A BATH!!!" The Captain yelled from inside his quarters

"But sir I think this is kind of important. We could finally catch Mugiwara and his....." The Marine said but then trailed off

"Fine fine whats so important that you have to interrupt my 'Me' time" The Captain said as he came out of his quarters with a towel wrapped around his waist and a shower cap on but he saw that all of his crew were looking up to the sky "Whats everyone gawking at" the captain asked sounding very irritated

"I-Im not too sure Cap'n but it seems to be getting closer" said the Marine at the Captain's door

"Someone get me a pair of Binoculars!!" The captain bellowed and in a matter of seconds he had binoculars in his hands and he pressed them to his eyes "Hmm it appears it is getting closer. Wait a minute is that..."

"GoMu GoMu No....."

"Son of a-"

"OnO!!!!!" The mysterious 'thing' yelled and his feet came crashing down into the ship and it almost instantaneously split in half and then Straw Hat Luffy landed on the ship

"Damn you Mugiwara" The captain yelled at Luffy but the crazy captain just gave the Marine captain a sinister smirk like he had given Naruto and began his attack

"Sir it seems that one of our ships has been attacked" said a Marine private to his Commander "And by the looks of it it seems that Mugiwara is doing the attacking"


"Sir I'm right here theres no need to yell" said the private

"WHO'S YELLING!!?? THIS IS MY INSIDE VOICE!!" he yelled and the private just sighed

"What the heck is that??" said a Marine who was looking towards the sky followed by all other Marines on the deck of the ship

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!??" yelled the Captain as he looked skywards as well

"It seems to be getting closer" another Marine said "No matter we'll just take in out as soon as it gets down here" he said and loaded his rifle and pointed it at the incoming speck

"TaJuU kAgEbUnShIn No JuTsU!!"

Suddenly the speck multiplied by about 100 "HOLY SH-" But before the cocky Marine finished his statement, Naruto had already crashed into the ship with his Clones taking out about 50 marines right off the bat

"DANCE MY PRETTIES!! DANCE!!!!" The original Naruto ordered and his clones started taking out any Marine they could find

"W-who are you" The captain asked as he grabbed Naruto's pants

Naruto then picked up the Captain with one hand "Your worst nightmare"

Nami looked through her spyglass and saw that one ship was already sinking, and the mast of another was falling "Looks like those two know what they're doing" Nami said "FRANKY HOW MUCH LONGER!!!" she yelled to the shipwright

"About 15 minutes" was the reply from below deck

"CMON GUYS YOU CAN DO IT!!" She yelled cheerfully

"MAYBE YOU SHOULD BE HELPING TOO!!" Everyone yelled back

Suddenly, 20 cannonballs came flying at the ship simutaneously "INCOMING!!!" Usopp yelled and took cover

"THATS WAY TOO MANY" Sakura yelled over the roaring waves

"Calm down" Zoro said calmly as he stood on the one of the shrouds (Those ropes that extend all the way up the mast) of the Thousand Sunny. He then closed his eyes and took a breath and opened them. Suddenly he jumped straight at the incoming cannonballs

"What does he think he's doing!!??" Kakashi asked

"Just watch" Robin replied

"ToU rOu..." The swordsman said as he came closer and closer to the incoming cannonballs "...NaGaShI" with that Zoro went into a graceful spin, with his swords outwards, and slew through the cannons and landed on the ledge of the ship and sheathed his swords and just as the last sword went into its sheath the Cannonballs exploded making all the girls and Chopper stare at him in awe "SUGOI!!!" They all said

"Show off" Sanji, Sasuke, Neji, and Shikamaru all thought

But the ship shook from the impact of the explosion making it rock even more than before "Everyone alright??" Nami asked, holding on for dear life, and she got nods all around and gave a sigh of relief. But then she realized something was off "Wait a second...Where's Robin??" she asked and everyone looked around and realized she was gone. And then they all heard it

"HEEELP!!! I CAN'T SWIM!!" The archaeologist yelled from the ocean

"ROBIN!!" Everyone yelled

"What kinda pirate can't swim??" Shikamaru asked


"DON'T WORRY ROBIN-CHWAAN IM CO-" but before Sanji could finish his sentence Kakashi had already sped past him, taken off his jacket and dove into the water


"Well I did hear he watches Baywatch" Sasuke said to Neji who nodded in agreement

Then a blur flew up past the ledge of the ship and landed on the deck. It was Kakashi carrying Robin. He gently laid her on the grass deck and then he fell down on the deck as well, breathing heavily "Wow Kakashi-sensei who knew you were so bold" Sakura said as she crouched down and looked down at him

"There's a lot of things you don't know about your sensei" He said with a smile.....or whatever a Kakashi smile looks like

"ROBIN!! ARE YOU OKAY!!??" Chopper asked her frantically

Robin just smiled weakly at him "I'm...okay...Doctor-san" she replied "What...happened??"

"You fell into the ocean and Kakashi-san saved you"

Robin then turned her attention to Kakashi "Thank you....Ninja-san"

Kakashi turned his head towards Robin "No problem" he said with a sincere smile which made Robin blush and look away quickly

"INCOMING!!" Usopp yelled again and the crew got back to work

"FOR GOD SAKES SOMEONE TAKE THIS GUY OU-" Yelled a Marine but that was all he could manage before Luffy punch him into the ocean. (This was Luffy's second ship by the way)

Luffy just laughed "Cmon is that all you got!!??" he asked

"ATTACK!!" yelled a Marine Sergeant and another wave of Marines ran straight at him

"GoMu GoMu No MuChI!!" The ecstatic young pirate cried and his leg expanded like a whip and knocked the incoming Marines into the water

"HAHAHA LUFFY!! You finally decided to show up" came a booming voice from behind Luffy

"Huh?? That voice sounds familiar" Luffy said and he turned around and became stricken with fear "O-O-Oj-Ojii-OJII-SAN!!!" Luffy finally got out as he stared at his grandfather, Vice-Admiral Monkey D Garp

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" The Vice-Admiral just laughed

"I DON'T KNOW WHO THIS GUY IS BUT I WANT HIM DEAD!!!" yelled the Captain of the ship Naruto was now on and his yells were justified because Naruto was taking down sailor after sailor

"KEEP GOING GUYS!!" the number 1 most hyperactive ninja yelled to his clones and the all replied with a "YOSHA!!!!"

"SHOOT THEM!! WITH SO MANY WE'RE BOUND TO GET TAKE THEM OUT!!" The Captain ordered and any Marine left standing took up their rifles and pointed them at a clone.

"HaReMu No JuTsU!!" the Naruto's said and they all transformed into a sexy, nude, blonde woman "You wouldn't attack me would you??" all the clones said seductively

And in response all the Marines got nosebleeds and replied "OF COURSE NOT!!!"

And with that Naruto's clones returned to their original form "Thats what I thought" they all said with a grin and proceeded to take out the remaining Marines


The deck of the Marine battleship was covered with Marines. The only people that weren't on the ground were Naruto and the Marine Captain"You...won't...get away...with this....." the captain said weakly as Naruto held him by his collar

"The names Uzumaki Naruto. And make sure you remember that name" he said and punched him in the gut, and threw him to the deck "Alright" The young ninja said to himself "On to the next shi-"

"NARUTO!!!" came a familiar voice and Naruto turned and saw Luffy coming towards him "Change of plans. We gotta- Wait did you do all this??" He said as he looked down at the deck and saw the Marines strewn across the deck and Naruto nodded "Wow nice work" he said but then shook his head realizing he was off task "Forget that we gotta get outta here!!"

"Why?? The contest is still going on"

"Forget that my Grandpa is here and he's coming" Luffy said frantically

"Are you serious??" Naruto asked "You just shot your self about 3 miles over the sea and your scared of your Grandpa!!??"

"Thats nothing compared to h-"

"LUFFY!! WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING" came the booming voice of Garp who was getting closer to the two


"Don't worry about Luffy! We can take h-" but before he could finish, Garp was already in front of the two and he punched them both in the stomach so hard that they flew across the deck, through the mainmast and slammed into the ships ledge "...Okay...maybe you've....got a point" Naruto said

"FRANKY CMON!!!!" Sanji yelled from above deck as he kicked another cannonball away from the ship

"ITS READY!!!" Franky yelled from below

"ALRIGHT! GET IT READY!!" Nami yelled "Usopp. We need a flare for Luffy and Naruto."

"Hehe now its Usopp's time to shine" the sharpshooter said as he came out from hiding, holding his weapon: Kabuto "NOW WATCH!! I'M ABOUT TO BLOW YOUR FRICKIN MIND!!" Usopp said arrogantly as he spun his slingshot and pointed it skywards "BE AMAZED AS THE GREAT USOPP-SAMA-"


"Everybody's a critic" he muttered to himself and pulled back the sling on his Kabuto "HiSsAtSu: Hi No ToRi BoShI!!" sniper yelled and he unleashed a large fiery shot that resembled a firebird

"WOOOOOW!!!" The female ninja's all said as they looked up at the firebird

"hehehe" Usopp laughed arrogantly and Zoro, Chopper, Sanji, and Nami just sighed

Naruto and Luffy flew into the galley of the Marine ship and stopped after they broke through the kitchen table "Damn!! What kind of medication is this guy taking!!??" Naruto asked as he struggled to get to his feet "I don't think I can take much more of this"

Then something caught Luffy's attention and he grinned "You don't have to. Look" He said and Naruto turned in Luffy's direction and saw a large firebird coming up from the ship.

"What the heck is that??"

"Thats our ticket outta here" he said and with that, Straw hat stretched out his right arm his grandfather and grabbed the ledge of the Marine ship and then he coiled his left arm around Naruto "Sorry Ojii-san but this is where we get off"

"What!!?? What are you...." But then he realized what his grandson was about to do "LUFFY!!!" he yelled and charged at him

"GoMu GoMu No...."

"W-W-WAIT LUFFY!! CAN I GET SOME TIME TO PRE-" but before Naruto could finish, Luffy yelled

"RoCkEtTo!!!" and with that he shot out from the galley, over his Grandfather and straight at the Thousand Sunny accompanied by Naruto's frantic screams.

"Dammit!!" Garp said and then he turned to a Marine ship "DID YOU GET IT OUT YET!!??" He yelled to the ship

"YES SIR!!" was the reply that made Garp grin and jump back to the Marine vessel

"Are they coming back yet!!??" Sasuke asked as he cut through an incoming cannonball

"Yeah their on their way" Nami said as she looked through the spy glass "FRANKY GET READY!!!"

"YOSH!!" Franky replied

"Wait...theres something else coming from the Marine ships and its a lot bigger than a cannonball" Chopper said

"What are you talking about?" Nami said and she put the spyglass back up to her right eye and her face became stricken with fear "IT'S GARP'S BALL FROM WATER 7!!"

"What!!?? What the heck is he even doing here!!??" Sanji asked

"FRANKY!!! DO IT NOW!!" Nami yelled


"W-What about Luffy-kun and Naruto-kun??" Hinata asked

"Don't worry about them they'll make it" Zoro said calmly as he climbed up the mast to pull up the sails

"How do you know that??" Neji asked

"You gotta believe in Luffy" Sanji said as calmly as Zoro and he also climbed up the mast to help pull the sail down "You simply have to...."

"Leave it to luck!!" The Mugiwara pirates all said in Unison

"WHAT KIND OF SLOGAN IS THAT!!!" The ninja's replied

Luffy and Naruto were getting closer and closer to the ship by the second "Looks like we made it" Luffy said

"Yeah just barely." Naruto replied but then looked back and saw that an enormous iron ball was closing in on them "um...Luffy we got a little trouble" Naruto said and then Luffy looked back at the ball then looked forward again

"This is gonna be close"


"HERE WE GO!!" Franky yelled from below deck

"HOLD ON TO SOMETHING!!" Nami yelled making the Ninja's a little excited because they were about to find out what this 'Coup de Burst' was

"CoUp De...."

"WAIT THEIR ALMOST HERE!!" Sakura yelled

"SO IS THE IRON BALL!!" Chopper added

"OH MY GOD IM GONNA DIE!!!" Ino said frantically

"BuRsT!!!!" Franky yelled and with that a pink light came from the came from the cone like obstruction at the stern of the ship and shot the ship into the air

The Ninja's on the ship were dumbfounded by this. Of all the things they thought that the 'Coup de Burst' was they never expected this. It seemed that Neji, Sasuke, and Shikamaru were the most surprised




Back in the air Naruto was just as dumbfounded as the ninja's on the boat "Y-y-yo-yo-your s-ship just f-fl-fl-flew!!" Naruto said, still trying to comprehend the whole situation.

"Hehe yup!!" Luffy said plainly and then he rolled his free arm and said "GoMu GoMu No PiStOrU" He yelled and his arm shot at the Thousand Sunny and grabbed the ledge of the ship "GoMu GoMu No RoCkEtTo" he then flew at the ship with Naruto

"Here comes Luffy and the kid" Zoro said as he looked over the side of the ship and saw Luffy coming straigh at him "Oh crap" He said when he realized they were heading straight at him and he attempted to get out of the way but it was too late. The two of them had already crashed into Zoro

"Hehe thanks for breaking my fall Zoro" Luffy told his first mate with a grin

"Believe me I wasn't trying to" Zoro said as he layed at the bottom of the heap

"Um...guys I hate to break this to you but THE GIANT BALL OF DEATH IS STILL COMING!!!" Usopp yelled and he was right. The Ball didn't slow down. It was still hot on the ships tail

"WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!" Chopper and Usopp yelled frantically

"Oh no we're not" Sakura said as she ran on the flying ship towards the Giant Ball and clenched her fist

"Sakura! What are you doing!!??" Sasuke yelled but she just kept running

Sakura then leaped straight into the balls path "HELL YEAH!!!" She yelled and punched the iron ball and for a few seconds, time seemed to freeze as her fist remained connected with the wrecking ball of death and then, all of a sudden, a shockwave exploded through the ball and escaped through the back of it, sending the ball flying back at the Marine fleet and Sakura flying at the mast of the ship but before she could hit it Sasuke appeared behind her and caught her and gracefully landed on the deck.

"Wow Sakura. I didn't know you had it in you. That was amazing" Sasuke said with a look of awe on his face

Sakura just stared at his face and blushed but then she stuck her tongue out at him and winked "Hehe a girls gotta keep her secrets" she said to him with a smile which made him blush a little

"YOSHA!!!" Luffy yelled "WE MADE IT!!!" The captain cheered but everyone else was in shock

"WHAT KINDA WOMAN IS THAT!!??? SHE SENT A GIANT WRECKING BALL FLYING WITH HER FIST!!" Zoro yelled, still dumbfounded by the fact that Sakura had sent that ball flying like it was childs play

"WHAT KINDA SHIP IS THIS!!??? NO REGULAR SHIP CAN FLY!!!" Naruto retorted as he still tried to gain his composure on the flying ship

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" The always cheerful Luffy laughed

"THIS IS NO LAUGHING MATTER!!" The ninjas and the pirates both yelled

"BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!" Franky yelled. But it was too late. The ship had already slammed into the ocean

"Wow what a rush!!" Ino said, suddenly getting over her previous fear

"Yeah lets do that again!!" Tenten added

"I think Im gonna be sick" Neji and Shikamaru said in unison and they both ran to the edge of the ship, threw their heads over and began the usual ritual

"Hehe" Luffy laughed and then he surveyed the deck "Everyone still in One Piece (A/N: hehehe)" the captain asked and all he got a series of different sounds "ALRIGHTY THEN!! SET SAIL!!!!"

It was midnight as the waves gently caressed the hull of the Thousand Sunny just enough to keep it moving along

"I gotta go pee" Naruto said as he woke up from his sleep in the boys cabin and he got up from the ground (A/N: He's on the ground now due to Majority vote) and walked to the bathroom.


Naruto finished his business and was walking back to his quarters and then ".....Water" he said sleepily and walked passed the room and went up to the deck. He was almost in the Galley when he noticed something and looked to his right "Huh? Hinata" He said as he stared at the girl who had her arms laid on the edge of the ship and was staring up at the starry night sky

Hinata then turned around quickly and saw Naruto "Oh N-Naruto-kun you startled me" she said

"What are you doing up so late??" Naruto asked as he walked towards her

"I-I just thought it was a beautiful night" she said and she turned back and looked up at the sky

Naruto knew there was something wrong though "Are you sure thats the only reason?" The jinchuuriki asked her, now standing next to her with his arms rested on the edge of the ship as well.

Hinata then sighed and looked down "W-well....I just think that maybe what my father said about me being a failure is true"

"How can you say that??" Naruto asked sounding surprised

"Well Neji-san and my little sister are way better than me in everything, a-and today I was hardly any help at all. Maybe I should just go home" Hinata said sadly

"Oi Hinata! Your not a failure. In fact your the furthest person from it" Naruto said to her "Your always doing your best no matter how bad things seem. In fact I wish I knew who taught you how to be so strong-willed. So please don't leave." Naruto said with a heart felt look in his eyes

Hinata just stared at him and then smiled. He had no idea he was responsible for her determination "A-Alright Naruto-kun. I-I'll stay" she said but then she noticed something and started to giggle

"Huh?? What is it" She just pointed at his head and thats when Naruto realized he still had his trademark sleeping hat on and he laughed nervously "hehehe I forgot all about this little guy" Naruto said

"Aww its okay. I-I think its cute" Hinata said with a smile. Thats when Naruto noticed how beautiful she looked. The moon was reflecting off her eyes and she wasn't wearing her jacket so her curves could easily be seen. And to top it all off the the cool ocean breeze blew over the two of them making her hair flutter in the wind and for the first time in a LONG time, Naruto Uzumaki was left speechless. All he could do was blush "N-Naruto-kun. Are you alright??" Hinata asked as she tucked her hair back behind her ears and stared with a look of concern in her big translucent eyes.

Naruto quickly looked away, hiding the blush on his face "Yeah yeah Im fine" he said quickly

Hinata just blinked and then smiled at him. After a few minutes she yawned

"Getting a little tired?" Naruto asked her

Hinata just gave him a smile "I guess I am" Hinata said and stretched her arms out "Well Goodnight Naruto-kun"

"Goodnight Hinata-chan" Naruto replied and Hinata didn't expect the 'chan' and grew flustered and walked back towards the door that led to the bottom half of the ship with a nervous smile on her face. Suddenly she tripped over a crate that was behind her and quickly got up "uhhh...well....." she said quickly and walked through the door and closed it behind her.

Naruto just continued to stare at the door "She is so DAMN CUTE!!" He thought out loud

----Meanwhile Behind the door----

Hinata was standing in front of the door she just closed breathing hard "He is so DAMN CUTE!!" she thought

The next morning was pretty humid. It had rained a little the night before and there was dew forming on the grass covered deck and droplets of water on pretty much everything. The boys were sleeping in their little room when....




All the male ninja's just groaned as they started to wake up "Guess we can never get a regular wake up call" Shikamaru muttered

After everyone had gotten all cleaned up and dressed, they all met on the deck "Wow my first island visit as a pirate" Ino said cheerfully

"Noob" Nami thought

"So what is this island anyways?" Sasuke asked "Where exactly are we?"

"Well it looks like we're heading to......Meiji Japan........" Nami replied and everyone fell quiet and then finally Shikamaru broke the silence

"Coulda sworn we were in modern day yesterday"

"Hey I don't pick the place I just plot it." Nami said "Besides we need to stock up on materials and it should be interesting to find out how this turns out on the eternal pose

"Yeah. And this should be a pretty interesting field trip" Zoro said while sporting his trademark grin "Besides theres someone I want to meet here" he said still sporting his evil grin

"Whoa creepy" Tenten, Sakura, and Ino said


"Alright!!" Luffy said as he jumped on the table they were all sitting around "Next stop: MEIJI JAPAN!!!"


To Be CoNtInUeD

Translation Time

Gomu Gomu no Ono (Gum Gum Axe) : After stretching his right leg high into the air, Luffy brings down his leg with tremendous force on top of his target.

Tajuu Kagebunshin no Jutsu (Multi Shadow Clone Technique) : Naruto summons a tremendous amount of clones to do his bidding

Tou Rou Nagashi (Sinking Blade Wolf): Zoro must be very close for this maneuver. He falls backwards on one foot towards his opponent and uses two swords to defend himself while using his third to cut the stomach of his foe and finally uses his foot to flip himself behind them.

Gomu Gomu no Muchi (Gum Gum Whip): Luffy pulls back his leg and kicks it forward, snapping it like a whip against his enemies. Good for attacking groups.

Haremu no Jutsu (Harem Technique): This jutsu combines the Shadow Clone Technique and the Sexy Technique to create multiple clones of a beautiful, nude woman

Hissatsu: Hi No Tori Boshi (Certain Kill: Firebird Star): Using a Flame Dial in Kabuto, Usopp unleashes a large fiery shot which resembles a firebird.

Gomu Gomu No Rocketto (Gum Gum Rocket): Luffy launches his hands far in front of him and grabs onto an object, then fires his entire body forward like a rocket. This may be used as an offensive attack where his body is a weapon, or as a means of covering great distances or gaps quickly.

Coup De Burst: Basically, the sunny uses three barrels of Cola to fire a giant cannon downward and rocket the ship into the air thus making a great escape or as Franky calls it, a "Water Escape."

Alright guys theres Chapter 8! I know you've heard this a million times but sorry for taking so long to update it and i know I always say I'll try to update as soon as I can but I won't say that this time to get your hopes up and then take forever I just assure you that there will be another chapter. Can you guys guess who Zoro wants to meet /: P well stay tuned to find out all this and more in the next exciting chapter of CRAZY CRAZY NINJA STAR!!!