Chapter Fourteen

Remy hit the floor, rolling before he gracefully stood, bo-staff at the ready as several outraged gasps rushed over his ears. "Mon fils?" He smiled gently to the stunned elder LeBeau.

"You!" Several Assassins were standing when two loud thumps and deep snarls rang clearly. Eyes widened at the sight of two crouched ferals with claws at the ready, teeth gnashing together roughly.

Remy smirked widely when the temperature dropped quickly as Bobby jerked to a stop on his ice slide, laughingly saying, "Chill, dudes. We're only visiting."

"I don't care who y' be but de traitor be punished fer returnin' 'gainst de law of banishment! De boy knew de rules!" The Assassin leader stood tall beside a coldly glaring blonde female, Bella.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, my fellow companions." A fiery bird swooped from above, shocking them all as something crackled viciously around them, shocking several members. "You're promise of death will be absolved or you will lose all you hold dear. I know the boy lives, inches from death's grasp, walking and hiding. I know where he resides. You care deeply for him but not as deeply as the female."

The leader would not give up, "He is banished! Mon fils be dead! By his hand!"

The blonde stood by her father's defense, "We buried him!"

For once, Remy was glad he had Bella's gift of telekinesis removed during the battle of the tithes. He would not have liked to see his wife and his friend come to blow. He wasn't sure who would win considering one had the will to make things happen while the other was a train fighter. "Then there must be a wonderful illusion on the coffin. Isn't there, Sir?" He faced Bella's father. When the man refused to say a word, despite his daughter's pleas, he spoke quietly, "I suggest annulling the banishment. Keep your secrets close."

Unable to back down, knowing who stood with his son-in-law, two ferals well known among the Assassin circle for their animalistic fury and deadly power, especially their fast healing, he had no choice but to agree. Jean-Luc smiled gratefully, finally able to embrace his child publicly, welcoming him home, "Remy, mon fils, welcome."

Bella dragged her father from the meeting, giving Remy a small smile and a nod to the possessive group around him, stopping for exchange of words. "Y' not tell me, Remy? Dat be a shame to keep from yer wife."

He shyly grinned, glancing away for a moment, "Sorry, cher."

"Y' could but y' free. Be free as me, Remy. De Heads agreed. Pere not be happy."

Remy understood, although it was a silent agreement already between the two. "Keep de families happy, oui. We still be married."

She nodded, "Jus' don't be expectin' me to help since y' be havin' help. De renegades don't listen. Yet. But good to see y', mon amor."

"Y' as well, cher." He pressed a warm kiss upon her cheek as she sidled close, ignoring the low growl from Logan and the tensing of Bobby. "Still be fiery, oui?"

She laughed, eyes still glittering darkly, "De work of de Assassin." Then she spied the two mutants watching closely. She may not have her telekinesis anymore, though she couldn't blame Remy for his actions, but she was still a femme fatale, deadly as she was beautiful. "Paramours, cherie? Where dat girl? De one wit' me memories? De one y' go wit' after me powers gone?"

He looked away but she still saw the pain, bristling with fury. "Roguie be leavin' me. Found me past and left me for dead."

She tutted, mentally promising pain to that X-man, patting his side, "Silly, silly girl. Not like her, me. Best off not wit' her. De boy?"


She raised a brow as the shorter mutant stepped closer to the innocent young man, still covered with ice, "And de wild one?"

"Be Chat."

"Non, de blue eyed, cher."


She nodded, committing them to memory before returning to her husband, "We talk later, husband mine." He nodded as she pulled away, throwing over her shoulder, "I be Guild leader soon. But ain't an Assassin fer not'ing, mes amis." Logan silently nodded for him and Bobby, knowing the younger man wouldn't really understand her words, knowing a threatening promise for what its worth.

"Poppa." Remy turned away to his smiling father. He hugged his family just as hard, glad to be home when something caught his eye. Ghost's fire had died out, leaving behind a falling body, "Ghost!"

Tante rushed to the fallen man's side, reaching out with practiced hands and mind, "Hush, chile. He be weak. Too weak. Be pushin' limits again." She signaled for a helping hand when a large blonde snarled, snatching Ghost from the ground, hunching over protectively.

"Ah, Chat not share well wit' Ghost."

Logan felt safe enough to leave Remy among his family. Something told him Creed wouldn't stand for Remy in pain nor would Ghost, even if the boy was weak. "Drake and I will pull around the van."

Jean-Luc smiled, "My guards be showin' y' de garage, den yer rooms."

Remy was grateful, "We put Ghost in Remy's room?" Tante smiled, leading the way as all went their separate ways, a few following Remy to his room. Be well, Ghost. Not want to lose y', not yet. Silence spoke loudly, Ghost had been pushing too hard, shutting down after knowing Remy was absolutely safe among friends and family before letting go.

"Ow." Ghost struggled from darkness, forcing his eyes to open to a strange room. Not the meeting hall.

"Careful, chile. Y' be weak." Gentle hands pressed him back down on a soft bed. He groggily smiled at the dark skinned woman, knowing he was safe with Tante Mattie.

"Explains the headache."

She smiled, wiping his forehead with a soft wet cloth, "Y' relax now, chile. Tante check later." She gave a hard look at Remy before sweeping from the room.

"Strange woman, Remy."

Remy and Ghost exchanged glances, smiling, "She be de practicioner. Have de arts at her fingertips. Bad vibes of de voodoo, very bad when angry. But wit' de power to heal. Be called by de Guild to help. Healthy respect for me Tante."

Ghost tiredly grinned from his spot, pressing into heated warmth of Sabertooth, who curled around him, purring deeply. "We all staying for awhile?"

Bobby bounced in his place, "Yea! Remy's family gave us rooms to sleep in. I've always wanted to see what his place was like." He blushed darkly at the knowing glances, "Uh, I mean…um…"

"Don't worry 'bout it, Bobby."

"Oh, yea. I wanted to ask. What about your wife? I knew you were married….um, Rogue said. But I didn't think you still were."

Remy gently smiled at the babbling, not caring when his ex's name came up, "Bella be me wife in de Guild name. We protect de family. Keep de bloodshed down. But we not always faithful. Bella have her paramours and Remy has his."

Ghost weakly laughed, "They rather allow each other permission to be with their lovers as long as their marriage will never be contested nor ended."

Bobby bit his lip, turning to Remy, a hand making its way to his shoulder, "And you're okay with that…this?"

Remy paused for a moment, thinking over the years, over his marriage, and over those he was involved with, "Oui. I lose Roguie over de truth but Bella always knew. She be by me side long time. Den Ghost was wit' me as well, all through de years. He lost his own lover, to death's hands. He be havin' me and Chat. I be havin' Ghost and Chat. But I don't be havin' Roguie. Bella have her own lovers. I now be gainin' me own. Y' and Logan, Bobby."

Bobby hugged Remy, smiling in the Cajun's smooth throat, "Couldn't get rid of me. Nor Logan. We're here to stay."

"Feelin' better, Kid?"

"Why me, Chat?" Ghost had always been curious of that question. Ginny had fallen for him since she saw him, fell even harder after she began learning who Harry was beneath the façade of him being the savior. His friends may have had their fallouts but they remained by his side, loving Harry in their own way. Sirius had only known him a short while but would come in a second when called or if he thought Harry needed him. Remus had been the same way. Hagrid was always there if no one else was around, especially when he first needed and wanted a friend. Dumbledore had been his mentor, helping him through tough times all the while trying to give him his childhood back. But Fate had been the cruel one, taking away all he loved in one way or another.

Sabertooth chuckled lowly, leaning over his bedmate, "Like any creature with senses, we're attracted to you. Liked the sight of ya the first time. Liked yer scent better. Feisty and innocent, curious as a kitten. Wanted to make ya mine, even if another got ya first. Tame ya my way."

"Ginny never tamed me. She loved me. I loved her."

"Tame jus' enuff fer my blood to boil. Like yer spunk, kid."

Ghost stared up at the blonde, picturing Ginny in the same spot. He wondered what his wife would do when he finally crossed over after telling her he felt she was brought back as the large, flirtatious blonde leaning over him. He knew her hexes were deadly accurate and powerful, as was her right hook and vicious words. But later she would have laughed because he knew Ginny wouldn't want her husband to be with any girl but her, even if he would spend his life comparing Ginny to Chat, remembering her every moment, loving her still. "Oh."

Sabertooth nuzzled the smooth throat, murmuring, "She'll wait fer ya. In the meantime, yer mine."


"Oui?" Remy had left his friend in his room, following Logan and Bobby to theirs. He decided to help them unpack.

"You'll be mine….ours, right?"

He eyed the innocent hopeful stare from Bobby and the smirk from Logan. He already guessed that Logan wasn't about to let Rogue find any way to gain her hooks back into him, not when he would be claimed by the feral. And Bobby was genuinely interested in him, wanting to be by his side as a lover and friend. Remy wasn't sure but he knew Ghost was in the same predicament, both willing to try and move on with those who actually love and care for them. "Oui."

Bobby curled in close as Logan pushed his bag underneath the bed, wrapping comforting arms around the quiet thief. "We will remain, Remy. Neither of us willing to leave." He maneuvered to allow Logan to lead them to the bed, setting them down for a comfortable position. On one side was Logan, nuzzling Remy; while on the other was a concerned Bobby, gently hugging Remy. "Can't get rid of us."

Remy smiled, for the first time letting down his guard, relaxing in the arms of others. His eyes closed in contentment, almost purring to his companions' enjoyment, Ghost?

I'm here, Remy. Always will be. Take what you can now.

And y'?

I will always miss my Ginny, always will. But in a way I still have her, seemingly in Chat.

Remy sent a smile and warmth to his friend, easing some energy down their link as he snuggled closer in his own warm embrace, knowing he and Ghost were finally able to feel the pressure lifting. For once, they were making their own decision with their selves in mind, Merci, Ghost.

We saved each other, Remy. Always will.