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Shadows In a Mirror

The taxi was just sitting on 6th Avenue, stuck in the usual holiday traffic.
"Dammit," Monica muttered to herself. She paid the driver and got out of the cab.
It was bitterly cold, and the winter sleet wasn't helping. Monica wrapped her coat tightly
around her and ran as quickly as she could. She only hoped it wasn't too late.

The hospital doors slid open with a shush, and Monica came flying in, drenched and freezing.
She saw her friends immediatly, and ran over to them.
"Any news?" she asked, looking at her brother anxiously.
"Nothing yet. But the paramedic said it didn't look good. He was there for a long time before..."
Ross couldn't even finish his sentence. it was all too surreal.
Monica began to tremble, but it wasn't from the cold. She felt warm, fat teardrops fall from her
eyes. This wasn't happening, it couldn't be. After everything that had happened....
It had been 3 years since....Monica shook her head. She had to be strong. She had to be.
She loved Chandler too much to give up him now. The question was, why had he given up on her?
Fresh tears began to fall, and Monica sunk down into the plastic hospital chair.

Ross did not know what to do for his sister. He looked at her, trying to figure out what he could
do to make her feel better. He took Rachel's hand in his, and gave up on his fight to hold back
his own tears. He felt Rachel tighten her grip, and he closed his eyes, remembering a time when
he had longed for the happiness that he now had with Rachel. He felt her wedding ring dig into
his finger, and he loosened his grip. Rachel let go of his hand, and walked over to Monica.
Ross watched as Rachel tried to comfort her best friend and sister-in-law. He sighed and sat
down next to Joey.

Joey was staring into space, tears staining his cheeks. Pheobe sat with her head on his shoulder,
whispering to him that it would all be okay. Joey turned his head when Ross sat down.
"How could we have let this happen?" Joey croaked.
"I can't answer that Joe."
Joey sighed. "I was.....I was thinking about what we were all doing four years ago today."
Ross thought for a moment. "Four years ago. We were all so different then, huh?"
"Yeah," Joey answered, though it was clear that his mind was elsewhere. He wanted to think of
anything but this moment in time. He closed his eyes, trying to block out the smells and sounds
that permiated his mind.

Ross thought about what Joey had said. Four years was a long time. But he could see every detail,
as if it were yesterday. He closed his eyes, trying to will himself into another place and time.

"Dude, you are gonna be late for your own wedding!", Ross paced frantically in front of his best
friend's bedroom door.
"Ross, would you calm down, we have plenty of time," Chandler replied, opening the door and
patting his friend on the shoulder, "The ceremony isn't for another hour."

Ross was amazed that Chandler Bing, *Mr. Committment-phobe*, was acting so calm on his wedding day.
No one ever thought Chandler would settle down, and certainly not this soon. Ross took a deep breath
and smiled, as he followed Chandler out the door and to the church.


Pheobe walked into the church, and was immediatly taken aback. It was beautiful. Red and white
flowers lined the pews, and a deep red carpet covered the centre aisle.
Candles surrounded the alter, and in the corner a string quartet was busy tuning their intruments.
Pheobe walked slowly toward the front of the church, just as Ross and Chandler appeared through
the door behind the alter.
"Hey guys!" Pheobe exclaimed, "You look so great!"
"Thanks Pheebs," Ross replied, "So do you!"
"Oh, this old thing?" Pheobe joked, as she twirled around.
Chandler and Ross laughed, and played along, giving her the usual "woo-hoo's" and whistle's.
"So, Chandler," Pheobe said, twirling back to face her friend, "Ya nervous?"
"Only nervous that I'll fall over," Chandler smiled, "I am marrying the love of my life, how
could I be anything but totally stoked!"
Pheobe laughed. She had never seen Chandler so content. She was happy for him, but at the same
time, she was a little sad. After today, nothing would ever be the same.
"Hey guys," Joey said, as he came through the alter door, "How does this thing work?"
He held up his boutonnière, a single red rose, and cocked his head to one side.
"C'mere Joey," Pheobe said. She took the flower and the straight pin, and grabbed Joey's lapel.
"So, Chandler, Joey said, as Pheobe fumbled with his tux, "You nervous yet?"
"Why does everyone keep asking me that?" Chandler said, furrowing his brow, "I'm so *not* nervous!"
"Okay, okay, geez," Joey said, as Pheobe finished pinning the boutonnière to him, "Thanks Pheebs."
"No problem," Pheobe replied, as she headed towards her seat.
"Hey Pheebs," Joey called after her.
"Yeah," Pheobe turned to face Joey.
"How YOU doin'??"
Pheobe laughed and shook her head. Sometimes Joey was just too much.

"Ross, I never got that confirmation for the flight tonight," Chandler said nervously.
"I got it, I just forgot to give it to you," Ross said non-chalantly, "You guys fly out
from JFK at 10pm, and land in Bangkok at 1pm."
"Thanks, man. I appreciate you wrapping up the loose ends."
"No biggie, Chandler. I know you'll do the same.....if I ever get married again." Ross smiled
"Don't worry Ross," Chandler said, "as long as you don't let your wife hang out with girls from
the gym..." Chandler laughed, recalling Ross' past misfortune.
"Oh, ha-ha-ha," Ross said, "This coming from a guy who gets hit on by more men than Monica."
"Hey," Chandler was ready to come back with a witty retort, but was interrupted by the minister.
"We are ready Mr. Bing", the minister said softly.
"Okay, thanks," Chandler said, as he, Ross and Joey took their places.

The quartet began to play, as the flower girl, and the ring-bearer(Ben), made their way down the aisle.
Chandler suddenly felt his heart jump-start. "This is it," he thought silently, "after this moment,
everything changes."

Monica walked into the chapel, taken aback by the beauty that surrounded her. Everything was
gorgeous. She always thought that crying at weddings was stupid. But seeing the church, the
people, and the beaming groom, she suddenly felt the tears well up.
"I guess crying at weddings isn't so dumb after all," she thought, as she made her way down the
red carpet, and took her place at the front of the church.

The ceremony was short and simple. It went by in a flash, and before Chandler knew it, it was over.
My God. He was married. He smiled broadly and took his new wife's hand. They turned in unison,
as the minister annouced them as husband and wife for the first time;
"Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Mr. and Mrs. Chandler and Kathy Bing.

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