Jack stood under the shower, singing to himself, as hot water cascaded down his back. It'd been a long day, running away from aliens, using his wonderful sonic blaster… oh, and watching the Doctor. Not in a stalker-ish way, in a 'Oh my god, I wanna shag the pants off you way'. Not that that's any better really… But Jack couldn't help it that the Doctor was so god-damned hot this regeneration. Sure, he was gorgeous before, but now… well, there weren't really words to describe him. Just actions, like 'drool', 'stare', 'ogle', and all of those sorts of things. Oh, and 'shag'. Not that he'd gotten to yet. 'Yet' being the main word there. Sighing, Jack turned around and turned off the taps. 'Great!' he though to himself. 'I got into the shower to get rid of my hard-on, and now I've got one just from thinking of him again!'

Jack stepped out of the shower, reaching for his red towel, and wrapping it around his waist, letting beads of water rest on his tanned, muscular chest. He bent down to get to the bathroom cupboard, where they all kept their pits and pieces. Rose dominated all of the first and seconds shelves, with Jack and the Doctor sharing the third. Mind you, all the Doctor really had was his shaving kit, oh… and his hair gel.

Jack rummaged around his part, searching for his comb. Instead, his hand rested on a foreign object. 'What?' he thought to himself. Pulling back, he discovered that it was Rose's hot pink vibrator. 'Ooh… I've gotta remember that's there!' he thought, putting it back, but on Rose's shelf.

Finding the elusive comb, Jack got back up, to find a pair of gorgeous chocolate brown eyes baring into him. It felt like they were staring into his soul. 'Jack…' the Doctor groaned, striding towards him. Their mouths crashed together roughly, striving for dominance. The Doctor's hands went down to the knot holding his towel together, jerking it apart. As the Doctor stroked his erection, Jack got busy getting the Doctor out of his trademark pin-stripe suit. It didn't take too long, which wasn't all that surprising, considering he had imagined doing that for a long, long time.

As they tumbled into Jack's bedroom, Jack grinned to himself. 'Maybe some dreams could come true.' Jack groaned as he felt the Doctor's growing erection pressing into his hip.

Actually, no. This was so much better than dreams!