The Birthday

Disclaimer: If you haven't worked out by now that I'm not JKR…

This is yet another challenge entry at The Hideaway. A 200 word drabble about a birthday. It has to include an egg.

So, please let me know what you think…

Today was his birthday and she spent hours preparing. His present was carefully wrapped in shiny mauve paper with shimmering golden stars and a large crimson bow. She had bathed, using the lavender scented shampoo and bath oil he loved so much. Dressing in luxurious forest green velvet robes, he said they accentuated her deep emerald eyes; she raked her fingers through lustrous raven locks and closed her eyes as she imagined his large but gentle hands doing the same.

Her attention was caught by a photograph of their younger selves. He threw his arms around her in an exaggerated gesture, kissing her exposed neck. Her slim fingers traced that same sensitive patch of flesh now. Shivering, she gathered the present in her slender arms and hurried through the heavy wooden door.

The grass was damp she noted, dropping to her knees in front of the stark white marble tomb. A solitary tear escaped a misty eye as she pressed gentle lips to the chilled stone. Drawing herself to her full height she placed his present, a huge chocolate egg, beside the tomb.

"Happy birthday Albus…and happy Easter."

Turning quickly she returned to Hogwarts, she had a feast to organise.