Like a Whisper

Disclaimer: Well one initial is the same…does that count?

A Hideaway contest entry. (surprise surprise) A 200 word drabble starting with the line 'Like a Whisper.' This is what I came up with, what do you think?

Like a whisper on the wind that I can barely hear, it sounds so far away. I strain to hear his words that reverberate through my soul.

"Don't leave me, my darling."

Inside this motionless body my heart soars, he feels as I do, he feels the same.

He is touching me now; a feather-light caress down my cheek; I long to tilt my head, to lean into his gentle stroking fingers. The fingers that I have watched for forty years and wondered what they would feel like against my skin. Now I know and yet can do nothing to reciprocate.

Four stunners to the chest, four red beams of light colliding with my body; can I still smell the acrid aroma of charred flesh, or am I imagining it now? Four new scars to add to those already marring the once smooth alabaster; will he find me attractive I wonder? Will I even have the chance to find out?

He is moving, perhaps to leave; but no, it is to plant a soft kiss on my forehead. His salty tears fall onto my face and if I could mine would join them. But my resolve grows stronger…I will recover.