A/N: Okay, so it's a high school fic. Shoot me. I like them. And yes, I'm going there when it comes to social issues, but I'm not going to dwell on them. I just want this to be a fun read that causes a few giggles and a couple of gasps, good and bad. If you see any major typos or errors in plot please let me know as I do not have a beta.

Designated Lives

N'dare watched her daughter stare out the car window. "Ororo? Ro? You plan on getting out anytime soon?"

Ororo looked at her mom and tried to smile. It was Ororo's first day at a new school. She and her parents had just moved from New York to New Orleans after her father got a new job as editor of the New Orleans News Journal. Ororo wasn't too happy with the move being that she wanted to spend her senior year with her friends. She wasn't looking forward to having to make new ones either.

"Sweetie, you'll be fine", her mother assured her.

"I know", with that Ororo leaned over and have her mom a quick kiss, exited the car and headed up the long walk way towards the entrance of the school.

She felt self conscience. She didn't know if the style of dress was the same here as it was in New York. She decided on her favorite black fitted jeans, a soft pink Hello Kitty baby doll t-shirt that her dad bought just for his "little girl". She cringed when she saw it but decided that despite the kitten on the front it was a nice fit and complimented her mocha complexion. She didn't want to draw too much attention to her pure white hair. It was sure to be noticed at any rate, so she pulled it back into a tight braided ponytail. She decided to go with comfort for her first day and finished her outfit off with a pair of black Reebok classics.

Ororo tried to look confident but didn't really pull it off because of the way she held her notebook to her chest. She entered the administration office awkwardly taking in her surroundings.

"Yes?" the lady from behind the counter said to her expectantly.

"Today's my first day. I don't know where to go."


"Ororo Munroe"

"Pretty name"

"Thank you" Ororo responded shyly.

The lady printed off Ororo's schedule and handed her a map of the school. "Your first class is math".

Ororo groaned. She didn't care for math at all.

The lady smiled with sympathy. "Here's the office, where you are now". She stated pointing to the map. "Take a left at the end of the hall and you'll be able to find it from there".

"Thank you so much, Miss", Ororo said as she turned and made her way to the door.

"My name is Mrs. Cassidy. If you need anything, dear, just come to me. I've been the secretary here for going on 27 years", she smiled proud of herself, "I can make things happen"; She gave Ororo a friendly wink.

Ororo smiled feeling welcomed. 'Maybe it won't be so bad', she thought to herself.

Ororo made her way to room 107, Mr. Xavier, Introduction to Trigonometry. She started to sigh as she came upon the classroom. But it was cut short by her frown when she saw two teens that were in full make out mode at the entrance just left of the door. She couldn't see either's face, only the back of the tall boys brown duster and longish auburn hair. Ororo quickly made her way by as the bell rang.

Mr. Xavier was sitting at his desk readying himself for the day of trying to teach the unteachable when she approached.

"Um, hello...Mr. Xavier?"

"Yes?" he said without looking up from his planner. Mr. Xavier was completely bald man. Ororo noted that he was somewhat handsome in a he's way old kind of way.

"My name is Ororo Munroe. Today's my first day", she tried to sound perky.

Finally he looked up to give her an appropriate greeting. "Ms. Munroe. Yes, Mrs. Cassidy called up from the office and told me to expect you", he smiled at her. "I'm sorry but in an effort to control the rowdy I had to put the class in assigned seating so you'll be sitting in the back" he said apologetically as he handed her a thick text book.

"That's fine" Ororo said as she made her way to the back of the class to find a seat.

"Settle down class. Today we're starting a new chapter". Mr. Xavier watched as Remy LeBeau sauntered into the classroom. "You're late once again, Mr. LeBeau".

"Aw, Professor. Was right outside de classroom. Ya saw me". Remy responded in his thick Louisiana Cajun accent.

Ororo had never heard anything like it before. She was enthralled by his dialect.

"Well, you're supposed to be in the classroom. Now, go take your seat".

"Look like someone already done went and took it". He looked pointedly at Ororo.

She blushed and quietly stood and slid over into the next seat.

Remy slowly strolled down the aisle between his disinterested classmates. His black bruised Doc Marten's landed heavily on the linoleum. His thumb looped inside his too tight faded denim drew Ororo's attention to his crotch. She realized she was staring and quickly looked away and into his eyes. They were so dark, almost black. They looked even darker behind the curtain of hair that shaded them. She smiled wryly attempting to hide her blush and looked away. Remy gave her a lopsided grin but didn't say anything. He was used to girls giving him the once over. He stopped between their desks and made a show of taking off his brown duster, flexing his well defined pectoral muscles in Ororo's direction.

Ororo gave him a look of disdain before looking forward. 'Who does he think he is?'

She tried to keep her attention focused toward the front of the class but fought to not look at him when she heard him slide his desk farther behind her.

Remy didn't feel bad at all about moving his desk back so he could blatantly stare at the new girl. Sure, he and Anna had been dating for about three months but he could still look, right? Besides, she was like nothing or no one he'd ever seen before. He thought she was a real beauty; almost too beautiful to be real. He could have sworn he saw blue eyes.

He kicked his foot out and "accidentally" hit one of the legs of her chair. Ororo turned to look at him. "My apologies, mon chere". Ororo gave him a tight smile and turned back towards the front of the class. Remy leaned back in his seat, stretching out taking up more room than necessary. 'Definitely blue'.