Designated Things Epilogue

Prologue to a story yet to be named.

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*Mon frère (my brother), Mon Dieu (My God)

"You look gorgeous as usual," Jean said as she walked up behind Ororo who was filling the last few seconds before the ceremony began to wrangle in stray strands of her platinum locks. How they'd freed themselves from their prison of hair spitz she did not know.

"Thank you. And I must say, you don't look too shabby yourself," she replied turning to give Jean a good once over to make sure that she too was perfect.

Jean reached out taking one of Ororo's hands in her own as she sighed and smiled at her dearest friend. "I didn't think this day would ever come."

"You didn't?" Ororo guffawed, "Are you kidding me? This day was going to get here if I had to drag that man down the aisle."

The two friends' laughter filled the small room. They both knew that this event had been postponed long enough. People were beginning to speculate that it would never take place after the fifth year in what turned out to be a ten year engagement had passed.

On the rare occasions they would be able to see each other with Ororo living in New York and Jean in Boston it was always a rush to get back to their lives in their respective cities. However, today they were back in New Orleans, the town where they met and became fast friends celebrating a long overdue wedding.

"Are you going to be able to get through this?" Jean asked gingerly after their laughter resigned to small amused chuckles.

Ororo nodded. "Let's do it."

Remy pulled anxiously at the too tight collar of his tuxedo. It was fall and the weather was cooling down however he was using a great deal of concentration in an effort to calm himself to keep the sweating at bay. The last thing he would need was for the bride to have wedding pictures of his pit stains.

"Stop pulling. We're about to start and the videographer is already taping," Scott chided from beside him.

"I apologize, mon frère, but I'm slowly being strangled."

"Yes. I'm sure that's where your agitation is coming from," Scott tried not to roll his eyes at the lame excuse but he knew what Remy was going through and didn't want to make his day more complicated. Remy was already doing him an enormous favor that hopefully he'd be able to somehow repay.

The soft sounds of a cello silenced the chatter of the attending guest and everyone watched the door in anticipation of what was sure to be a beautiful bride. Ororo stepped through the door and focused on the holy man standing in front of her. If she could just make it to him she'd be okay.

Remy's heart tightened in his chest. She was beautiful. He didn't know how he'd react once he finally had the opportunity to lay eyes on her. With each step she took towards him his barely there resolve slowly began to crumble. Mon Dieu, she's beautiful. She would always be the one he wanted.

As Ororo approached the altar she tried hard not to look in Remy's directions but the steady gaze of those dark eyes of his bore into her. She felt them willing her to look at him. She finally gave in once she reached the altar and had taken her spot. At that moment all of their history rushed back into her mind. The first time she'd ever laid eyes on him in Mr. Xavier's math class, their first kiss that chilly night downtown, the first time they'd made love and all the trouble that followed, their time in Paris where they were engaged, and finally their unavoidable break-up.

She wasn't going to let that last bitter memory ruin Jean and Scott's day.

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