The Job

Opera diva makes the best of Death Eater career. Long seduction, but I promise a reward. Erotic-thriller.

Lucius killed three mistresses, that I know of, before me. This and other information, I've cultivated through mesmerism or gossip. The lazy one had her eyes carved out with a diamond necklace then bludgeoned by a candlestick. The jealous one was strangled. The 'one-who-disappointed' him, was cursed by a thousand cuts and thrown to werewolves in the reception hall.

I could never bring my son here.

I had to consider the price.

Becoming Lucius Malfoy's mistress gradually succeeded after flirtatious chance meetings. I do have a weakness for blond men spiced with evil.

When I saw him step into Borgins & Berks 12 years ago it was the way he announced his arrival with a commanding survey that caught my immediate fascination. He was exquisitely self-possessed.

Lucius Malfoy was dressed in the authority of his social reign. His corn silk hair sweetened my interest.

He was good looking to say the least, like Brittan's finest breeding that shames the devil.

I wanted him even if I had to break a law.

More recently, the night after we consummated our affair, I had performed at the manor. Draco Malfoy pleaded with me about Death Eater business.

If his own son assumed I was among the ranks, who else was convinced? Now is the time that we are either in harms way of the Dark Lord and the Death Eaters or harms way of the cavalier forced who oppose them.

I made my decision right off.

I proposed to Lucius to gratify our lust.

I was curious about the cult.

Members of the Phoenix have since materialized; Lupin, Charming Black, 'prince' Snape, and good Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. They watch over my son, while he waits in the womb of Hogwarts. Through them I am connected to Dumbledore's cause.

They know my work, but not everything I do.

This is how I share Lucius Malfoy's arena. I have a guilty pleasure for blood sport. And it suits me as it play errand girl for our beloved boogie-man.