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Author's Note: You know I really could get these things out sooner if I tried, but I guess life's just that way. This section is a shorter because I thought I would dedicate it to the Lady Autobots I haven't done yet. Firestar and Moonracer where difficult for me to do since I couldn't find bios on them and so many thatnks to my friend Clewt for helping me find the episode "Search of Alpha Trion". And don't worry Demon's Rose I'll do Sideswipe in another section after this. Enjoy!


Dear to Ironhide

Change in tactics no big deal

She stays on the goal


Female Heroine

Her feelings for the mechs she

loves, are split in two


Fiery-hot femme

Once worked with Inferno in

Search and Rescue jobs


Best of the best shots

Gets in over her head and others

have to bail her out