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Old Fights, New Beginnings

Part one:

'I can't be late again, he'll be so disappointed.' thought Kakashi as he hurried down the street to the upscale restaurant. Suddenly, a flash of bright yellow caught his eye, and he looked up.

"Bye, Sasuke-teme! See ya tomorrow!" A blonde boy waved at his friend. The boy was wearing a mischievous grin, and had three whisker marks on both of his cheeks.

'Humm he looks familiar.' Kakashi thought, but buried the slight feeling of recognition and continued on his way.

"Good morning, Kakashi, my eternal friend of YOUTH!" A voice called from inside.

A guy wearing green jeans and a silk green shirt came up to Kakashi and slapped him friendlily on the back. "Kakashi, we have another karate tournament that the boss wants us to fight in.

'That's right now I remember that kid was at the last tournament.' "...That's nice..." Kakashi muttered, trying to avoid the green-clad man's 'hug of death'. His mind flew back to the last tournament.


"Hatake Kakashi!" The older man called. He was sitting on a balcony where he could view those competing in the tournament. "Hai!" Replied the white-haired man, stepping forward. "Uzumaki Naruto!" An impudent looking boy also stepped up to the mat. Like Kakashi, he was a black belt. He had blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and looked completely confident.

"Well, let's get this match over with. I'm ready to beat this man's ass!" Naruto screamed making the crowd go wild. This was his hometown after all.

Kakashi just shook his head and bowed before getting into position.

"Hagime!" Cried the old man, slashing down his hand in a knife-chop like motion.

Naruto came at the man straight forward with a round house kick. Kakashi put his hands up to protect his chest, thinking he would get the upper hand by grabbing the kid's foot. But the fates were against him and the kid was no joke - his kick sent Kakashi flying to the other end of the mat.

"Halt!" Cried one of the judges, a black haired, bearded man with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. He looked to the two women standing at opposite corners of the mat. Both were holding two flags, a red one and a white one. The woman on the left held up a red flag, as did the woman on the right. Kakashi knew the point was for Naruto, as he was the white fighter.

"Point for red!" the bearded man called.

Kakashi got up and took a deep breath. This was just the beginning so he wasn't worried. He looked up in time to see the kid coming at him again, this time with a fist.

"Ha!" He cried, quickly blocking and sidestepping the blonde's mad rush.

Unable to stop, the boy careened off the mat. "Halt!" the bearded man cried again. He looked to the two women, who each held up a white flag. "Point for white!"

Kakashi grinned, and realized all he had to do was keep the boy rushing at him and he would win by default.

The boy would have none of that. "I'll beat you, dattebayo!" he yelled, rushing at Kakashi once again.

Kakashi went to sidestep the rush again when the kid yelled out "I WANT CANDY!" confusing him. His momentary hesitation left an opening for Naruto to strike upon.

"Oh shit." Muttered Kakashi as the boy's foot hurtled towards his head in the perfect execution of a roundhouse kick. It was too late to dodge, so Kakashi took the blow.

"Halt!" Cried the black haired man once again. A point was awarded to Naruto.

Kakashi stood up saw the boy running at him once again. 'I have to get in some blows or this match is going to be over very quickly.' The white-haired man stepped to the side while grabbing the boy's arm, and flung him off the mat.

Naruto went flying, and, unable to stop, crashed into the judges table.

The bearded man scrambled up to avoid the flying body, knocking his plastic folding chair down in the process. The woman on the left dodged to the side, while the woman on the right (a black belt in her own right) merely performed a block, thereby preventing the boy's flying feet to reach her head.

Naruto grumbled and got up as another point was awarded to Kakashi. 'Damn it! Who is this man? Anyone else would have been half dead by now! Guess I'll just have to go wild on the poor sap.' Naruto grinned and walked back onto the mat. Without missing a beat, Kakashi went at him plummeting him with his 'no-survival punches.'

"Gotcha now..." Kakashi muttered, panting, as Naruto failed to block his seventh strike.

"Halt!" The bearded man called, after he had somewhat regained his dignity. A point was awarded to Kakashi.

Naruto growled and waited for Kakashi to come at him again. When he did, Naruto dodged the strike and grabbed at Kakashi's arm. He twisted it behind his back and forced Kakashi to kneel on the mat. Kakashi struggled but couldn't get out of the lock the kid had him in.

'What in the seven hells is this kid?!' Kakashi asked himself as he continued to struggle.

'I guess there's no choice.' thought Kakashi. 'If I stay like this any longer, he'll break my arm. I was hoping to save this move for the end of the tournament, but...' With that, Kakashi threw his head back, vaulting up to his feet and performing a flip. This caused Naruto, who was still pinning the man's arms to his back, to fall and land sprawled under Kakashi.

Naruto looked up and saw the man standing above him. Just then a thought came to him and he smiled. Kakashi looked down just in time to see Naruto's head come up and captures his lips in a searing kiss. Kakashi, shocked, gasped into the kiss, allowing Naruto's tongue entrance. Naruto licked at Kakashi's bottom lip before smirking and bringing his knee up into Kakashi's privates making the man fall. Naruto rolled out from under him before the man could fall on top of him.

"Good thing I wore a cup." Kakashi smirked. Instead of sprawling in an undignified heap on the mat, he vaulted up, doing a back flip over Naruto's head. The crowd clapped, impressed.

Naruto spun around and kicked Kakashi in the back just as he landed. Kakashi flew into the air but Naruto wasn't done yet. He ran under the falling body and kicked Kakashi back in the air before jumping up in the air himself and kicked Kakashi in the stomach making him go flying down, landing just outside the mat. "Good think I wasn't counting on that hurting you." Naruto laughed at Kakashi "I wouldn't want to hurt what I want to use later now would I?" Naruto asked

"Oaf..." grunted Kakashi, feeling the breath get knocked out of him. He gasped, trying to take more air into his lungs.

"Halt!" cried the dark haired man, getting over his shock of seeing the two men kiss. Both judges awarded a point to the red fighter, Naruto.

"End of match!" cried the old man in the balcony. "Winner, Uzumaki Naruto, with three points against two!"

//End Flashback//

Kakashi gave his head a little shake, and turned to look at Gai. "Yes, I'll be there. Will you be fighting this time? I've been hearing all about your great fights but you've never given me the chance to fight you. You're always away doing some other thing." Kakashi pouted at his long time friend.

Gai just grinned. "Maybe if I want to. I'm not so sure I want to spar in this tournament." he replied, following Kakashi into the restaurant.

Kakashi looked over his shoulder to Gai. "Well then at least fight with me back at the dojo?" he asked, as they stood in line at the buffet counter.

Gai looked over at Kakashi after they got their food. 'He seems a little distracted today. I wonder what that's all about.' The dark haired man shrugged a little. "Fine." he answered.

"Eh? Fine? You'll actually fight me? After four years of waiting and trying to force you into the fight you're going to fight me just because I asked?" Kakashi replied incredulously, becoming excited in more than one way.

"Of course, my youthful friend!" cried Gai. "All you had to do was ask!"

The two men got up from their unfinished lunch. "You done?" Kakashi asked. "Do you want to go now?"

"Not finished yet." replied Gai, shoveling his chow mien.

"Fine just bring it with us." Kakashi whined wanting to leave. Also, his pants were getting a little tight.

Gai noticed this yet said nothing. He got the people to put their food in little lunch bags and they both left the restaurant. Kakashi walked ahead, seeing as he was the one with a little problem. Gai decided to have a little fun at his old friend's expense and went to catch up with him. The man latched onto his sparring partner's arm. "So my friend, just what kind of fight do you want?" Gai asked.

Kakashi looked very uncomfortable now. He pulled at the neck of his turtleneck. "Ma, what do you mean?" Kakashi asked, a little apprehensive.

"Well, how hard do you want me to fight back?" Gai asked as they walked into the dojo and set down there lunch bags.

Kakashi couldn't help the blush that rose to his face. "I... um... I..." he stuttered, trying not to think about exactly what kind of fighting they could do. 'Don't think about it don't think about it don't think about it...' he exhorted himself. '...Too late.' "Umm... jus-just hum- I meant do. Just do what you always do." 'God that sounded so wrong!'

Gai smirked "Well get into position." He said the started to take off his shirt.

"What?! What are you doing?!" Kakashi asked Gai, panicking slightly.

"What? I don't want to ruin my silk shirt, do I?" the dark-haired man replied innocently.