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'Why didn't I just tell him?' thought Rose desperately. 'All I had to do was say 'I'm pregnant.' and then maybe he could of done something'.

Rose knew The Doctor would have guessed it was his. After all she hadn't slept with anyone else, she hadn't dated since Torchword. She cursed that name. She'd curse Torchwood till she died. It was because of them she'd lost the man she loved, and the father of her child. Rose placed a hand on the bump, that was now starting to appear. She was around 10 weeks gone, and had no idea what to do. Mickey had gone off to help with Torchwood, whilst her Mum and Dad had moved to America. She was all alone and had no idea what to do. Tears slid down her cheek.

'Oh Doctor!' she cried, as she buried her head in her hands again.

I know it's short, but the other chapters are longer.