The Final Chapter. Thanx for the reviews.

Chapter 6

The Doctor, set Jessica onto the chair. His little girl, had fallen asleep while he was holding her. He vowed to make up missing 5 years of his daughter life, and Rose's. Yet right now, he had to save Rose. He walked over to the doors of the TARDIS, and pulled them open. He was created by the rush of the sea breeze. He stepped out, and saw the Master holding a gun at Rose's head.

'Try anything funny, and I shoot her.' threatended the Master.

'You think I would?' asked the Doctor, wth a smile.

'I don't know what to expect of you.' answered the Master.

'You O.K. Rose?' asked the Doctor.

'I'm fine.' answered Rose.

'Cut the chit chat.' snapped the Master. 'Now Doctor, I want the key to the TARDIS and then you can get the woman back.'

'Hey I have a name.' said Rose.

'If you don't shut up, you won't have a life in a minute.' threatened the Master.

'Just let Rose go.' reasoned the Doctor.

'I will once you handover the TARDIS key.' replied the Master.

The Doctor, pulled a key out from his pocket. Unknown to the Master was that it was a fake. He held it out.

'Doctor no!' exclaimed Rose.

'Shut Up.' ordered the Master.

'Mommy!' exclaimed a high pitch voice.

Rose felt panic grip her, as she saw Jessica emerge from the TARDIS. She saw the Master face twist into an evil smile.

'Ah little Jessica.' he said.

'Doctor grab Jessica.' shouted Rose.

Rose swung her legs, knocking the Master off his feet. The Master landed a few feet away. She saw the Doctor pick up Jessica, and come over to her. He pressed the sonic screwdriver to the ropes, and they were soon broken. As soon as her hands were free, she pulled Jesica into a hug.

'Mommy!' cried Jessica, happily.

'I'm O.K. sweetheart.' said Rose.

'Sorry I took so long.' said the Doctor.

'Better late then never.' said Rose, before kissing him.

'Ah how sweet.' interupted a cruel voice. 'The Doctor and his human girl.'

Rose glared at the Master, holding Jessica protectivley in her arms. The Doctor had an arm around her waist, also in a protective manner.

'Except she isn't just a human girl. Is she Doctor?' asked the Master.

'I don't know what you're on about.' answered the Doctor.

'Of course you do. She's just like you. Having a power essence inside her I mean.'

'Wait you have a power essence?' asked Rose, turning to look at him.

'What did you think Oncoming Storm was?' asked the Doctor.

'A name.' answered Rose.

'Oh well, it isn't.'

'Whatever.' snapped the Master, pulling out a gun. 'Doctor give me the TARDIS key now, or I shoot.'

Rose felt her anger churn at this man. How dare he threaten her again. She felt something stir at the back of her mind.

'Mommy you're all golden.' said Jessica.

Rose looked down, and saw a gold light surround her. The Bad Wolf she thought. She looked up and grinned at the look of shock and horror on the Masters face. Oh she was going to enjoy this.

The Doctor saw Rose going golden, and instantly knew it was the Bad Wolf. Part of him wanted to stop it, but another part, was telling him to change as well. He didn't want to let the Oncoming Storm come. He had no way of controlling it. He saw the Master fire the gun. Acting on impulse he raised his hand and the bullet disintergrated, in a purple and gold light. Rose looked at him, her eyes widening in shock.


'Power Essence.' he replied.

'You can't stop me Doctor.' shouted the Master.

'No, I can't.' agreed the Doctor. 'See I know you'll just switch to another body. However I can send you away.' The Doctor turned to Rose, who was still holding onto Jessica protectively. 'But I can't do it on my own.'

'Just tell me what to do.' replied Rose.

'Let Bad Wolf do it.' he answered.

The Master was soon, surrounded in a purple and gold light. His mouth was moving, obviously shouting at the Doctor and Rose, but no sound could be heard. Soon the MAster was gone, transported to a far off planet. Both the Oncoming Storm and the Bad Wolf, went back to the back of the minds, of their occupents. Both the Doctor and Rose, managed to get inside the TARDIS, and the Doctor set the TARDIS in flight. When he looked back at Rose, he saw she'd fallen asleep on the sofa, with Jessica resting against her. The Doctor smiled, and sat beside her closing his eyes. He opened them a minute later, to find Jessica had crawled onto his lap. His smile grew, and he pulled her down, for her to rest against him.

'I love you Daddy.' she said, sleepily.

'I love you too.' he said, then looked at Rose. 'Both of you.'

Ah, sweet. I have a few ideas for a sequal. Maybe. I'm not sure. Let me know if you think I should leave it there, or have a sequal.