A/N: This isn't a major project, but I decided to add to it today. It was a random choice. If I update it more, it will move into the actual siege and not all these boring random thoughts. I might do a serious Civ fanfiction, but we will see what time allows.

The entire story will not be written from the perspective of the mayor. The journal entries will change to other points of view, including some Egyptian characters.

September 13th, AD 162

The Egyptian army arrived yesterday.

Our forces were squarely crushed a month past in the initial battles of the war. I do not believe the Union was prepared for this war. Bands of raging citizens led by zealot priests have left Detroit to harass the Egyptian army as it finishes its occupation of the surrounding countryside. The gates have been sealed and the walls are manned without rest. The improvised defenses in the port should hold. For now.

I don't know if we can survive the siege, and I see no hope for relief. The Egyptians have surged over our borders and have all ready occupied several major cities. Part of me wishes to surrender Detroit to spare my peopleā€¦but I fear that no mercy can be had from our enemies. Most of the villages and towns surrounding the city were put to the flame and the sword. Few of them had attempted to even resist the Egyptians.

To honor the traditions of our people, I called a vote among the general population. A strong majority of the population had voted for resistance, and so I bow to the wisdom of the masses in refusing to give Pharaoh control of the city. I pray daily that we have made the right choice.

My wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in August. I have sent my wife and four children to New Orleans, where they should be safe from the war. I do not know if I will ever see them again. As much as I hope to live, it is my duty to watch over this city. I shall not abandon it for any reason.

Thankfully, we will not want for food. We are in supply from the river, and my predecessors wisely maintained a tradition of maintaining massive stocks of food in the city granaries in case of siege. My quartermasters say that with proper rationing, we have enough food for a two year siege. I doubt that we will have to wait that long, but it is comforting to know that my people shall not starve.

The Egyptians have brought to bear a force of over thirty thousand men. Even with militia men, I can barely scrape together half that number. I will have to rely on a strategy of careful defense of the walls and outlasting the willpower of the enemy general.

A wise man once told me that war is a lot of waiting. Still, I dislike this calm before the storm. If nothing else, let this infernal waiting end.

And God, may we have victory.