Chapter 14. Training an Inu to obedience

Kagome held on for dear life as the world dipped and whirled about her from her present position as she viewed the world while hovering almost nine feet above the ground.Shegasped asher heart and lungs worked overtime to compensate for the overload of sensation that held her in thrall.

Her companion chuckled, the action vibrating against her flesh where his lips touched. She whimpered, fists curled into masses of silver as her bare legs draped over his shoulders. Her half-forgotten pajama bottoms looped carelessly about her ankles as she arced her back against the tree he'd herded her up against.

In fact, he hadn't spoken a word to her since he'd tossed her over a shoulder yet again.Kagome absently wondered ifit was simply a youkai trait to treat a female like a sack of complaintless potatoes. But the rest of her mind was occupied by the Inu who currently had his gorgeous mouth buried between her thighs, lazily attempting to lick her belly button…from the inside.

Oh hell, who was she to complain? Unh unh…not Kagome! She was- her partial ability to think was lost as the inevitable happened -coming as she dug her nails into his shoulders

If not for the hands curled about her bottom, she would have fallen from her perch as she went boneless in the aftermath. Though, she hazily suspected that he wouldn't allow his 'treat' to be taken from him quite so easily.She grinned foolishly as she blessed the fact that Sesshomaru didn't need to breathe in the same manner as a human, leaving him capable of…things…that a human male would be unable to perform. Which would have been a terrible shame if he had been, because he was beyond merely 'good' at this.

She would have been greatly surprised to learn that this was his first foray into such an act…

He'd never been driven to give pleasure in this fashion, though he had known of the concept. It was not an act he'd ever considered for the sake that was far more intimate than his 'relationships' had ever been.

He silently snorted at the notion. Intimacy?Him?The thought had been laughable. The usual way of 'things' normally consisted of an encounter with a female either well on her way, or fully into, her heat. He would occasionally oblige them, though it remained an oddly empty act. He'd not known that it could be anything else. And he supposed that he should count himself lucky that he'd yet to impregnate any of the females he'd rutted with.

That was, however, another thing that had always perplexed him. He had yet to lose his control in such a situation. It would have given the females more of a chance in bearing his offspring…but he had yet to encounter a partner worthy of his passion or possessing the ability to shake his control over his fertility. That had been what he had experienced in his life, to date. Pleasure being a certainty, given the nature of the activity, but nothing to make him desire it over and over again.

Then he'd encountered his brother's delightful little wench and found himself imagining the craziest things. Wanting to stroke her just to see for himself if she was as soft as she looked. If she could feel as addictive as his beast insisted she must. From there, it wasn't long before he'd slipped and allowed himself to indulge in carnality for its own sake. He'd tumbled fast and hard and he'd yet to hit bottom in terms of his new found desires that just so happened to center around one delicious…flexible…mortal female…lucky, lucky him…

She felt him lips curl into a smirk and wondered at what new deviancy he might have discovered.


"Hmm?" She hadgained his attention, though he did not deviate from his chosen task.

"What does that taste like?" She really must have lost it to ask him such a thing, but she couldn't help herself. He just looked so into it…

He laughed, curling his fingers tighter into the rounded cheeks in his hands as he took one more taste, letting her scent go to his head before carefully shrugging her thighs down his arms. Letting her drag down the front of his body until his hips pinned hers to the tree.

He bent and trailed his tongue up the side of her throat. She shivered as he growled softly before answering: "Indescribable.

Then he kissed her. She flinched for a moment, her modern girlie sensibilities attempting outrage at the thought of him forcing her to taste herself in such a way. But it was doomed to failure, because her taste only seemed to enhance his own as he fed it to her from his lips. She was a bit hesitant, but he overrode her uncertainty with the silky slide of his tongue against her own and she found she really couldn't care about something so foolish.

But him having done such a thing for her had sparked her own curiosity about what he would taste like.

Her toes stretched towards the ground while her hands took up the notion and dropped from his shoulders to slide beneath the silk of his hakama and take hold of him. He snarled softly against her lips but made no move to discourage her. It never even occurred to him that she might wish to reciprocate. After all, youkai females would rarely do such a thing, and never amongst the predatory breeds…for obvious reasons. She slowly squeezed the hard flesh under her hands and he jerked against her with another snarl, plunging the full length of himself through her fingers. She watched the stripes over his cheeks go jagged as his body absorbed the sensation before repeating it with a slow, heavy roll of his hips.

Well, he to be enjoying it…He had, after all, previously allowed her to finish him in such a way.

But she hesitated when a full growl rumbled from his chest. She wondered if she had done something wrong, until he set his fangs against her throat to show his displeasure with the halting of her hands. That was more than clear enough for her!

She leaned into him, her hands shaping over him harder and faster until he bucked against her in his need.

That was when Kagome had her epiphany.

She had assumed, all this time, that she was the powerless one in this relationship that had been suddenly thrust upon her.

She could not have been more wrong.

As she lifted a hand to pull open his kosode he hastily intercepted her, shackling her delicate wrist with an impatient hand and holding it to the side as he completed the task himself in a much timelier manner than she could have managed. His touch was demanding as he pressed her palm against the heated flesh just above the low-slung waistband of his hakama, and she shivered in anticipation as the silk slipped over her fingers until it caught over his widely braced thighs. The clenched abdominals shifted under her touch like steel under velvet as he groaned, before he crowded her back against the tree and bent over her to kiss her yet again.

She shivered at his intensity, but she was determined to have her way with him. Because now, she knew she could. All along…he had been the helpless one. She wondered how she could have possible missed it, as blindingly obvious as she now saw it to be. Unable to stop the momentum of his downfall into his lust for her, he would have been unable to even attempt to deny his desire for her because the beast would not have allowed it. He had fallen a willing victim to her charms, even if she failed to see what those so-called charms were.

Sesshomaru growled at the frustrating female as she once again sought to put distance between them. Already, he felt as if he were burning up from the inside. Her small hands pressed against his hips, preventing him from gaining any kind of relief, even if it was acquired from dry-humping her like a horny pup. He closed his eyes, silently counting backwards from ten in his head to prevent himself from simply tossing her down on her back and throwing himself after her.

Seven…breathe in…breath out…

six…no, you will not whimper and beg…


The Inu gasped harshly as his eyes flew open.

And then his vision swam red.

The girl was engaged in an activity the likes of which he'd never considered indulging in. It was unlike anything he'd ever imagined, sinfully and almost painfully pleasurable, and he nearly lost his balance before he braced himself firmly against the tree trunk to maintain his current position. His lip curled faintly as he hissed through clenched teeth, claws dug deeply into the bark as the sensation of her warm mouth against the most sensitive part of his anatomy sent hot chills through him. He clenched his eyes shut again, forcing away the urge to wrap her hair around a fist and-

Kagome smiled to herself as his reaction far exceeded her expectations for her virgin efforts. She ran a curious tongue over the tip of his heavy shaft, deciding that she liked both the way he tasted and the way he felt. She could feel the fine tremors that ran through his frame from where her palms rested against his upper thighs. He was actually tall enough that she didn't have to get on her knees to do this, just balanced herself against him and bent over him with her dark hair brushing against his pale flesh, the angle of his torso against the tree providing him with a perfect view down the line of his body.

No…Kagome was not the powerless one…

She found that she enjoyed the sense of control that she felt over this incredibly powerful being as he shuddered at the flick of her tongue.

She wrapped her lips around the wide head, drawing him in, and he groaned. His tone had deteriorated into little more that an animalistic rumble as he slowly lowered a hand to curl his fingers into her hair as if to make certain that she wouldn't stop. She was determined to finish what she had started, however. Kagome Higurashi was no quitter! Her mother had made certain that she would not be the type to give up on anything that she had deemed worthwhile! Though, she rather suspected that this was not exactly what her mother had meant.

Not able to laugh with her mouth occupied as it was, she hummed to herself and got a mouth-full as the vibrating sensation caused the male to push forward in response.

Now, if Kagome had been just about anyone else, this might have been a problem. She stretched her jaw to hold him, allowing her tongue to drag down the underside with the next thrust. But Kagome happened to be one of those rare girls with a practically nonexistent gag-reflex. She'd been the champion milk-guzzler in elementary school, the handy little detail never being divulged as she raked in the candy-money. She hadn't thought about it before hand, not considering anything more than how to dredge up enough courage to even begin the act. She was heartily grateful for the thing that she'd always considered an oddity…because he'd just hit the back of her throat.

The hand fisted through her hair tugged just a bit, and she realized that he was teetering on the edge of his control.

She supposed that she should at least be nervous. After all, this could be a rather precarious situation. She could just imagine it now: poor Inuyasha having to return through the well and inform her mother that, yes Kagome had asphyxiated while attempting to give his, rather unfortunately in this particular case, well-hung brother a thrill. She couldn't help but laugh at the mental picture, and the Inu practically whined as he shivered against the sensation.

Deep breath, Kagome.

She inhaled slowly, through her nose, to make certain that she was comfortable…before sinking down further. She had a bad moment when she realized that swallowing something like this was a great deal different than chugging a drink. Her air was closed off for a panicked instant, before she slipped up past the tip and her ability to breathe returned. It helped that he'd gone stone still, and she thanked him with a tug of her lips before she regained the firm length. Curious, she swallowed and he gasped as if he'd just been shot as the muscles in her throat contracted and flexed around him. There was a strange splintering crack, and she realized that the claws of his free hand had just gouged a nasty hole in the trunk of the poor tree.

She did it again, before adopting a slow rhythm of pulling down the length, then sliding back up. He remained motionless with the last of his willpower, and it wasn't long before he felt the tightening that preceded his release. He was shocked at how fast she'd drawn him towards the edge, would have been appalled but for the way she felt with her lips wrapped around him. Now…he couldn't have cared less. Actually, strike that. He cared. Because she was his and he wasn't sharing!

But he retained enough sense to pull free before he spilled down her throat. The last thing they needed was for his physiology to cause more problems for her. If she thought it sucked to have him lock with her body…?

He couldn't help the smirk that crossed his lip at the mental image, even as he was glad that she could not see it. Though, he would love to see what she'd come up with to punish him for it…


Kagura refused to look at the two males as she waited for the return of her new friend. Knowing what the Miko and Inu were up to (even if only in concept) was a great deal different than hearing the soundtrack! What made it even worse was sitting in the vicinity of a known pervert, and a male that found herself attracted to. If she had known the concept, she would have likened it to someone accidentally flipping on a porno while at a party that your crush just happened to be attending, watching it with you.

Part of you is horribly embarrassed, and wants desperately for the earth to open up and provide a nice, convenient hole for you to crawl into. It was like rubber-necking at a train wreck. You look from the screen to the face of the crush, each one more horrifying to behold than the other. But at the same time…you can't help but replace the 'actors' with yourself and the guy you like. You wonder if it could possibly feel as good as it sounds, all the while trying to drown out those same sounds as you attempt to become one with either the sofa back or the nearest wall.

She snuck a look at Inuyasha, and found herself hiding a grin…because he was blushing harder than she was! She was saved from the loss of face (i.e. looking less than worldly, no matter that she'd not hid her lack of experience as well as she thought she had) by the Hanyou's distraction. And it was very distracting. But nothing less than fascinating! She now had a starting point, if the brother was anything to go by, of what she might expect from the younger Inu male. Sure she had sensed that he wasn't nearly as demanding, or as experienced, as Kagome's overly-horny Taiyoukai. That would work in her favor, as she could probably lead them, at both pace and direction, in whatever manner she chose.

He was fidgeting, again…

She rolled her eyes, as she realized that it was most likely a sign of what Kagome had described as 'ADHD'. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. She wasn't altogether certain that she understood all that the girl had spouted, but the term seemed to feel right. The boy couldn't have sat still to save his life, and sadly, she found even that to be cute.

Oh, she was pathetic!

But she couldn't help herself!


Unwilling to move from her warm spot in front of the fire, she stretched out a leg and nudged his shoulder with her toes. "Sit still!"

He turned, his eyes wide as her foot brushed his cheek. She felt the fine tremor run through him at the contact, but she was the only one aware of his response, because Sango was busy attending to supper, and Miroku to attending Sango's ass as she bent before the fire.

He nodded, never taking his eyes from hers. She thought that might be the end of it…until his lips lightly grazed from her ankle to her toes as he turned back towards the fire. Her ruby eyes widened in surprise, even as she attempted to convince herself that it had been an accident. But the satisfied gleam in his amber eyes, the tiny smirk on his lips, told a different story. He'd meant to do it, and he'd intended that she know it.

She pulled her leg towards herself in an almost defensive gesture as an unexpected tingle ran up her leg, originating where his lips had first touched her skin. The hot chill that followed stated that, yes; his actions had both confused her…and attracted her. She smiled to herself with the admission, noting that the curl of his lips deepened fractionally.

Oh yeah…this was gonna be fun…


fourteen – any dog can learn a new trick, including when to roll over and show his belly to his dominant

::Sits on the Inu's knee and glares from behind her gag:: "What? You've gotten your way, human. Be thankful you can at least observe."