Genius and Ditz: Two Sides of A Whole.

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Chapter 1

The sky was dark and dreary on a day that started out lovely just minutes before. The rain was pouring in sheets, and the wind was whipping it in random directions as it changed. A lone figure was perched on a cliff overlooking a vast group of springs; holding with them a seemingly dreary glow in his eyes. He was tall with a slightly large head, and his hair was cut in a bowl design with a small part cut into an 'M'. His sorrowful eyes held in them a look of sanity behind a pair of large glasses; sanity that he lacked for almost 10 years.

At his feet lay the very person he spent all those years trying to defeat. Bloody, bruised, battered, and lifeless was the redheaded boy as he lay motionless. His white lab coat and purple lab gloves were shredded, and his large glasses were broken and mangled a few feet away from his body.

"What… have I done?" He asked himself as he looked upon the sorrowful pools. The loose minded teen had somehow convinced his family to take a trip to China, only because we wanted an excuse to follow his rival and his family and finally finish the long rivalry between them.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (A few minutes ago)

He had watched secretly from afar for the right opportunity to strike the blasted boy. His chance finally came when the red-haired boy visited this cliff spot and glanced down at the many springs that held a kind of pull. Feeling his chance had come, the bowl-haired boy pulled out a new invention of his he planned to use on his rival. It was a high scope plasma rifle which would be powerful enough to not only cause severe bodily harm, but knock him off the cliff so that he'd possibly drown in one of the springs.

He took careful aim; nothing could stop him from finally doing away with the boy. Everything was going perfect as he locked his target in his crosshairs and pressed the trigger. His glee turned to horror when a girl, the girl he loved with all his twisted heart, appeared in front of her brother and gave him an innocent push to the side; a small push that an older sibling would sometimes do for fun to a younger.

Time seemed to slow down as the blonde was hit by the blast that was meant for her brother. Said brother could only look on wide eyes as his sister, the girl he always thought of as a pest, was sent careening off the cliff towards the springs below.

"DEE DEE!!!" The boy shouted as he watched helplessly as his sister fell almost lifelessly into one of the springs below and sunk. A slight rustling in the bushes alerted him. Turning his eyes, the young genius's face grew into a scowl. "Mandark…" The voice was almost emotionless. The sky began to darken, and rain began to fall.

"Look what you've done Dexter."

"What I'VE done? YOU'RE the one who did that to my sister!"

"No" the taller boy said simply, "You are the one who's the cause of all this. If you had just submitted to my will all those years ago, this wouldn't have happened. It's your own fault that I followed you here, and your own fault that my love nudged you out of the way. What would your parents think of all this Dexter? They would probably blame you for not protecting her."

"BASTARD!" The redheaded boy shouted as he ran, in a blind fury, at the boy who had killed his sister. Maybe he did think of her as a nuisance most of the time, but she was family and helped him countless times in the past. It was almost as if she was there to BE the opposite of him.

"Anger is making you reckless Dexter." Mandark commented without emotion as he grabbed the shorter boy's fist. Holding up his other hand, it was shown to contain some odd glove that glowed with red energy. "That anger shall be your downfall." The gloved hand was pressed against the chest of the lab-coated boy.

"GAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!" It was almost as if he was being assaulted by several thousand volts of electricity, coursing in red arcs across his body; burning and shredding his clothes. It seemed like an eternity before it stopped, and the boy slumped to his knees in pain.

"Victory is mine, Dorkster." The manic genius said as he looked at the slight twitching form of his kneeling rival. His eyes narrowed as the boy managed to look up at him. There was a strange look in his eyes, as if it was pity.

"At… what cost… Mandark? How could you… be happy if the person who… challenged your intelligence and the… girl you loved are dead? If anything, it will… lead you into further insanity." A punch to the face sent his glasses flying.

"Shut up Dorkster. You are in no position to question me." The look in his rival's eyes stayed, and infuriated him even more. "Just die." He gave another shock, this one fatal. As the redheaded boy fell to the ground, Mandark walked up to the cliff. "At last, my vengeance is complete! Mwa-ha-ha Mwa-ha-ha Mwa-ha-ha Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! Now all I have… to do… is… win Dee Dee's… love…" It was at that time that something in his depraved mind began to click. Looking back at the defeated form of his rival, and then to the hundreds of springs below, a stray bit of sanity filtered through his jumbled mind.

"My god… What have I done?"

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Present)

"Susan?" It was his real name, and someone behind him said it. Looking behind him, he saw his parents, Windbear and Oceanbird, his younger sister Olga, and Dexter and Dee Dee's parents. All five heard the commotion from the direction and came to investigate. What all four saw in front of them made them freeze. "What happened here Susan?" His mother, Oceanbird, asked in fear at seeing the dead form of the boy she considered a friend of her son's. Dexter's mom and dad themselves were at a large loss in figuring out what to do.

Susan "Mandark" Astronominov, the brooding and scheming megalomaniacal genius, who had delved into insanity years ago, was slowly coming to reality as his eyes opened to the true world around him. With eyes clearly open for the first time in a long time, the genius sunk to his knees and began to sob for the deed he had done. A deed that had been carried out through an insane mind, and a deed that would set in stone the consequences that would come to him.


Little did any of them know, the spirits themselves had a certain degree of humor for the world. Looking down upon the scene was a strange looking cat creature that was blue in color. His purple wings were spread out, and his black goatee twitched in amusement. "This won't due at all." He said with a chuckle to his voice. "The amusement the two young ones could bring would be of great enjoyment." With a wave of his paw, Chaos knew exactly what to do.

"Chaos" A voice announced from behind him.

"Yes?" He asked with a smile, not bothering to look at whoever it was.

"Kami-sama would like a few words with you." The goddess said with her arms crossed. She would agree with most that the being in front of her was a scary individual. His humor at making things hectic for anybody was only surpassed by his complete unpredictability. "He's a bit unpleased with what you just did."

The eyes of the incarnate of chaos gave off a twinkle. "Excellent, this means we'll get to play a little pool. That always calms the old man down when something irks him."


Genma was waiting impatiently in the waiting room of the hospital. He was planning on going to visit Soun, but just as he was leaving, his wife started going into labor. The martial artist panicked at first, not knowing what to do. Nodoka gave him a half-lidded look and suggested that the hospital is a very good option.

So here he was, sitting in a waiting room by himself in a place that was too quiet for his tastes. He nearly jumped out of his skin when the door started to open. "Saotome-san, congratulations. It's a boy." The doctor was almost knocked over by a gust of wind that flew past.

Genma Saotome was now as happy as can be as he glanced upon his wife and new son. He finally had an heir, and a son to unite the schools of anything goes. Something about his son was slightly bugging him as he looked upon the tufts of black hair on the head. "His head seems to be a little bigger than it should be." It wasn't too big, just a little.

Nodoka glared at him. "Oh hush Husband. It probably means he's going to be a smart boy. His body will grow, and then his head wouldn't be so big." Her eyes suddenly had stars. "Imagine, our son as a great scientist." She received a glare from her husband.

"He's going to be a strong martial artist, not some weak scientist." The pudgy man growled out.

"I'm sure he could be both." Nodoka ignored her husband's ranting and looked at her son with a smile on her face.


"Will you stop reading those damn books and train, boy?!" Genma screamed at his four-year-old son reading a textbook. The damn boy was a bookworm. Sure, he seemed to absorb martial arts as well, but he spent the rest of his free time learning all he could about stuff. He was currently reading books about algebraic equations or something. He also cursed himself at how his son wore those large glasses. They were thin, and Nodoka kept on saying how they made him look sophisticated for a child, but they could prove a problem if the boy ever lost them in a fight.

Ranma looked up to his father with a glare. "Haven't I done enough of that barbaric stuff yet today Father?" He hated spending his time with something that didn't require any true brain power. Although he would admit that the stuff would keep him in shape and all.

"A martial artist never rests in their pursuit to bettering themselves boy. You must throw your life away and live by only the art itself, for that is the way of a true martial artist." The fat man's fist was raised in the air, and a sparkle was in his eye.


"Yes boy?"

"You are an idiot."


"What's the matter boy? Don't you want to do some finger painting?" Genma asked his five-year-old son as he handed him a paper and a tray of blue paint. Ranma gave a look at the paper before developing a small twitch in his eye. Did the man really expect him to be so stupid? How the hell could this very man be his father?

"Could you please explain to me, father, why you want me to put my hand print on this contract? If I'm not mistaken, this CONTRACT states that if you don't make me a man among men, by mother's standards, then we would both have to commit seppuku." His little blue eyes glared hard at the man. "Do you honestly think that a child of my intelligence would be stupid enough to sign away my life for the idiocy of a father?" He pushed up his thin glasses so that the light could glare off of them, making it look dramatic.

"Just sign it boy." Genma growled out. He wouldn't allow his son to be made weaker than he already was. He also had to get the boy away from all these books and stuff.

His son gave him a cocky smirk. "I have a better idea father." He stood up and glanced in the direction his mother was in. "Mom, could you come here for a second?" He said in an innocent voice, devoid of the malice he had as he was talking to his idiot of a father. Within seconds, Nodoka walked into the room with a smile.

"What is it Ranma?" The redhead asked with a smile. She was so proud of her son. He was able to balance both martial arts and learning. She greatly hoped that the boy would become a well known scientist someday.

"Father wanted me to do a little 'finger painting' on this piece of paper here, but I found it a little odd. Could you please look at it for me and tell me what you think?"

"Of course I can dear." Nodoka replied as she took the contract in her hands. As she began reading it, her smile turned into a frown, and then her face turned into a scowl. "Genma" The voice was completely devoid of emotion. "You have a LITTLE explaining to do about this."

Ranma's completely innocent look turned sinister as he looked towards his cowering father. "Father actually thought that you would find that thing valid if it had the finger painting of a five-year-old on it, but you wouldn't, would you mom?" The bespectacled child asked with big eyes turned towards his mom. Said woman's mind began to whirl.

'I actually would accept something like that. Oh kami-sama… I would have actually found it the honorable thing.' Looking at her son, she put on a smile. "Of course I wouldn't accept something like that Ranma. I'm honorable, but I wouldn't do something stupid like that." She knew it was a lie, but she didn't care. Her son then promptly jumped into her arms.

Ranma may have been a vastly intelligent five-year-old, but even he was still a child. As such, he had childish tendencies, and he loved his mother. 'I must get my intelligence from mom.' He thought to himself simply.


'Father is craftier than I thought he was.' A six-year-old Ranma thought to himself as he watched the man do something. Genma had somehow convinced Nodoka to allow him to take their son on a training trip. Although he had to promise that they would visit often. A promise he crossed his fingers on. 'You're going to be in a world of hurt when mom finds out.' The thought made the boy smile.

"Ok boy" Genma stated as he finished doing whatever he was doing. "We're going to learn a new martial arts technique called the Neko-ken." He held up a pamphlet in his fat hand, and Ranma was getting a bad feeling for some reason.

"Let me see that thing." The bespectacled boy felt that whatever the imbecile was going to try, that it would be completely deranged. When he took a look at the booklet, his eyes widened. "You really are an inept fool. Haven't you read the final page? It says that only a complete idiot would even try it." He received a careless wave of the hand.

"Details boy, details. Now let's get on with it." He started for the genius child with a rope and fish sausage, only to have the boy jump out of the way and start running as fast as he could. "Quit acting like a girl, Ranma!" The near balding martial artist yelled as he took off after his wayward child.

"How the hell can this idiot be my father!!!?" Ranma screamed as he ran through bushes to get away from the deranged man. After several minutes of running, the raven haired boy tripped over something and fell into an odd phone booth that suddenly disappeared just before Genma came across the area.


It would be a whole day before Genma would find his son again. When he finally did find his wayward boy, the child kept on blabbing about such things as outer space, dinosaurs, vast laboratories, time travel, running for his life from deranged androids, aliens, and a bunch of other stuff.

"You've been reading too much, boy. Now come on, we have to go train you in the Neko-ken." He suddenly found himself on the receiving end of some weird blaster thing that came out of Ranma's watch. 'Since when did the boy get a watch?' was the thought running through the man's mind.

"How about we call this Neko-ken training off, and I won't blast your ignorant ass. Is that ok with you, father?" Genma could only gulp and nod his head quickly. He would later try and remove the strange watch from his son's wrist that night, but would end up getting zapped somehow.


"So that's how you create a sub-dimensional pocket laboratory. I've always wondered how to do it after I met with the Doctor." A ten-year-old Ranma stated as he was talking to a short woman with red crab-like hair. The woman gave him a nod as she typed on a holographic computer.

"It's quite simple once you get past the barrier dynamics of the third dimension." The woman absolutely adored the child. Here was a human child with such a developing brain that dwarfed most others she had seen. He hid his obviously fit body under a long white lab coat and purple gloves that seemed to just work on him, and the baggy pants that almost covered his shoes. Combined with the large but thin glasses he wore, nobody would think him a fighter. Something the child preferred nicely, since apparently he liked the mental arts more than martial. He was a few inches shorter than most his age though.

"Ah yes, I see that now. How could I have not figured out that a small particle cutter would be needed to first tear a hole in space and time big enough for a person to walk through? Then, since each subspace made by a person is their own unless otherwise, you could furnish the place with anything you'd like. With the proper mental key, you could then open up the sub-dimensional pocket from anywhere possible, even in a small closet. It's ingenious." The two geniuses shared a look and began to give off twin laughs.

Down in the living room of the house, a group of people began to shiver. There was actually another person out there who was almost a double for Washu. It's just… he was a boy.


"Jeez father." A 16-year-old Ranma said as they overlooked a valley of springs He was 16-years-old, but he looked almost like he should be 13 or so due to his height. It was a lovely and clear day. The sun was shining down upon the surface of each spring, and the water twinkled in the sun. "The guide mentioned something about curses. Do you think I want to get cursed?"

"There's no such thing as curses boy." Genma said as he dragged his son along towards the springs themselves. A snort came from the teen.

"Sure there aren't. Just like there shouldn't be a lot of things scientifically possible that we found out on many other misadventures from you." He broke away from the grip on his lab coat and started walking away. "Jeez you're an idiot Father." His lab coat was grabbed again, and he was tossed towards the springs with a splash.

"Quit calling me an idiot boy!" It was then that the Jusenkyou guide, a fat man in a green uniform, appeared.

"Oh too bad. He tossed into Spring of Drowned Ditzy Girl. Legend says a blonde girl was killed and fell into spring 16 year ago." Genma looked at the guide for a second and wondered how it could be a legend if it was just 16 years ago. His mind wrapped around another thought. Walking slowly up to the spring, the fat man hoped beyond hope that his son HADN'T become a girl. His answer came when a figure broke the surface.

"You're so mean poppa! Why'd you have to throw me in here?" The figure was the same height as his son, and wore the same clothes. However, the figure was a GIRL with vivid blond hair, and the pigtail his son wore somehow transformed into two twin ponytails on top of her head.

"R… Ranma?"

The girl looked at him strangely. "Of course it's me poppa, who else would I be?" Climbing out of the spring, she looked herself over and pouted. "Now my clothes are all wet!" She looked back up to see the shocked look on her father's face. "Daddy? What's wrong? Oh! Is it because I'm all wet? A girl now? You should be happy to have a daughter as cute as me!" Her eyes grew big and misty.

Genma couldn't take the shock and stepped back… only to fall in a spring himself. "Oh too bad, Mister Customer fall into Spring of Drowned Monkey. Legend say a monkey drown in spring 2550 year ago. Now whoever fall in spring take body of cuddly little monkey." The spring broke open, and out popped a small monkey. It was black with white fur patches around the eyes.

Ranma's eyes widened as she looked upon the thing that was her father. Eyes sparkling, she grabbed the creature. "YOU'RE SO CUTE POPPA!!!" She shouted as she cuddled the little thing close her. Said thing was trying to get out of the death brace it was in.

"Uh miss, you might want to let your father go. It looks like he is getting blue." The Jusenkyou guide said as he noticed the shade the little monkey was turning.

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry poppa." The double pony-tailed girl said as she dropped her father onto the ground. "You were just so cute that I couldn't resist." Her response from the monkey was a glare as it rubbed its butt.


"Wooooooowwwww… this place is so beautiful." Ranma said in awe as she looked upon the Amazon Village. "Even the clothing is beautiful!" The blonde announced with stars in her eyes as she hopped around examining everything she could. Her eyes then locked onto a couple people fighting. "Ooooooo, they have some good fighters here."

A small and gravely voice broke her out of her musings. "You are quite the energetic young child." Ranma turned her head to see a very short and wrinkly woman holding a long and gnarled staff. Seeing such a sight, the blonde girl did the first thing that came to mind.

"EEK! A MUMMY!" The staff gave her a sharp bonk on the head. "Owie….."

"I am NOT a mummy child. I am an elder and matriarch of this very village you are standing in." Ranma's eyes widened as she made several quick bows, her pony-tails flopping in the air. It was kind of amusing to the elder herself. Here was a short girl who looked no older than 13 in odd clothing and big glasses. The elder could tell that there was an air of great martial skill and intellect about the girl, but she seemed A BIT ditzy.

"I'm sooooo very sorry honorable elder. Please forgive me." A chuckle escaped from the short woman.

"Apology accepted child, but I fear your monkey friend is getting into a bit of a scrap." At the dumbfounded look on the girl, Cologne pointed her staff towards the table with food on it. Still not understanding, the aged woman gave a sigh. "It's the first prize meal that is supposed to go to the winner of the fight. My great-granddaughter won, and is now angry at your monkey friend for eating it."

"OH MY!!!" Ranma shouted as she rushed over to the table. "POPPA! Why did you eat that? Can't you see that it says 'First Prize'?" She pointed to the sign. Of course it was in Chinese, and Genma couldn't understand a word of it. While Ranma may now be ditzy, bubbly, slightly out of it, etc, she still had her intellect within her. It was just… buried by her current personality and compulsiveness.

//Hey you!// The blonde's head whipped around to see the purple haired girl who was confronting her father turned monkey. //Do you know this fleabag?//

//Um… yes. You see, he's…//

//I challenge you then! If you win, you can have what's left of the feast.//

//Err… ok then.// Ranma said as she followed the girl onto the log. She didn't want to have to do this, but it appeared as if she had to. She watched the purple haired girl in front of her who looked to be tense and determined. 'Why'd you have to eat it, Poppa?'

The signal to start went off, and Shampoo wasted no time in charging forth to down the stupid girl whose monkey ruined her prize. She was startled though when the girl in question almost seemed to tiptoe around her attacks in a kind of ballet thing. The boots she wore did nothing to impede her dancing ability as she dodged and parried each attack. It was then that the blonde girl did a twirl with her leg out, hitting Shampoo in the side and knocking her off the log.

//I DID IT!!// The blonde shouted in joy as she jumped off the log. She leaned down to help Shampoo up with an extended arm. //I'm so sorry it had to come to that.// Her eyes became wide when the purple haired girl stood up and gave her a kiss on the cheek. //What was that about?// She asked with a slight blush.

//I have given you the Kiss of Death, now I'll have to kill you. Wherever you go, I will be there to hunt you. I'll never rest until you die.// Shampoo said as she brought forth a sword. Her eyes blinked when she saw what the girl in front of her began to do.

//K… kill me? B… but that's so mean. You ch… challenged me after all for the food, not a… about life or…WHAAAAAAA!!!!// The girl sunk to her knees and began to let off a fountain of tears from each eye. Why did someone have to be soooooo mean?

Shampoo was at a complete loss. Sure, her laws said that they would have to kill a female who beat them, but something was eating at her; telling her that killing such a girl who seemed so care free and innocent would curse her mind forever. There was also the fact that she SEEMED to be so young. Luckily, her great-grandmother bounded up to them.

//Xian Pu, I feel that this moment would not require the Kiss of Death.//

//But great-grandmother…//

//No child.// The matriarch's eyes then turned towards the young girl with blond hair. //I apologize for the slight event that has happened young lady. Perhaps you and your… monkey could join us for a small chat in my hut.// She had heard the girl call the monkey 'poppa', so maybe she too was cursed. The eyes who looked towards her shined of great hope.

//Really Elder?//

//Yes child.// Her small form was then grabbed into a hug, and the blonde girl kept blabbing 'thank you' over and over again. 'Yes, I think it would weigh heavily on me to have a child like this killed.'


Yes, another story, but ah well. It was eating at my mind for a while. To do a somewhat Ranma/Dexter's Lab crossover/fusion thing. The idea is so much fun dangit…

I have plans for Ranma's female form. See if you can guess what it might be. I will give everyone a clue since I feel someone might mention it. It has nothing to do with Sailor Moon.