Genius and Ditz: Two Sides of a Whole.

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Chapter 8

"What's wrong with you?" Akane asked Ranma as he came downstairs that morning. It looked as if he hadn't gotten any sleep at all. "You really do have a bad habit of going without sleep." She stated with a roll of her eyes.

The braid-haired genius looked towards her and shook his head. "I just had to tie a few loose ends up with a few random projects. I also did some last minute checking on that abnormality that was happening in the waters." From the readings he had looked at, it seemed that whatever it was would happen sometime today.

"I still say you are worrying over nothing." The youngest Tendo stated with a bit of annoyance. That annoyance turned into confusion when the bespectacled boy began to drink a purple liquid through a straw with a heart design near the top. "Two questions, Ranma. What the hell is that stuff, and why the hell are you using a straw with a heart on it."

The boy's blue eyes looked towards her. "As for the first question, this is a new creation of mine. It's an energy drink guaranteed to keep one awake and energetic for a whole day without any harmful side effects." As if on cue, the sleepy look in his eyes vanished, and replaced it with a look of readiness. "It took a few tries to create something like this. The first try ended up putting me asleep for five hours, the next try caused me to burp purple bubbles, the third try filled me with too much energy, the try before this… well, let's just say you don't want to know." He finished with a small shiver. "Science can be a scary thing sometimes."

Taking another sip of his drink, he continued. "It has a lovely grape taste as well." Noticing that Akane was getting a little impatient for the next question she had asked, he went on. "As for why my straw has a heart on it, I would say blame Miyako. She destroyed all of my regular straws and replaced them with straws similar to this." A slight frown appeared on his face. "It doesn't help that I have actually grown fond of these things either. I'm quite partial to the one with a fish shape though."

The dark-haired tomboy stared at him for a few moments before shaking her head. "It's scary how one person can come in conflict with themselves so often. Then again, it makes sense with a weirdo like you."

A glare was sent her way. "That's easy for you to say, tomboy." The two glared at each other for a time before Ranma stuck his tongue out.

"Oh, that's real mature." Akane stated with crossed arms and a small smirk upon her face. "I guess turning into an innocent and sweet girl who is trapped around junior high students for most of the day has caused your maturity to fade."

"At least I'm innocent and sweet as Miyako. You wouldn't know how to be sweet if it ran you down with a steamroller." It was the boy's turn to smirk as the youngest Tendo leveled a glare towards him.

It was at that moment in which Nabiki made her presence known. "Children, children," she chided, "Must we degrade ourselves to an elementary school level?" The middle Tendo ignored her sister's defensiveness and sat down next to the boy. "I overheard you talk about your new energy drink."

"Don't even think about it, Nabiki." Ranma stated with a raised index finger. "At the moment, this stuff is just experimental. I also don't know of it would be a good idea to release this into the public."

"You said that there are no harmful side-effects."

"No harmful side-effects for drinking just one. If you drank a few, it could mean that you wouldn't be able to sleep for however many you consumed. If you drank two, you'd be awake for two days. After being awake for so long, it would be inevitable that you'd end up crashing severely." He took a final sip of his drink. "There are also other possible misuses for these things that people might figure out. In all honesty though, a single sip could do a better job than a cup of coffee can."

Nabiki's eyes widened at that thought. If she could use that stuff, then it would save a lot of time. "Do you think I could try a sip, Ranma?" She received a glance from her business partner, and was happy when the boy pulled out a small cup with just enough for a sip. Thanking him, she tipped the cup and let the contents slide into her mouth. Her eyes widened a second later at the effects. "Have I ever told you that you're a true genius, Ranma?"

The raven-haired boy pretended to look contemplative. "Hmm… not lately, but I would like to hear it again. I've fully aware of my great genius, but it's nice when others are nice enough to point it out." A smirk accompanied the end of his sentence.

"Egotistical jerk." Akane mumbled under her breath. "Did the term modesty ever occur to you?"

"Why should I have to worry about modesty?" Ranma asked in fake innocence and confusion. "I don't have that big of an ego. If I did, I would be calling myself the greatest scientific genius in the universe. However that title is reserved to someone else I know. I just have to settle for a close second, maybe even third because of the Doctor." He finished while pretending to be dramatic over the fact. "Oh to forever live in Washu and the Doctor's shadows!"

It didn't take long before everyone settled down for breakfast. The meal was unusually quiet -- except for the obvious noise of Genma scarfing down his food like usual. Ranma still wondered why his father insisted on eating like some starving pig and attempting to steal from him once in a while. Figuring that the answer wouldn't be worth it, he finished his food and took out a small bottle of water. Dumping some of the contents over himself, the raven-haired braided boy turned into a blonde girl in pigtails. This earned a dismissive snort from Genma, but 'she' ignored it.

Hopping to her feet, Miyako gave a large smile. "Well, it's time I head for school. I'll see you all later." Turning on her heels, she made her way towards the steps and began to climb them. Her destination had been her laboratory, and then to the doorway that would take her to her grandmother's house. From there, it would take a little less time to arrive at school.

Exiting the closet that led to the room that she sometimes used when visiting her grandmother, the blonde continued out of the bedroom door, down the hallway, and down the steps. As she walked off the last step, her azure eyes caught sight of her grandmother. A smile came to her.

"Good morning, grandmother." She stated with a bow. "I hope you are doing well this morning." The boy turned girl was enveloped in a gentle hug from the older woman with grayed hair.

"It's good to see you this morning, Miyako-chan. I'm in good health, although something feels a little awkward today. I don't know why, but these old bones of mine sense that something is going to happen." The thought of something odd going to happen had actually piqued her interest for some reason. Perhaps it had been the thought of adventure or something.

Her grandchild gave a nod. "I hope whatever it is, nothing bad will happen." The blonde's face became stern. "That's because I plan on going to that little clothing shop in downtown Tokyo City after school." Miyako's face broke out into a small blush when the elderly woman giggled.

"I imagine 'Ranma' isn't too fond of this activity, am I right?" The woman asked with a small smile on her face. When Miyako didn't say anything, the Gotokuji elder shook her head. "It still surprises me how you can balance two different personality sets that change with water. I've heard cases about people having multiple personalities, but they end up losing themselves. I just hope that such a thing won't happen to you."

Miyako gave the older woman a bright smile. "There's no reason to worry about me, grandmother. I'll be perfectly fine!" The blonde gave the gray-haired woman a comforting hug. "Now, I need to hurry up and get to school. I'll see you later!" Miyako called out with a wave as she exited the home and made her way to the school.

The young Saotome would often wonder just how she managed to get put into Tokyo City Junior High. It was quite a little ways away from where she lived at the Tendo home. She figured it was only because of the fact that Principal Kuno was a friend of the junior high principal. If it wasn't for that, she would have been put in a different school. A part of her was glad that she was sent to this one.

The school was relatively normal, and the people were nice -- even though she would constantly be admired and receive letters and items of affection. The blonde never understood just why that seemed to be, but didn't have the heart to be rude to those people.

Miyako also enjoyed cheering on that one girl, Kaoru. The dark-haired girl's competitive spirit was a great thing to watch when she was in the middle of one sport or another. It had also been apparent that Kaoru was more of a tomboy than even Akane could ever manage. She never wore even the slightest bit of feminine clothing, and she seemed to get annoyed when she had to spend time around those who were girly.

Momoko's sense of justice and sentai obsession was also amusing to witness. The blonde had overheard the redhead talking about several different sentai heroes and magical girls on many occasions. Sometimes the girl would go on about the Sailor Senshi. There were also the Mew Mews and many other hero teams she would go on about. The redhead took it too far at times and would act out being a hero herself.

"Just what is today going to bring?" The boy turned girl asked herself as she neared the middle school. Looking up into the sky, she noticed it was a clear and beautiful day. There were only a few clouds, but none of them looked even the slightest bit ominous. "Well I guess if it comes, then it comes." She said as she entered the gates and made her way towards the school.


Miyako yawned as she made her way out of the school and past a few people trying to get her attention. The day had been very boring, and even the energy drink she had that morning couldn't keep her from feeling the effects of sleepiness. She was just glad she was able to get out of that place when she did. "Why is it that school can be so boring sometimes?" She asked herself as she made her way out of the gates and down the sidewalk. Of course, nobody else at the school was actually a 16-year-old super-genius boy masquerading as a 13-year-old intelligent -- if slightly ditzy -- blonde girl.

It was Tuesday, but she didn't have any piano practice to go to. Moseni felt that she had progressed enough so that there wasn't a need for her classes anymore. The woman did feel that the blonde should come in at least once a week and play the piano for fun and amusement. That way her talent wouldn't deteriorate away into a festering pile of nothingness.

With practice out of the way, she had more free time on her hands to work on experiments, inventions, the construction job, and many other projects. Currently though, her interest was visiting a certain clothing store that she discovered yesterday on her way home. It was weird that she had never noticed it before, but figured that she might find a few things of interest. Who knows, maybe she would even find a few things for her birth form to wear.

Upon entering the small shop, her eyes became wide and sparkly. "Wow…" She simply stated as she moved towards the back. In her distracted state, she didn't notice that large chunks of hail had started to fall and crash into the ground on the outside of the store. If she had, she would have immediately rushed out to try and figure what was going on.

After browsing for a little while -- during which she had found a couple of nice outfits -- the blonde paid for her purchases and headed out the doors. The area was mysteriously devoid of the hail shower that had happened just a few minutes before, and so the genius turned ditz remained blissfully unaware as she skipped down the sidewalk with her bag in arm.

"Huh?" She asked herself when her azure eyes spotted some bubbles floating in the air from around a corner. Peeking around the wall, the blonde caught sight of a younger girl with a bottle of bubble soap. In the little girl's hand was a bubble wand she used to blow them. "Wow, you are great at blowing bubbles. I wish there was a way that they could be made into clothing."

The younger girl giggled. "But then they would pop, wouldn't they?"

The blonde blinked for a few seconds. "I guess you're right. You know, that would be very embarrassing. Wearing just bubbles, and suddenly they pop." Her face broke into a blush. "Ok, pretend that I never even said that." Miyako looked into the sky and saw a strange white light headed their way. "Look out!" The young Saotome shouted as she shielded the girl just as the light hit.

As if she had lost control of herself, Miyako raised her arms in the air. A strange blue compact with a 'P' in the center appeared in her left hand. On her right hand, a small ring of the same color and design appeared on her middle finger. All of a sudden, a phrase popped out of her mouth. "Rolling Bubbles!" Making a pose with her left arm extended, the compact opened up.

In her blonde hair, a small blue hairclip appeared. With the ring on her right hand, she gave a quick swipe across the opened compact in her left. Closing the compact, she jammed it into the center-piece of a silver belt that found its way around her waist.

After that motion, she was surrounded by a wave of bubbles. When the bubbles disappeared, she found that her clothes had changed into a blue leotard with the odd belt around her waist. The top of the garment -- the shoulder straps as well -- was black. Unable to control herself from doing a bunch of odd motions, she snapped her right fingers over her left side, and did the same with her left fingers to her right side. That motion caused a light blue mini-jacket with a high collar to appear. The bottom of the jacket was dark blue with a white band in the center, and the same colors were visible on the collar. The Jacket also had a pair of thick dark blue shoulder puffs where the arms came out.

Continuing in her odd dance that she couldn't stop, she brought both hands to rest in front of the compact in the center of the belt. With a motion, she removed her hands and began to wave them from the left side of her thighs to the right, and then back to the left. Light formed around the area and became a blue mini-skirt of the same color as the leotard. The ends of the skirt were also black.

Tossing her hands forward, a pair of black fingerless gloves appeared. They were wrist-length, and the ends had a white ring with a blue stripe in the middle. Bringing her hands to the left breast of her mini-jacket, a yellow 'P' appeared. On her feet, a pair of blue shoes came into existence as well.

Giving a small twirl, a dark blue line appeared from one end in the center of the jacket to the other. In the very middle of it all, the line created the shape of a heart. The last things to appear at the end of her dance were a small black choker with a yellow 'P' in the center and a pair of white spherical earrings.

The odd dance and transformation finally over, the blonde Saotome looked down at herself. "Where did these clothes come from?" Looking at her hand, she had seen that she was holding a long silver staff. The end of the staff consisted of a circle with a large hole through it. It almost seemed like a large bubble wand. "This is completely weird."

"Wow," the little girl she jumped in front of began, "that outfit is so cute." The girl thought it looked a bit like the ones those Sailor Senshi girls wore, but it had a modern look to it.

"It is kind of cute." Miyako stated as she looked herself over. Saying goodbye to the little girl, the blonde began to walk off. As she was walking away, Miyako noticed that her entire body felt lighter than it should have been. It was subtle enough so that a person who didn't know their body too well wouldn't have noticed, but since she had years of martial arts experience, the change was rather apparent. Deciding to test and see if what she was feeling was correct, the blonde gave a small hop. She didn't put too much force behind it, but Miyako found herself a couple feet in the air. Upon landing back on her feet, she gave another hop and traveled several more feet into the air.

'Wow, this is great!' The blonde thought to herself as she continued on jumping higher and higher. 'My mid-air combat will become tons better now!' With a large smile on her face, Miyako proceeded to send out several punches and kicks to test out her new sense of gravity. Halting in her assault, her eyes traveled to the staff that she was holding in her right hand. Bringing it up close to her eyes for a better inspection, she noticed that it looked like an over-sized silver bubble wand. "I wonder if it can produce bubbles." The boy turned girl said to herself as she blew a little air into the center of the hoop. As she had thought, several large bubbles streamed out of the opening.

'They're pretty bubbles, but doesn't it make this thing a little lame for a weapon?' She thought before giving a shrug. The staff itself could provide a weapon if the bubbles didn't do anything. She'd just have to start learning a few fighting styles that used staves. 'Well, the bubbles could provide a distraction of some sort, and then I could rush in with the staff and knock the opponent silly.' Finally figuring out a purpose for it, Miyako took a step forward to continue on. When she put her foot forward, however, she discovered that she felt nothing. It took a moment to register, but the blonde in pigtails finally noticed that she was standing in midair above the buildings.

Flailing her arms about in fear of falling, Miyako was about to let out a scream of panic when it came to her that she was actually FLOATING on her own. When this came to her, she started laughing. "YEAH! I'm now a master of the air!" She shouted out gleefully as she produced several loops, barrel rolls, and many other movements within the air. Miyako also noticed that she ended up leaving a small trail of blue as she went. Upon inspection, she noted that the trail of blue was both a lighting effect from the gems located on the bottom of her shoes, and a little inclusion of glitter from some other source. She didn't produce any glitter, so she had no idea where it came from.

"This entire event is so fantastic." The blonde then began tapping her chin in thought. "Still, I wonder where these clothes came from, and I am also wondering why I'm wearing them and can fly." Her eyes widened as she finally realized the reason. "I get it! This must be a new experimental outfit created by clothing scientists, and I am lucky enough to be the one testing the clothing out!" The thought of her actually being a new superhero failed to cross her mind at the time. "Those clothing scientists are so crafty." If the logical half of her brain could groan in frustration, it would have done so at that moment as the blonde flew off to test out just what she was now capable of.


Susan 'Mandark' Astronominov sighed as he sat down on a park bench. The day hadn't been one of his better ones, and a certain school principal had tried to create another stupid rule to make the school a little more 'Hawaii-like'. There was no way he would dress up like that fool. 'Perhaps I should try and re-locate to a different school. Furinkan High is not a good place for my sanity.' He thought to himself as he took out a bottle of soda and began to drink it. The last thing he needed was something to destroy his hard-earned sanity that had been teetering on the edge due to those dreams he had been having. 'There is no way that I'm going to lose it.'

Mandark failed to notice that a small ball of black energy -- smaller than all the others that came out of the explosion with the white lights -- was heading in his direction. When he turned his head towards the direction, it was too late to dodge as he found himself hit in the head by the dark light. The result was a feeling of pain that felt like his head was on fire. The moment lasted for an agonizing ten seconds before it stopped and allowed Mandark to catch his breath that he didn't know he was holding. His head was throbbing, but other than that, he didn't feel different at all.

'What in the name of Einstein was that?' Mandark thought to himself as he shook his head to get the weirdness out of it. 'Well, nothing feels wrong, but I should go and make sure first.' Getting off of the bench he was sitting on, Mandark walked away with several questions on his mind. He could also have sworn that he heard a faint 'bwa-ha-ha, bwa-ha-ha-ha-hahahaha' in the very back of his mind. He decided to just ignore it as just his imagination for now.


"Now perhaps next time you'll play it safe when trying to chase the birds." Miyako stated as she set a soggy feline down on the sidewalk. As she was testing out her abilities, she had heard the sound of something splashing wildly in the river. Upon inspecting what it was, the blond noticed the young white cat in danger of drowning. The reason for it was the bird that was still standing on the sidewalk and looking at the cat with a smug impression.

/Cats are too stupid to learn their lesson when trying to chase us flying creatures./ The bird chirped in what sounded like laughter. This was another thing that Miyako had found out after the outfit appeared on her. For some reason, she could actually understand and talk to the animals. She found that it seemed kind of weird, but was in love with the ability.

/Yeah, well who's higher on the food chain?/ The young cat hissed out with the fur on its tail pointing every which way. /Why I bet you--/

"Now, now, let's not get into a big argument." Miyako commented as she picked the cat back up in her arms. "I know, I'll carry you for a little while until you dry off. How's that sound, cat-san?" The whitish feline glanced at her for a moment before nodding. It did stick its tongue out at the bird one last time as the flying creature gave another small laugh. "Bye-bye bird-san!" Miyako shouted as she began jumping away. She still wanted to have some more fun with the outfit that the 'clothing scientists' created.

/Um, blonde girl, if you don't watch where you're going, you're going to step on-- oh, never mind./ The cat stated as it watched the girl's foot land on the face of a monkey with a tall domed helmet and black cloak. 'What the heck was that weird thing?' It thought to itself as it looked over Miyako's shoulder. 'First a human in some weird clothing can speak animal, and now an ugly monster or something.'

Miyako could have sworn that she had heard and felt something, but figured it was just her imagination. Her azure eyes blinked when she caught sight of a monkey in a helmet and cape running in front of her as she was coming down. Miyako's martial arts reflexes were activated when the monkey started throwing punches her way. With a swift kick, she knocked the creature onto its butt before continuing on. "How dare you just kick me to the side like garbage - Mojo?!" The cloaked monkey shouted as he ran in front of Miyako again and started to send more punches. The blonde girl dodged a few and lashed out with her own before going ahead with a leg sweep.

"Oh, how fun, monkey-san wants to play!" Miyako announced as she set the now dry cat down and waved it goodbye. "Do you think you can keep up with me?" She asked to the monkey before she started hopping off again.

Mojo Jojo gave off a growl. "Do I think I can keep up with that puny -- yet somehow strong -- girl?" He jumped to his feet and gave a snort. "She doesn't know who she's messing with - Mojo." In his mind, the monster monkey was thinking of ways to get back at her for knocking him to the ground. "First I'll tweak her nose, then I'll knock her to the ground, and then I'll show her I'm not just an animal!" He shouted to the sky as he began to give chase.

'Maybe it's about time I head home. There's still a few things I need to work on in my lab, and I suppose I'll give my other form some time.' The blonde thought. As she was about to leap up into the air to fly home, she watched as the oddly dressed monkey hopped quickly past her being chased by a girl in an outfit similar to hers -- except red in color -- and complaining a little about how wrongfully declaring candy he stole as his was wrong. 'Hey, her outfits like mine! I wonder if she's testing it out for the clothing scientists as well.' With that, Miyako decided that heading home and changing could wait. The 'here and now' seemed a lot more interesting at the moment.

Following the duo as they seemed to hop and fight each other, she watched as the redhead caught a boulder and tossed it into the one the monkey was holding up. The force caused the creature to be crushed by the larger one. "I really don't think you should bully the poor monkey." Miyako chided as she landed next to the girl in red. This caused the girl to look at her in bewilderment.

"The good young girl has a point." Mojo whined out as he sat up. "A poor monkey like me should not be bullied - Mojo!"

The redhead -- Momoko -- pointed her finger at the clothed monkey. "The guy is an evil monkey monster."

"How do you know for sure? Jumping to conclusions can be a bad thing, and usually something like that can come back to bite you on the butt." Miyako replied with her index finger extended while acting sagely.

"Don't listen to the redheaded girl! I'm a good monkey - Mojo!" Mojo shouted while waving his arms around.

"He says that he's not evil."

The redhead shook her head before leaning close. "Ok, look at him. See the black aura that pours out around him? That is proof that he's evil."

"Well, I guess that might seem true." Still, it wasn't proof that the monkey was evil.

"Furthermore," Momoko began with an accusing -- and exaggerated heroic -- point towards Mojo, "Normal monkeys can't talk!"

That statement caused Miyako to pause with a look of realization upon her face. "Oh my," the blonde began by channeling Kasumi, "you are quite right about that. You're observation skills must be top notch!" A sweat-drop formed on the heads of both Momoko and Mojo. Of course, Mojo was also cursing that his secret was revealed. Acting quickly, the monkey in the cloak rushed forward and attacked the two girls. Miyako jumped back and watched as Momoko and Mojo started to fight. Her azure eyes actually gained a gleeful look at the prospect of a battle. As soon as Momoko was caught in a headlock, Miyako rushed forward and slammed the hoop end of her rod against Mojo's helmeted head. The force caused the monkey to drop the redhead and stumble backwards. He wasn't given any time to act as he was hit in the side by the rod and was promptly the victim of a flurry of punches and kicks. He was finally knocked out when Miyako jumped back and tossed the rod. Like a boomerang, it returned to her hand after it whacked Mojo on the side of the head and sent him into unconsciousness.

A small pout appeared on the blonde's face. "Ah shoot, that wasn't very fun. He didn't even try to fight back against me." She promptly wondered where Ryoga was. She also wished that Shampoo was around instead of back in China.

"You know," Momoko began, "I don't think that rod is meant for throwing and bashing people." She was sure that the hoop was involved in some way.

"Well, if I'm using it wrong, then it works quite well either way. A weapon can be used in any way as long as it's effective." Miyako tilted her head for a moment. "By the way, you seem familiar somehow." She could see the other girl clearly, but something was interfering with her recognition.

The girl in red was about to comment when a cream-colored minivan with a slightly odd design pulled up. Miyako watched as a young boy of around eight with short black hair and a lab coat hopped out. He was followed by a small cream-colored robot dog with a red main body. Looking back into the van, Miyako noticed three other people. One looked like an older version of the boy -- lab coat and all -- and appeared to be in his late 20's/early 30's. The next person in the van was an old -- if slightly hefty -- man with grayed hair and mustache. He gave off the impression of being slightly easy-going in matters. The final person was a woman with long and wavy blonde hair. Miyako couldn't see the woman's face because she had it hidden behind a clipboard that had a red lips design on it.

'So much for going home.' Miyako thought with a sigh as she wondered just what she had gotten herself into as she and the other two were ushered into the van with the other girl and the odd unconscious monkey who was tied up and bound. She was mostly surprised when the small robot puppy could speak fluently and seemed to actually be 'alive'. This was especially true when it actually started sniffing her. "Excuse me, but who are all of you people and why was I dragged into this van along with the other girl and monkey-san?" Her azure eyes widened. "Oh, you're not going to take me and perform all kinds of weird experiments on me and use me as a guinea pig, are you?"

The eight-year-old boy in the lab coat quickly shook his hands in a warding gesture. "Oh no, we're not going to do anything like that. It's just that you might have noticed a few strange things, and we're going to try and help work it out." Miyako seemed to feel better after that.

"Yay, it's the second one - wan!" The robotic puppy shouted as it jumped into Miyako's arms and started to lick her on the cheek. "My name is Peach!"

"It's good to meet you." The blonde replied with a smile as she secretly typed a code on her computer watch to tell Quadraplex to let everyone know that she'd be a little late because she was being dragged off by some… friends. 'Can't really have people wondering where you are.' She thought to herself as she sat back and watched the robotic dog growl at the still unconscious monkey. 'Besides, if that robotic dog and the equipment in this van are of any indication, these people might actually have some nice technology at wherever it is we are going to.' The genius in her -- no matter how much it was buried by her current persona -- just couldn't deny the thought of being close to technology. 'I really do need to pay another visit to Washu sometime.' Her eyes widened a little. 'Oh, I wonder if Mihoshi has anymore new manga or DVD sets of animated series!'

There was no explanation for it, but somewhere a redhead with crab-like hair was suddenly feeling annoyed for no reason at all.


Just as Miyako had thought, they did arrive at a laboratory. In fact, it was the hill-top laboratory that was located in the bowl-shaped yellow building. 'Ranma' had always wanted to visit the place and see what went on, and 'he' always wanted to meet the man who worked and lived there. Of course, this excitement had also spilt over to Miyako's side, and upon arriving at the hill-side laboratory, she was able to finally identify the tall man in a lab coat. 'This man is Professor Utonium!' The blonde thought loudly within her mind as she and the redheaded girl were lying down on a pair of tables as Prof. Utonium used some kind of red device to scan them.

As Prof. Utonium started talking, a word caught her attention. "Chemical Z?" She had never heard of that type of chemical before, and so it piqued her curiosity. "I've never heard of that before." Momoko gave an agreeing nod as both of them hopped off of the tables and headed for the living room as Utonium and his son -- Ken -- proceeded to explain to them about exactly what happened that caused their powers and the outfits. Internally, Miyako was glad that the abnormality that she had been tracing was finally dealt with. Still, the question remained on how that Chemical Z fired at a forming glacier could cause these 'balls of energy'. It was also at that time that she realized something. "Wait, you mean that these clothes are the result of magical powers given to us by those weird white lights?" At the almost synchronized nods, Miyako gave a small giggle. "Wow, and here I was thinking that a group of clothing scientists chose me to test out their new super outfits!" This caused a massive face fault as Miyako hopped around and wondered just how in the heck she could be a magical girl of some kind.

The blonde in pigtails watched curiously as Momoko flew over to the sleeping Mojo Jojo and woke him up. The monkey started to panic as he glanced around at everyone and noticed that he was tied up. Momoko soon demanded that he hand over the candy that he had stolen from her, when Mojo 'admitted' to eating it all, the redhead became thoroughly enraged. 'Note to self: Never get between her and sweets.' Miyako thought feeling sorry for the downed monkey.

"Could you two girls come back into the lab for a moment?" Prof. Utonium asked. This caused Momoko to stop her verbal assault upon Mojo and follow Miyako into the lab. Both watched as the raven-haired man held that red device from earlier and turned it on in their direction. The light ray washed over both of the newly created heroes and proceeded to cast them in a glow. When it ended, they both found themselves in their normal clothing that they were in before the transformation. This also allowed Miyako to finally identify who the redhead was.

'It's Momoko! No wonder she tried to act so heroic when she was transformed.' The blonde then had to cover her ears when Momoko started shouting about how she loved being a hero, and that they took it away from her. Miyako then noticed the belt that was fixed around her waist. "Hey, what's this belt?" She asked as she reached down and pulled out the blue circular object with a 'P' on it. She then recognized it was the transformation compact from earlier. Her studying of the object was halted due to Prof. Utonium grabbing it from her and examining it for a moment. Giving it back to her, the professor thought for a moment and turned to Peach.

"I think the fact that Peach could sense you two has something to do with it, and I wonder if he's somehow a key in this." Turning his head towards the robotic puppy, Utonium gave a nod as if to tell Peach to do whatever he was thinking.

The robot dog excitedly jumped to his feet and gave a small and odd dance before shouting. "Powerpuff Girls Z - wan!" As if on cue, the circular compacts in the belts began to glow. After one transformation lightshow later, Miyako and Momoko were standing in the outfits that they were in a few moments ago.

Prof. Utonium gave a small smile. "Ah, just as I figured--"

"The white energy that hit us and Peach must have created a type of magical and technological bond that allows him to sense us AND those black energies that you were talking about. Peach then has the ability to send some kind of signal that might be similar to an FM wave to activate the belts for if there is an emergency." Miyako interrupted with a finger to her chin. "In fact, it might work the opposite way and send a signal to him if one of us transforms on our own." Everyone stared at her with unblinking eyes for a few moments before Ken broke the silence.

"That's… exactly what papa-- I mean-- Professor was trying to say. But how did you know?" Everyone present actually thought the blonde was slightly ditzy from how she acted, but for her to actually pull that together quickly was incredible.

Miyako gave a small blush at the attention. "I'm smarter than most give me credit for, and I'm quite good at martial arts." Her eyes soon traveled to the oversized bubble rod in her hand. Blowing through the center, she watched as bubbles of different shapes and sizes came into creation. 'Just what good is a weapon that shoots bubbles?' She asked herself. Miyako then watched as one of the bubbles trapped Ken inside. "Ah, the bubbles can capture things! This is amazing."

"Yeah, amazing, now could you get me out of here?!" The young boy asked as he attempted to pound on the side of his prison. Miyako examined her bubble rod for a moment before poking her creation with the short end. Ken was freed, but he fell onto the floor. The scene was amusing, but it was cut short when Peach started to growl and run towards the door. The door opened to reveal that Mojo had gotten out of his bonds as was now looking for a way to get out. He apparently heard the door opening and glanced behind.

"You're not going to change me back - mojo!" He shouted as he dodged a punch from Momoko and managed to block a kick from Miyako. He was too slow to dodge a quick rod attack to the chin that had enough power behind it to send him into the air before another attack knocked him into the wall. 'How can a little girl know how to fight?' The monkey asked himself as he rubbed his chin and stomach.

"Bubble Champaign!" Miyako shouted as the phrase suddenly popped into her head. Out of the hoop of the rod flew a multitude of bubbles that attempted to trap the monster monkey. Miyako actually felt a little silly relying on bubbles in a serious fight. It was more apparent when Mojo dodged all the bubbles and hopped out the window. 'Darn slippery monkey.' She thought as she flipped up onto the railing and gave a leap out of the window. Momoko was following closely behind as they tried to capture the wayward monkey.

Miyako blinked when she heard an explosion and saw that the monkey was sent flying into the distance. 'How did that happen?' She thought to herself as she and Momoko came to the source of the explosion. The source was a girl of their age with short and slightly spiky black hair. She was dressed in an outfit similar to Miyako and Momoko, but it was green with a yellow mini-jacket. In her hands she was carrying a large yellow mallet, and she looked as if she was disgruntled about something.

"Stupid skirt," she grumbled, "why do I have to be stuck in a skirt?! I hate skirts!" The girl in green soon noticed the other two girls who were dressed similarly to her. "Hey, tell me to get out of this stupid skirt!" She demanded as she gripped her mallet tightly.

Miyako sweat-dropped a little at how annoyed the girl seemed to be. 'Ranma would probably act the same way if HE was the one stuck in something like that.' She thought before shaking her head. "If you come with us, you'll learn why you are dressed as you are."


One could almost describe it as a war zone of some kind. The girl in green wasn't one for girly or skirts, and it was a proven fact. When Momoko and Miyako got her into the lab, she almost went berserk on Professor Utonium and Ken as she demanded to get out of the outfit. That mallet was a scary sight as well as she hefted it up for more of an incentive if they didn't do what she demanded. When it was mentioned that the skirt suited her -- in which Momoko gave an agreement, -- the dark-haired girl turned in her and Miyako's direction and tried to smash them with the mallet. Momoko jumped out of the way, but Miyako used the Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken to halt the weapon. The blonde found out first hand that the mallet was actually heavier than it looked, but that wasn't TOO much of a problem for her. Apparently the girl holding the mallet was slightly shocked at her ability to stop it.

After the professor used that odd ray device to change the girl back to normal, Miyako's eyes widened as she was then able to identify the girl as Kaoru. It now made sense as to why the girl -- dressed in a baggy shirt, shorts, and a ball cap -- seemed to hate that skirt so much. Kaoru soon became a little friendly to her and Momoko when the redhead offered some gummy candy to her. The three then sat down on the couch to discuss the current predicament they were in.

"From what I can put together," Miyako began, "I guess that we are now transforming heroes of some kind." She and Kaoru watched as Momoko suddenly jumped to her feet and got into a 'dramatic' pose. 'Well, at least she's energetic.' Part of her also wondered just how she would explain this to everyone.

"That's right! Chemical Z has given us a miraculous power!" Momoko cheesily announced as she kept doing 'heroic' pose after 'heroic' pose. "We have to act as super heroines! I, Momoko Akatsutsumi, am a Powerpuff Girls Z. From Momoko I transform into Blossom! I protect the Earth!" She finished scratching the back of her head.

'I guess I should introduce myself.' Miyako thought as she stood up. "I'm Miyako Saotome, and I transform into Bubbles!" The logical part of her mind slightly wondered why that was her transformed name. "Wearing a cute dress, I heal the earth!" Her eye slightly twitched as she said that. 'I think I'll definitely need to turn back into Ranma after this. Even I'm feeling slightly disturbed by the overly cute and girly stuff I'm doing.' She also slightly wondered if she should inform them about the curse, but the idea of them all being disturbed and grossed out by it stopped her.

"I'm Kaoru Matsubara, and I transform into Buttercup..." the dark-haired girl commented lazily as she went silent for a moment. After that moment, she jumped up in a panic. "…and I wear a skirt!" She shouted. "A skirt, gross, totally uncool! There is no way I'm doing this! I can't do this!"

It took a moment to calm her down, and after which, they all realized that they actually knew who each other was. This also led to Kaoru panicking because of the other two actually including her. "Now wait, I told you two that I'm not going do this! The whole skirt thing is a big no!" 'There's also the fact that you two are too girly for my tastes.' She added silently.

"Kaoru-san," Miyako began with a smile, "what if I offer to help you a little with your martial arts? I think that would be a fair trade, don't you?" This caused Kaoru to look at her in shock.

"Wait, someone like you can do martial arts?" She didn't believe it at all. "You're not trying to trick me, are you?" The look she was receiving caused Kaoru to almost shrink back.

"Just so you know, I've been practicing Martial arts since around the time I could walk. I'm possibly one of the best there is." The blonde finished with her arms crossed. She was still receiving a look of non-believing from Kaoru, and that caused her to frown. "How about we have a little match then? If I win, then you agree to join us -- with no more resistance -- and learn martial arts from me."

"Fine, but if I win, then I'm done with this whole Powerpuff Girls Z thing." Kaoru stated with a determined look on her face. 'Feh, she's probably only studied a little bit and thinks she can win. This is going to be a piece of cake!' She thought as the two of them moved the couch and table away from the middle of the room. With those two items moved, the area was big enough for a small spar. Momoko was on the sidelines and rooting for Miyako so that Kaoru would stay. The Mayor, Prof. Utonium, and Ken -- who were still in the room -- wanted to stop it, but Miss Bellum told them to just watch.

Miyako stood with her arms to her side and an expression of calm as she glanced at Kaoru who was in a ready stance. "Whenever you are ready, Kaoru-san."

"Aren't you even going to ready yourself?" Kaoru asked with a frown. The frown became larger when her opponent merely sent a cocky smile her way. 'I should just end this quickly so I can get out of here.' The dark-haired girl ran forward in an attempt to do a quick punch. She was slightly shocked when said punch was effortlessly caught by the blonde in pigtails. She was even more shocked when she felt a palm strike to her stomach that sent her onto her butt. Growling in indignation, Kaoru stood up and charged. "That was just a lucky shot!"

Miyako answered her by merely yawning and weaving between punches and kicks. "C'mon Kaoru-san, I know old mummies who can fight better and put me in my place!" Miyako whined out before ducking under a high punch and connecting her foot to her opponent's stomach. Apparently she put a little too much force into the kick, because Kaoru was sent crashing into the computer. "Ah! The computer!" Miyako shouted with wide eyes as she ran up to it and examined it. "Whew, only a little bit of damage. Electronics should not be treated so badly." Azure eyes then looked towards Kaoru who was lying on top of it. "Oh, and are you ok, Kaoru-san?" The question was met with a series of sweat-drops as everyone wondered why she seemed more concerned over the computer.

"You're good." Kaoru said in defeat. 'In fact, it seems as if she's better than me by a wide margin.' She sighed at the thought of having to hang around with these two in those skirts. 'Then again, I would have someone to help me in my physical abilities and who'd understand about such things. Maybe this won't seem so bad.' Her emerald eyes watched as Miyako and Momoko started blabbering on about food and other things. 'Maybe I spoke too soon.' She added with another sigh.


'Ranma' sighed as he made his way home. The day was a slightly sucky one. Turned into a magical girl by a white light due to a 'chemical Z' ray, roped into becoming a super heroine with two others, becoming friends with those two others, the Mayor charging them with protecting Tokyo City, and last but not least: not being able to tell anybody about the whole thing. What was he/she supposed to do? Just randomly decide to leave because something comes up and leaves everyone wondering? Then again, nobody would question it since he was in his lab most of the time, and he did constantly head to his lab at random moments.

Looking down at his waist, he noted the transformation belt that stayed. Ranma wondered just where he could put the thing so that it wouldn't give him away if Momoko, Kaoru, and everyone else saw him with it around his waist. He thought about hiding it under his lab coat, but that could still be found out. Hiding it in subspace wouldn't work too well because he wouldn't hear it in an emergency. Of course, he COULD end up keeping it under his lab coat and use some kind of holographic disguise for it. In fact, installing a holographic node on the belt could be a good idea. He'd have to get on it once he made it to his lab.

Ranma still wondered why he didn't just tell them about the curse, but figured it was because Miyako thought she could be friends with the two. 'She' figured that If they found out about the curse and how old 'she' really was, they would distance themselves and be scared or something. Ranma didn't care if they did anything like that and would have gladly told them. 'Well, at least I put that Kaoru in her place for mocking my martial arts skill. That'll show her not to act stupid when it comes to me and martial arts.'

His mind also drifted to the rules that Miss Bellum told them to abide by. Keeping the fact of being a Powerpuff Girl secret, not breaking anything in the lab -- like he/she would willingly do something like that, -- and no fighting with each other -- unless it's a sparring session in martial arts. They were slightly strict rules, but at least the three of them got to hammer out some things of their own.

One of the promises that were demanded was from Momoko. They could get to eat all of the snacks in the lab that they wanted. That was something that cemented Ranma's like for the girl. She had an incredible love for food, and anybody who loved food was ok in his book.

The second promise that was made was from 'Miyako', and it was more of a 'Miyako' preference. The 'promise' was that 'they' could look at all the fashion, martial arts, and technology magazines that 'they' wanted while in the lab. 'She' added something else about using the electronics as well.

The last one was from Kaoru. The 'promise' was that 'they' could watch as much as the sports channel as 'they' wanted. Of course, that also included the entire TV channel roster as well. Just the sports channel would be really boring.

'It seems as if that place is going to almost be like a fourth home for me.' Ranma thought as he tapped his chin. He had the Tendo Dojo, his grandmother's place, and his laboratory already. 'Jeez, why the hell was I chosen to become a dang magical girl?' Ranma had the same sentiments about the whole thing as Kaoru, just… not as violent and destructive. 'Now I really do have two lives to fully balance. Maybe we could get to know each other first, and then I'll tell them about the curse. There's no way they could be angry at 'Miyako'.' Part of him wondered why he even cared about it as he entered the Tendo Dojo and walked towards the family room.

"So little Miyako actually found some friends to play around with?" Nabiki asked humorously with a smirk when she caught sight of the bespectacled genius. "It's hard to believe that you are actually letting your girl side get close to people."

"I was roped into it, I tell you." Ranma grumbled out with his arms crossed. "If I could have my way, I wouldn't hang around with them." He added before noticed that Kasumi was looking at the belt around his waist.

"Oh my, that's a cute belt, Ranma-kun." She tried to hid a little humor as the boy frowned. "Where exactly did you get it?"

"I got it from my new 'friends'. In fact, they both have one as well. Theirs have different colors in the center though. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go and install a holographic node upon this so that I can effectively hide it while in my birth form."

"You better, because it looks too girly." Genma grumbled out. Ranma heard this and whacked him upside the head. He then noticed Akane almost threatening to laugh and glanced at her.

"It's not funny at all, tomboy." He dodged a lazy swing and stuck his tongue out before running up to his lab and leaving a glaring Akane behind.

"I still say that his girl side is turning him childish, and hanging around two middle-schoolers will probably increase it." She rolled her eyes as her father started crying about the thought of it.


The next day, Miyako gave off an annoyed sigh as she looked around her classroom. For some reason, the principal had decided to re-arrange their classes. Miyako now found herself with both Momoko and Kaoru as classmates, and the latter didn't seem all too thrilled about it while the former was positively jumping for joy. 'Hopefully this whole predicament won't turn out to be complicated.' Miyako thought hopefully.

Too bad for her that it was a call for Murphy to get off his ass and do a little work of his own.


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