You did What!

Chapter 1: Skully bear

Notes: I had this idea for a story but I am not very good at middles or endings, just beginnings. I do plan to finish this but I may not. If any one would like to take, this beginning and run with it go right ahead. It just may help me to finish my version.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dresden files Jim Butcher does. I do own the plot.


Things were different now. They had been ever sense Harry's Uncle Justin's doppelganger had tried to raise its master from the dead. Harry rarely let Bob out of his sight now a days. Hrothbert find the new experience of going everywhere with Harry a little disconcerting. Yes, it was pleasant to see the way things had changed. It was nice to get out of Harry's apartment slash office but he was worried about Harry.

He was Harry's security blanket. Bob had known this for years but now he was beginning to think it was unhealthy for Harry to be so dependent on some one who had been dead for so long. Harry need to have more living friends. Now how was Bob to get Harry to meet trust worthy people with out either hurting Harry's feeling or get him to dig his heels in and get worse?

If only he could still affect the corporal world, it was so hard to get things done as a ghost. Normally he would just ask Harry to do something for him but that would not work in this instance.

Perhaps he could use the assistance of Lt. Murphy; he would have to be careful with that. She still did not know about him or much about the world Harry was apart of.

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Harry was still asleep with Bob's skull tucked up next to his chest when Lt Murphy entered his front room.

"Dresden! Hey, you here," Murphy called out looking around for Dresden. She had a cup of coffee in her hand and was taking a sip when she heard something behind her.

Turning around she nearly bumped into Bob.

"God were did you come from," said Murphy nearly spilling her coffee.

"Bainbridge," smirked Bob.


"I originally came from Bainbridge," noticing her still confused look he added in an almost unsarcastic voice, "England my dear Lt."

"How did you now I'm a Lt.?" asked Murphy suspiciously.

"Harry told me."

"How do you know Dresden?"

"I reside here Lt. it would be quite unusual for me not to know him, but to answer the question in the spirit it was asked, I've known him sense he was a child in the custody of that monster Justin Morningway."

"Monster…?" asked Murphy.

"You must excuse me Lt. Harry is stirring and he does not like for me to interfere with his living."

With that, said Bob walked towards the back of the building before he left her line of sight he paused and turned towards Murphy. "Lt. if you would be so kind not to mention our conversation."

"Who are you?" Murphy asked incredasly.

"Harry calls me Bob, you may refer to me as Hrothbert." with that he nodded his head and left the room.

"That's the infamous Bob," thought Murphy aloud.

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To be continued...