NOTE: This fan fiction was written specifically to take place 2 years after Gundam SEED. In other words this is another scenario written to take place of DESTINY. It sort of happened this way since I wrote this fic before I was able to see DESTINY.




Athrun looked out of the shuttle towards Earth; he felt an undeniable feeling of happiness that he was returning to ORB, to Cagalli and Kira. Next to him, a beautiful pink haired young lady sat next to him, ready to return to Kira whom she and Athrun had not seen since they had returned to PLANT. She gently prodded at her companion, a little Haro. It loudly replied to her gestures and she said, "Quiet, Pink-chan."

Athrun said, "So Lacus we are pretty fortunate that we were forgiven."

Lacus nodded and said, "I wasn't too worried about it to be honest. If they rejected us and called us traitors, we always have a home beside to people that we love. On the other hand it is good we have been granted amnesty. For one it allows us to aid in rebuilding and fostering trust and relations between Naturals and Coordinators."

Athrun said, "That is true. So, when are you going to tell Kira?"

Lacus looked at him, her sapphire eyes making brief eye contact with his, before turning back to Pink-chan, a radiant smile that shone with contentment. Athrun looked at her and he realized she was still basking in her happiness and probably forgot that he had asked her that question and let it go. He turned back to the window trying to enjoy the view despite his impatience to get back to the side of his own beloved.

Cagalli quickly finished her business, before she rose and said to the others, "If that is all, let us conclude today's business."

While the others got up, Cagalli rushed out of the room before she saw her twin brother against the wall smiling. "Ready to go, Cagalli?"

"Of course," she glared, "if I hadn't had that business to attend to, I would have been ready hours ago.

Kira quickly got into the car, and Cagalli slid into the passenger seat. There destination was both the same, they were going to meet the ones they hoped to share their future with. Kira looked at Cagalli, and said, "So, are you going to tell Athrun right away?"

She shook her head, "He'd be happy, but I don't want to divert from his and Lacus' return. I'll tell him later."

Kira nodded both his and Cagalli's hair blowing about in the breeze. Cagalli said, "The two of them only departed six weeks ago but it seems like it has been months."

Kira smiled, "Believe me, Cagalli, if it had been months you would know."

Cagalli glared, "Thank you for the astute observation, Brother," she looked away though and said, "I wish things were as simple for me as they were for you and Lacus."

"What do you mean? Do you have doubts about Athrun? You couldn't have found a better man, even I believe that."

"No, you are right, but no one is going to want Athrun in ORB because of what he is. Everybody thinks I should settle down soon but no one is going to want to accept Athrun in that role. Perhaps I should leave my own selfish desires behind for the good of ORB."

Kira looked forwardly in a passively thoughtful demeanor, "What are you going to do then, Cagalli? Push Athrun away, embrace another, live a false life? What good can you do for ORB if you are not true to yourself first?"

Cagalli looked at him shocked, "Kira?" She suddenly looked away again, happy that she felt open enough to discuss things with her brother. He had a point and a good one at that."

Kira returned his full attention to the road and said no more, believing he had driven home his point to his sister. Once they got to the port at ORB they left the car parked. The men saluted as Cagalli rushed past them, Kira simply smiled, walking after in her wake. Athrun walked down the stairs and immediately saw a gold-ish blur before it he fell down, "Athrun."

After regaining his wind, he said, "Cagalli!"

Lacus who was at the bottom of the stairs now, smiled before Kira came forward. Kira gently cupped Lacus' chin and brought her face to face his, and kissed her. Lacus smiled and returned the affectionate gesture, with a smile. Kira back away, his violet eyes shining with happiness, "Welcome back, Lacus."

She simply said, "Thank you, Kira. I am glad to be back."

Athrun came forward, and smiled at Kira, "I see you have taken care of your sister in my absence. Thank you, Kira."

Kira nodded, and Cagalli said, "Come on, let's go."

Athrun and Lacus looked surprised, and Kira laughed lightly, "Cagalli had a bit of a welcome planned for the two of you. I'll tell you right now it is a far cry above the type of greeting normally given to ambassadors from other sovereign powers."

Athrun said, "I see."

Kira put his arm around Lacus and said, "Well, shall we go and celebrate your return?"

The two girls both settled in the backseat of the car and started talking. So Athrun sat down in the passenger seat while Kira took the wheel. Kira said to Athrun, "So how is the recovery going for PLANT?"

"As well as can be expected. All of us who "defected" in other words Dearkka, Lacus, and I received pardons and amnesty, and were welcomed back. Shortly before we left I declined to return to ZAFT, and Lacus and I were asked to take appointments as ambassadors to ORB and the Earth. They seemed to think that despite everything we did, that the best possible gesture they could give to show their own wishes of peace was for the our generation to show support for peace despite the influence of our parents during the war. Both the Zala and Clyne names seem to hold a lot of significance to both sides and hopefully we can pull through with our missions and bring back steady relations along with promises of peace."

Kira said nothing more, and Athrun said, "So what has been going on in my absence?"

Kira said, "Well, ORB is still recovering from the incident two years ago, but the efforts seem to be going well. Cagalli is chewing off the ears of anyone who strays from ORB's ideals, saying that none of ORB can forget what her Father sacrificed to protect, she is also still remarkably receiving suitors despite everything she does."

Cagalli yelled from the back seat, "I heard that, Kira."

Kira and Athrun laughed and looked at the sun as it set. Kira said, "Welcome back home, Athrun."