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Chapter one:

Anita walked into the school carrying her bag over her shoulder nonchalantly. It had been almost ten years since the incident involving the British library, and their scheme to take over the world through resurrection of one Mr. Gentleman. Anita sighed in remembrance and turned when she heard a soft giggle behind her.

"Good morning Anita." Hisami said

"Oh hey Hisami I didn't hear you come up."

"Of course not you were lost in thought again, Anita. It's okay though I forgive you."

"Thanks" Anita said and smiled at her best friend before she began to walk into the building with Hisami at her side.

"How are your sisters doing?"

"There fine. Strange as usual."

Hisami giggled and said, "Anita you are so lucky to have sisters and people who are always there for you."

"I know Hisa, but they are a litte obnoxious at times"

Hisami giggled as they rounded the corner to home room. "So you have any plans for tonight Anita?"

"Yeah I have to work... again." Anita said as she sat down at her seat near the window, putting her school bag on the hook on her desk. Hisami sat beside her and did the same.

"Again Anita? Your always working and you and Ms.Readman seem to be getting pretty close."

"I hate her." Anita grumbled under her breath as Ms. Yomiko Readman walked into the room behind a stack of books.

"Huh? What was that Anita?" Hisami asked as she turned to look at her friend. "I wonder if Ms. Readman needs help with those books? I think I should ask." With that said Hisami went to help Ms. Readman.

"Another long day!" Anita exclaimed as she lay her head on her desk defeated.

"Anita?" a male voice said from behind her, making her sit upright in her seat quickly.

"WHAT!?" she asked exasperated.

"Umm... Good morning." Junior said shyly.

"Junior, how many times have I told you not to sneak up on me like that? You scared me!"


Anita sighed and looked at her friend Junior and a bright smile it up her face as she gazed into his eyes. She couldn't believe how much he'd grown since they'd met. He was a tall lithe boy with long silverish hair, and worn a solemn expression on his face.

Junior was a very withdrawn boy still even after his real mother Nancy had gotten him back and spoiled him to no end. It was amazing how he'd never truly changed from the boy she'd met almost ten years ago near the junior high library. He was still very smart academically, but lacking when it came to friends.

The first real friend Junior had ever had was Anita and back then for him it was all about business. He had worked for Mr. Carpenter retrieving books that contained the knowledge of Mr. Gentleman, but what he didn't know at the time was Mr. Carpenter was planning on using him as a host for Mr. Gentleman's knowledge.

When they had all heard this from Ms. Readman everyone was shocked, as well as put over the edge. Anita had found one answer to a terrible question of her past that day. It had been Yomiko's fault that she had no parents and she would still never truly forgive her for what she'd done.

"Anita?" Junior asked again.

"Huh, yes?" Anita asked. "Sorry I was lost in thought."

"It's all right. I just wanted to ask if I could sit here." He asked indicating to the seat behind her.

"You don't have to ask dummy, just sit there."

"Oh, okay." Junior sat down as Hisami was heading back to her seat, and Ms. Readman was beginning to write her lesson on the blackboard behind her.

"All right class today's lesson in literature is Poe! You will all select either a poem or a short story by Mr. Poe and write an essay on how it made you feel. Also why you believe he is one of the worlds best known poet's and short story writers of all time, and what affects you think he may have had on this world." She explained as she smiled excitedly at the class.

Anita groaned inwardly and chanced a glance at Hisami, who was already reaching into her bag to pull out a volume of Mr. Poe's complete works. Anita sighed defeated by her best friends love of books and then looked at Junior behind her.

"I'm going to love this assignment." she whispered.

"I too am dreading reading." Junior admitted sheepishly and looked down at his desk crestfallen.

"All right I will hand you each a copy of his complete works and you will begin today by choosing your piece of literature." Yomiko explained.

After she was finished each student save for Hisami was given a book and set about the task of finding something vaguely interesting for their paper. Before long the bell to lunch rang and Anita jumped out of her seat as fast as she could.

"Anita wait!" both Hisami and Junior called after her, but she was already sprinting out of the room.