ATTENTION!!! All previous readers of THE FADING LIGHT!!! I have an EXTREMELY important announcement to make. I have edited the story, so now there is:

1. More BB/RAE fluff throughout the story!

2. Chapter 6 (the really crappy Robin one) has now been made much better!

3. The grammar mistakes have been corrected (I know, that one isn't as important).

4. I altered some of the things in the story.

If you have read it before, I would at least suggest you read the new Chapter 6. It is completely changed. If you have never read the story, and like to see Beast Boy in extreme amounts of pain , the go and check it out. Thank you for your time,


Ps. Try and guess whose point of view this is in. I know this is a really crappy poem, but I got no where else to stick it and I had to make it for this stupid poetry unit I'm doing. Enjoy.

In Hiding

Why do you hide--

From those who wish to help you?

The others see nothing,

But I see right through.

The fa├žade of happiness is false,

Only tears are there.

Why do you hide?

Why do you despair?

Why are you saddened?

Why do you cry?

Why won't you tell me?

Why do you hide?

The falseness must cease.

The truth must come out!

Stop playing this game!

Stop living this lie!

Stop hiding from us.

Please let us try.

They may not see it,

But I see just fine.

Your soul is hurting,

I am not blind!

Stop all this nonsense.

Stop all your lies.

I see all the pain,

All the pain in your eyes.

Just let it out.

No reason to die.

Go ahead and hope,

Go ahead and cry.