Something I never mentioned in my bio. I'm a fan of Paper Mario: TTYD. So I decided to combine Pokemon with Mario. This is my first Oneshot.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon (sigh) or the IDEA of paper Mario: TTYD... I do have the game though... and I'm up to the actual door (7 stars)

Ash Ketchum was sitting in his room preparing for his next journey. Actually he was playing his gamecube while a map of the Pokemon world sat next to him. on the TV screen sat a plump yet thin little man and behind him was a pink mushroom shaped thingy wearing an archiologists hat. A small ponytail peeked out from it. "Ash," a girl with red hair said as she came in, "Have you decided your next destination yet?" She sounded annoyed. Ash looked up from the TV screen. "Yes Misty," he said. Misty looked at him. Ash sweatdropped and took out his map. He pointed to an orange spot. Misty looked at it and sweatdropped. "Ash we live here and you been here already." she said.

Ash looked at the map. "So this is Pallet town?" he asked. Misty fell down anime style. "NO" she yelled, "THIS IS THE KANTO REGION."

"Oh," Ash said. Then he handed the map to Misty. "Oh well," he said smiling and went back to his game. "What are you playing anyway?" Misty asked putting the map on the bed. "Paper Mario and the Thousand Year Door. Wanna Play?" Ash told her. Misty took the control and started playing.

xx 5 seconds later xx

"This game is stupid," she said after losing. "Ah come on just because you cant play that doesn't mean its bad," Ash teased. Misty ignored him. "Whatever, I'm leaving. Call me when you choose a place," she said and left. 'Finally' Ash thought happy to be rid of Misty.

He turned back to the screen and continued playing. Someone else came into the room. "Pika (Hiya)" it said smiling. "What is it Pikachu?" Ash said annoyed. 'So many distractions' he thought. Pikachu climbed on the bed. "Pika pi? (Whatcha playing)" he asked. Ash told him. "Piiiii! Pikachu? (Cooool! Can I play?)" Pikachu asked cuddling to Ash. Ash looked at him. "Your a Pokemon. This is a human's game," he said laughing. This angered Pikachu. He started sparking. "Hey," Ash said a little nervously. The nintendo controller was still in his hand. Pikachu let out a thundershock. The electricity hit Ash and through the controller wire hit the TV and the game. There was a small explosion.

"Chu (oopsie)" Pikachu said sweatdropping. then he noticed Ash was gone. "Pika? (Ash?)" Pikachu called. Ash was nowhere in sight. Pikachu shrugged and picked up the controller. He started playing the game. "Pika pi (This is fun)" Pikachu said and played for...well no one knows.

Well this was my first oneshot. It was originally a prolougue but I made it the prequel. Expect the actual story sometime soon. Ciao. Please review.