Summery: A terrible accident leaves Drizzt dead and Catti-brie in a coma.

Authors Note: This idea was swirling around in my head and I had to get it out, so here it is . The prologue is a little gory but I don't think it's enough to earn a rating higher then R.

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It was an accident.

A random twist of fate.

It is true what they say, the fallen drow thought, hero's do not fall in grand battles against even grander foes, they fall to fate, for only fate can fell them.

It should not have come to this.

The bandits that had ambushed them that night could not have for-seen the outcome to their poor choice of battles. Disguised as merchants Drizzt and Catti had dealt with such pests many times before. Thieves and murders should have known better then to stalk the roads on Icewind Dale so openly. It was only a matter of time before their supposed victims turned on them in a whirl of flashing blades and magical arrows.

It should have been the same this time.

His opponent had not been skilled, had not even been armed. His dress spoke of clergy though his shiny breastplate spoke of something more. He should have paid more attention to the symbol splayed across it's front. The black antlers on a field of red. Beshaba. He should have taken more care.

As he sat in shock, his mind still trying to understand why his hands were soaked in his own blood, he tried to figure out where it had all gone so wrong.

The cleric turned bandit had been backpedaling away from him, there had been a flash of light, a familiar brightness that had stolen his sight for only a split second.

He had done nothing wrong, he would not have been able to dodge the blow had he even known it was coming. Catti's magical arrow had struck the clerics armor from the side and through sheer bad luck had hit at an angle that caused it to richote into Drizzt's stomach.

The weapon had no sense of friend or foe. It could not have known that it had struck the wrong target and it proved as powerful as it ever had, passing through his armor, and the body it tried to shield, like paper.

Finally tearing his eyes away from his hands Drizzt met the eyes of his opponent who looked almost equally stunned by the turn of events. Time seemed frozen in that moment, the loss of his weapons not even registering in his mind. Confusion creased his face as his legs lost their strength, depositing him on his knees. The impact seemed to signal time to return to it's normal pace. The cleric took his foul goddesses hint and took flight into the surrounding trees but Drizzt couldn't seem to stop staring after him.

This should not have happened.

Someone was screaming. A loud keening wail that sounded like it didn't have any right coming from a humans throat. It took Catti-brie a long moment to realize it was coming from her.

Her aim had been true! Her aim had been true!

What had happened?

She didn't even notice as the rest of the bandits took flight into the wilderness. Her eyes saw only her fallen friend, struck down by her own arrow.

Dropping her bow she scrambled to Drizzt's side as he slumped over onto the ground, a pool of blood already forming around his body.

"Drizzt! Oh gods!" She cried, dragging his upper body into her lap.

Drizzt seemed to snap out of his trance, frantic violet eyes focusing upward on her own bright orbs, "Cat-" he tried then chocked as blood flooded his mouth. His body twitched and spasmed slightly as he fought to clear his air way.

"Oh no...gods no." Catti gasped as a cough caused his blood to splatter upwards across her chest. Her hands fluttered about his head as she tried to find some way to help, all the while knowing deep down that it was useless. With a gasp that sounded close to a sob she clawed at his hands, clasped loosely about his stomach, pulling them away, hoping that somehow she might find some way to help. What she found instead caused her to close her eyes in horror, body shaking. The arrow had done it's job well. Blasting a clean hole straight through Drizzt's torso.

Turning her eyes away from the wound she felt tears making their slow crawl down her face. Clasping one of his hands she returned her attention to his face. His skin had become ash gray and chilled to the touch. Blood flowed in a continuous stream from between his lips. His chest heaved from the effort of trying to force his failing body to sustain life, heart racing, trying to get blood to the rest of his body but only succeeding it bleeding him faster.

Catti-brie ignored all of this, lowering her face until it hovered just a hairs breath above his. His breaths stirring the hair on her sweaty forehead. His face was creased with sorrow and the slightest hint of pain and fear.

He'd never been afraid of death...but not like this, not like this.

His body stiffened, every muscle going taught as he struggled through the last moments of his life. A small chocked sound escaped his throat.

Catti's lips trembled as she stared into his heavily dilated eyes, hand clasping his tightly.

"Shh, it's alright, it'll be alright." She whispered over and over, "It'll be over soon..." she swallowed heavily, forcing back a strangled sob, before starting over again.

No!, Drizzt thought frantically as his body began to go limp, lingering spasms the only sign that he wasn't completely gone, Not yet! I'm not ready yet!

As his world faded to blackness the last thing he heard was Catti's voice, broken with sorrow, "I'm so sorry..."

Not like this...

And he was gone.

Catti didn't know how long she continued to stare into his glazed and empty gaze. Her body began to shake with suppressed sobs then she suddenly reared back and let out a loud cry to the heavens. A cry that embodied all of the sorrow, guilt and rage of a woman broken. The power which brought the birds fleeing from the trees leaving dead silence in it's wake. She remained in that position, head tipped back towards the sky long after she ran out of breath to scream, her body swaying back and forth as her hands gripped Drizzt's body.

Hours later when the next group of merchants happened through the pass, she remained that way still.

To be continued...

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For those unaware. Beshaba is the goddess of misfortune.