Summery: A terrible accident leaves Drizzt dead and Catti-brie in a coma.

Authors Note: Oh god this took longer then it should have. I'm so sorry, I've been really stressed out lately. I'll do my best not to make you wait so long again.

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Drizzt couldn't understand what he was looking at. Was this a trick? Was he delusional? Could spirits even suffer from such things?

Lowering his weapons his doppelganger took a step in his direction and Drizzt scrambled to his feet, backing away. He flinched and looked down at his lingering wounds, frowning as he took in the shimmering edges. It was disconcerting to see actual holes in his being rather then tears in flesh. The pain was fading faster though. Obviously his spirit was faster at recovery then his body had been.

Another step in his direction had Drizzt's attention back on his double, and he backed away again. This time the other frowned and Drizzt felt a very distinct wave of annoyance from him.

Why am I feeling that?

He was about to demand answers when he noticed that the others attention was no longer on him but was glaring at the trees behind him. It was another moment before Drizzt heard the distant, but fast approaching, growls of the creatures he had thought he'd outrun.

"Damn..." he muttered. He glanced at his double but figured this mystery would have to wait for another time. He had more running to do.

He tried to take off in the same direction he'd been traveling before but found himself dragged to a halt only a few strides away. There was a distinct pressure on his chest, a backwards pull that kept him from taking another step. Looking down in search of the cause at first he didn't see anything then a flicker of light drew his attention to a silvery cord of light connected to his body. It was pulled tight and was leading back behind him.

To his double.

The other grunted and seemed to be experiencing the same discomfort, looking at him over one shoulder with an angry glare.

His eyes widened at what this could mean. Somehow the two were connected and one would be unable to leave the other. How was he supposed to escape?

Both were turned away from their discovery by a hissing howl announcing the arrival of their enemies. Instead of turning to flee as Drizzt would have preferred his other raised his weapons and went down into a crouch, a bestial snarl escaping his lips.

His holy symbol vibrated against his skin and a sense of desperate urgency filled him.

"No! We can't fight them! We must run!" he shouted trying to bring sense to the other only to be ignored. Drizzt saw a shadow dart passed him in the foliage and forgetting his earlier fear of his double he darted forward and grabbed him by his arm trying to pull him away.

A surge of anger buffeted his senses and his double spun on him, one of the scimitars sliced a thin but deep line across his shoulder. He jerked away in pain but was astonished to hear a hiss escape the lips of the other as the same wound appeared on his double. Drizzt backed away holding his arm and noticed the fire dim in the others eyes. A wave of regret flickered through him.

Am I feeling his emotions? How, why? What IS this?

His thoughts were once more interrupted as the shadow he'd seen before exploded from the trees, outstretched claws slashed across the doubles chest. The other stumbled and threw the creature to the side, gashing it's side with a scimitar.

Drizzt cried out in surprised pain and collapsed to his knees as the wounds his other had taken appeared on his own chest even though the other appeared strangely unharmed. He was taking the others damage but was unable to run without him. This was bad.

The other glanced at him in alarm and took a step in his direction but at that same moment the injured snake hound took the silvery cord of light connecting them in it's jaws. Liquid agony filled both of their senses. Drizzt collapsed, twitching as the burning pain raced across his limbs. His other missed a step and let out a howl of pain though he managed to keep his feet. His teeth ground together in a snarl, turning pain to anger, anger to strength. Blades flashed and the hounds head flew free of it's body.

The worst of the pain vanished though residual twinges continued. Drizzt was just barely beginning to regain his senses when he felt his doubles hand under his arm, pulling him roughly to his feet and dragging him off. At first Drizzt could barely retain his footing but with his doubles help he soon found himself limping along side the other and after a couple more moments was running freely beside him.

Even though he was not entirely aware of his surroundings anymore he continued to follow the directions his goddess was sending him, dimly acknowledging that his other was running a step behind him, following his lead and yet whenever he missed a step or tripped the others hand appeared to steady him.

Suddenly he was stopped. The others hand gripped his arm and halted him so abruptly that he was spun around and down onto one knee. Blinking he glanced up at his double in confusion before his surroundings registered in his fogged mind. He had nearly run them off a cliff.

But the pull persisted. It was guiding them over and down.

Looking over the edge he felt unease fill him. There was nothing below him save clouds. He was looking down at the tops of clouds. How high were they?

The pull became a tug. Mielikki wanted him to jump.

This time it was Drizzt who pulled his double, out over the edge.

Falling through the clouds the jungle plane quickly disappeared from sight as they fell into darkness.

"It is taboo, Bruenor, you don't know what you ask of me!"

"I only ask that ye try!"

"Trying may be more then enough to make a mistake you will regret!"

"If it works I won't be regretin' it!"

"All the more proof you have no idea of what you ask!"

Regis let out an uneasy sigh as he stood beside Wulfgar, watching the argument between Bruenor and Cadderly become more and more animated. The priest had come almost instantly after receiving their missive but it seemed as if had he known what Bruenor had intended by the summons he more then likely wouldn't have bothered.

"Resurrecting elves is forbidden, Bruenor, it's dangerous! Please. Understand me." The cleric argued, his tone becoming more pleading then demanding.

"He's already dead, what worse could happen."

Cadderly's face twisted with frustrated anger and he slammed his hands down on the King's desk, "You could destroy him and me! I could bring him back only for him to die again...or worse...he could never be the same..."

Regis swallowed hard and fidgeted, "Maybe you should listen to him..."

"...he would do it for us..." the dwarf said faintly staring at the table top.

Cadderly blinked and his expression softened, "What?"

Bruenor looked up with a blank expression, "No matter the risk, He wouldna given up on any o us...I can't give up on him...if there's a chance, no matter how slight..."

Cadderly shook his head, "I understand your grief, he was my friend as well...but this is..."

"There is a chance could work."

"Well yes, but..."

Bruenor nodded resolutely, "Then I will take that chance and if you won't help me, I'll find someone who will."

Cadderly scowled, "I'm the best chance he has..."

"And I trust ya, what's more, so please," Bruenor said, his eyes pleading, "Help me."

Cadderly shook his head and opened his mouth, probably to protest, but the words died in his throat and he just sighed and ran his hands through his hair, "Bruenor..."

"If...if you think he won't make it...I trust ya...I trust ya to make that decision...all I ask is ya try..."

Cadderly seemed to consider it for a long time before he finally submitted, "Alright...alright...we'll try..."

Despite his words his face was still creased with worry and concern.

Regis and Wulfgar shared a glance, both feeling as if there was going to be more to this then a simple spell casting, something the priest was neglecting to tell them.

What were they all getting themselves into?

To Be Continued...

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