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Topaz Heartz

Chapter One: The Beginning of Forever

One month ago my mother, Renee had finally had enough. I had encouraged her to be happy, and do what she wanted. Apparently that meant leaving my father, Charlie. When she left I thought she would bring me along. I thought wrong…

It has been one month since my parents' split and Charlie had just started drinking at 10 in the morning. By now I should have known to wake up earlier on a Saturday with Charlie home. Charlie had taken my mother's leaving harder than I thought, and I don't really blame him for wanting to hit me. It was partly my fault that she left sooner. Deep down Charlie knew that this was going to happen one day, but I don't think that he was expecting her to leave so soon, but she did. And she left me be hind to an alcoholic and abusive Charlie.

I got up and quickly put on a sweater and jeans and put some cover up make up on my left cheek where Charlie hit me so hard that I fell and went unconscious. I woke up around two and found in on my face, but went back to bed. I had gotten worse. A lot worse.

After getting my morning slaps and punches I got into my new car that I bought with the money my mother gave me before she left me in this hell hole. I loved my car it was my escape from Charlie. It was a blue Volvo. I don't know, but for some reason I had always had a thing for Volvos. I didn't get breakfast so I decided to head to Port Angeles. I sped all the way there listening to Evanescence. I got there in about 30 minutes which would have usually would have tooken an hour if I was going the normal speed limit.

I finally got to a small café and ordered a blueberry muffin and a large cup of coffee. I ate the muffin in the café so I wouldn't get any crumbs in my car. I started to leave with my coffee, but too much of my dismay I tripped over the door hold and bumped into a guy. This was no ordinary man from where I could tell. He had messy blond hair and was muscular, but not all buff like body builders. He was slim and had a flawless face. He looked as if he just got done posing for a fashion magazine. Not the kind of guy you would find hanging around in Forks……

'I'm so sorry!' I babbled over and over until the guy rose up his hand to silence me and started to chuckle.

'It's okay. Really.' I said as he put down his hand, 'Nothing even got on me. By the way, my name is Zachary Cullen, but I prefer Zach.'

I looked where the spilled coffee went, but as it turns out, the coffee was spilled on the sidewalk and just a little on my pants leg.

'I'm Isabella Swan, but I prefer Bella. I'm still very sorry. Here. Let me give you some money incase you find something later, and take it to the dry cleaners.' I said while trying to get some money out of my pocket.

He grabbed my hands to stop me and I looked into his eyes to notice that they were a light butterscotch color.

'If it is anyone who should be giving money it's me.' He said pulling out his wallet, 'Here let me buy you another coffee.'

Oh, no. 'No thank you. I hate it when people buy me things.' I stated matter-of-factly.

'But this was my fault. Please.' His eyes were smothering mine and I was now looking at my feet trying not to give in.

But before I could say anything I heard a loud screeching noise. My head snapped up and I saw two cars have a head on collision and was now spinning in our direction. I looked at Emmett and saw him look at me with determination.

I could fell the shock, confusion, and fear on my face. Then all of a sudden I felt a heavy body on top of mine. I heard a loud crack and then felt a very sharp pain in my left arm and knew instantly that it was broken. Then I smelt it. Blood. My blood. I opened my eyes when I realized that they were closed and saw Zach's face. I looked at his eyes and saw that they were pitch black and then noticed that we were on the sidewalk and the other car was still coming for us. I knew that I couldn't survive this even if Zach did take the hit.

Zach must have noticed this to and then he bent his head into my neck. I felt his icy breath on my ear, 'I'm sorry Bella. Please forgive me.'

I was beyond confused, but just as I was about to ask him what he was talking about I felt his teeth sink into my soft pale flesh. I heard screams and then I felt myself being lifted. What was this stranger doing? Can I trust him? Should I trust him? Why didn't I just take the coffee offer?! I opened my eyes a little and saw Zach run at inhumanly speeds but before I could say anything I passed out. My body was consumed by darkness.

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I felt so much pain and I was wondering why I wasn't already dead. Why wouldn't he just kill me already and how could he run so fast? That just proved it. Zachary Cullen was not normal and probably not even human. I felt fire go through my veins and I couldn't help, but scream. This was 50 times worse than Charlie's worse beatings.

All of a sudden I felt myself being lowered on something soft, but all the moment made the pain a lot worse than before. I let out a blood curdling scream and I heard someone shush me. I turned slightly and saw the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. He had untidy bronze hair and deep topaz eyes. He wasn't as muscular as Zach, but still had a muscular figure, and looked very boyish and around the age of seventeen like me.

He brushed his hand across my forehead and noticed that it dulled the pain. Not much, but still. He started to withdraw his hand, but I let out a whimper as I turned and reached back out for his hand.

He looked shocked but let me take his hand. I put it on my face and closed my eyes, wishing for sleep to over come me. Before I fell back into unconsciousness I heard someone walk into the room. I didn't know who any of these people are, but I heard the man who just walked into the door say, 'Only two days left.' And then I let the darkness come over me again.

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