Pitari Tenshi A-Z

for those who do not know it is the long version name of Pita-Ten. It translates into "clingy angel" which is exactly Misha-san.

Summary: Random one-shot drabbles. Chapter Titles range from A-Z. Enjoy, R/R!!

One-shot: Misha/Kotarou

Chapter 1: Arithmetic

(note this one is a modified version of the humorous poem; you'll know what I mean if you read.)

Misha and Kotarou have decided to do a math review. Misha was stumbling along the words and Kotarou came up with a crazy idea on teaching it to her in a more simple and somewhat romantic manner. Aw man, my heart's beating so fast it's not beating at all! But he mustered up the courage and here's the fun part:

Misha was waiting for Kotarou's surprising explanation.

He kissed her once, he kissed her twice, and said, "It's called addition."

Misha sweetly returned the kisses as it was the right thing to do.

She nodded and said, "This is the opposite operation, known as subtracting -su!"

He kissed her. She kissed him, and without an explanation,

the couple nodded and both said, "This is multiplication!"

Koboshi came barging in angrily in time to see them smoochin'.

She threw Misha out the window and said, "THAT is long division!"

To her suprise, Kotarou fell out the window trying to capture Misha. Koboshi started to hum sadly, "Sigh, Sigh, at one's misfortune..." that line was from her soundtrack