Pitari Tenshi A-Z

for those who do not know it is the long version name of Pita-Ten. It translates into "clingy angel" which is exactly Misha-san.

Summary: Random one-shot drabbles. Chapter Titles range from A-Z. Enjoy, R/R!!

One-shot: Shia/Nya (or Klaus)

Chapter 5: Eternal Flame

(ah, yes. almost every ten/kotaro fic has this name and it's about chocolate too!)

It was a full moon, and Shia was admiring the sky. "Ah, what loveliness! If only we had such surroundings in the underworld!" Klaus sweatdropped. Don't think such impossible thoughts, Shia! But he can't help to have a feeling of sadness. Time was running out for the innocent demon, and he wouldn't have any more times like this for quite some time; he too felt something was missing. It's an eternal flame... that continues to dwell inside of you... it's even worse than the living dead. What he was missing, he didn't know. Shia has been missing someone that she loved, and Nya can't help but feel sorry for her. Why has he been trying to keep her away from this missing thing?

Shia looked at him concerned. "You don't look too well... is something on your mind?" Klaus assured her it was nothing. The flame grew even worse and he grimaced. "Nothing...nothing at all..." He blushed slightly. She's being too..ack! She's zooming in on the matter too much. She can't stay here! She's a demon! She... Klaus then absentmindedly said the last 3 words of his thoughts.. "belongs with me."

"What does?" Klaus jumped as Shia's bell-like voice came from behind. "What belongs with you?" Klaus was bored. So he decided to say, "It's a matter of a guessing game. Something, or someone that has lingered around with me for... awhile." Shia thought. "Powers? Being annoyed with the missing link? The Higuchi? ... Yourself??" 00 Klaus slapped his head, but couldn't help to laugh. She could be so dense! It was actually kinda...cute. So cute that, he swepted her up into his arms. "You... belong with me."

Surprised, the raven - head broke away. "T-this is just too!" Nya then looked away and transformed back to human form. "W-well you always had! I mean, we always travelled around and all and..." Shia then guessed. "You think I like someone, involving the missing thing. So you're jealous." Klaus looked away. "Hmph. Think of it however" Shia then poked him in the forehead. "Aww! We know each other for so long! Tell me!" She smiled. So like her, yet...so unlike her. Klaus form was back. "Well... sorta." Shia laughed. "SO YOU THOUGHT I LIKED HIGUCHI-SAN!?" 00 Klaus slapped his head again. She's close... yet not close.

The two spent the rest of the night watching the sky, and without noticing their hands touch...

HAHAHA!! I love leaving cliffies! Possible nexts...

Kotaro/Shia (anime where they ain't related really)

Koboshi/Daichan (maybe lol)

Or Koboshi and Kotaro. (2nd runner up)

Kotaro/Daichan!? (DEFINITELY lol!)