" Its a scream baby!" Stu said as Sidney pressed herself up the kitchen counter staring at the two serial killers who were covered in red corn syrup. It was sick. It was cruel. And it was disgusting.

" You sick fucks!" Sidney yelled. " You've seen one too many movies!"

Billy played around with the knife in his hand rubbing his fingers up and down the edge of the blade. Sidney made a disgusting face as his lips formed into a twisted grin.

" Now Sid,don't blame it on the movies. Movies don't make psychos,killers do.."

" You better liver alone!" Stu joked. " Get it? Liver alone!" Stu laughed as his own little joke as Sidney had a clear chance to reach behind her into one of the drawers and grab something sharp and stab them but instead she just stared in disgust at them. They said some more things after that but Sidney wasn't really paying attention. Well she was,but the author of this fanfic didn't really want to memorize the whole movie to know.

" Now lets see whats behind door number three!" Stu laughed and walked over to the door. He opened up and walked out of the room for a few seconds. Billy grabbed Sidney's shoulders. When Stu came out of the closet,he wasn't alone.

Sidney jumped forward but Billy held her back.

" Dadd - " Sidney stopped. Stu and Billy looked at the person.

" Who the hell are you - " Billy said looking at the tall pale and handsome stranger who just jumped out of his friend's kitchen closet.

" Bella - Wait. Your not Bella." Edward looked around. He stared at all the blood on the walls. He had an expression on his face that sorta stated ' what the fuck?' without using any words.

" No. I'm not." Sidney shook her head.

" I think you got the wrong movie,pal." Stu said shaking his head.

" Yeah." Billy agreed,nodding his head still holding the knife in his hand.

" Oh. Any of you know how to get to Twilight?" Edward asked them. They shook their heads.

" If you don't mind,we are trying to finish her off right now.Would you leave?" Billy snapped.

" Touchy,touchyy..." Edward shook his head and turned to walk back into the closet.

" Wait!" Sidney screamed. Edward turned around. " These guys are trying to kill me! Will you kill them for me? Or,atleast,I don't know! Call the cops!"

" I could,but you know that the killers always come back in the sequal." Edward rolled his eyes as if she should know already. " Now if you don't mind the love of my life is in mortal danger right now as in being tortured to death by a sedistic vampire in a ballet studio! I have to go save her!"

Edward Cullen turned and walked back into the closet which was apparrantly a vortex between movies. Sidney,Stu,and Billy all looked at each other strangely.

" Anyywayy.." Stu said. He walked back over to the closet to get Sidney's dad who was tied up in there.

Bwuahahahaha! I will write more like this only not in Scream! There will be more chapters in different movies!