" Cena! Cena! Cena! " The croud cheered with some cheers of " Edge! Edge Edge!" mixed in. Edge grabbed John cena and held him over his head before slamming him back down onto the floor. John Cena swung at him but Edge grabbed his arm and threw him against the bars of the cage they were in. He grabbed John Cena's head and pushed it down.

" It looks like theres a new Champ this year..Cena's getting it pretty rough.." One of the announcer dudes of WWE said.

" I dont know,Bob. This looks like a close call. Cena could pull it together - "

John Cena shoved Edge off of him. He lifted him over his head to do the FU but Edge broke through and threw him down onto the ground again.

" Cenas putting up a good fight in this match - "

" Are you kidding? Edge is totally kicking his - "

Edge continued that routine of picking him up and slamming him back down thinking he was so big and bad because he had a lot of energy in him but John Cena had to go through about ten matches before that and he was all out of breathe but nooo. But suddenly someone fell down out of the sky and landed on Edge knocking him off of the breathless John Cena.

" Ouch!" Edge yelled from the floor.

" Is Bella allright? I'll tear James into shreds!" The tall,topaz eyed,but jacked guy said who fell from the top of the cage.

" Who are you?" John Cena asked from the ground.

" Ow.." Edge moaned in pain.

" I'm Emmett Cullen. Who are you? Where Am I?" Emmett said,looking around.

" Are you a new wrestler?" John Cena asked.

" Nah. I think I'm in the wrong movie. Can you help me out?" Emmett asked with his hands on his hips.

" Ah..Dunno. What movie you lookin for?" John Cena asked. Emmett grabbed him by the arms and helped him up. He dusted himself off. " Thanks man."

" No prob." Emmett said. " I'm looking for Twilight."

" No,never heard of it. Try walking out that door over there." John Cena said and pointed to it. " This has happened before. Happens about twice a day. I had Rick James and Cory Lee a few times in here before. Uh,yeah. That door over there usually does the trick. Hey - do you mind?"

" What?" Emmett asked. John Cena looked down at Edge on the floor. " Oh - no. Sorry man. Can't. Lets just say I have a little inhuman strength..If I threw him at the wall I'd probably break it in two. But here.."

Emmett picked up John Cena and dropped him as lightly as he could which was really strong on top of Edge. Edge wailed in pain.

The croud cheered. Some of them had looks of ' what the hell?' on their face but they still cheered for him.

" Wow Bob! Thats not in the script but I love it!"
" I guess you were right. Cena really is pulling it together tonight - "

" Seeya man!" John Cena waved good bye to Emmett before he ran out the door which was apparrantly a vortex between movies.