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The funny thing about hospitals was that it had that distinct, sterilized scent about it, and no matter how hard you tried, you couldn't get it off you when you went home. So everywhere you went, you smelled like a hospital. It was a fact of life.

A fact that Meredith Grey had to deal with every day. Even when she was getting ready for a date.

She sat at her vanity, her hair smelling perfectly like lavender, and her dress smelling perfectly like the spring fresh detergent she used, but her skin still smelled like hospital disinfectant. Her nose wrinkled up as she sniffed her arm experimentally, and she frowned. For once in her life, couldn't the hospital smell just disappear?

It was her first real date with Derek in a long while tonight. Sure, they practically lived together now, but hadn't been on an official date in months. Derek had taken matters into his own hands, and arranged something. Well, Meredith didn't like surprises. But she figured she'd put up with this one. After all, she did love him. Wasn't that cause for some sacrifices?

Spraying a little more perfume, finally satisfied with the way her skin smelled, Meredith smoothed her honey-blonde hair down, adjusted her heels, and walked downstairs to wait for Derek. He had insisted on driving out to his trailer to get ready, so that he could pick her up as though he didn't live at her house twenty-four seven. She had rolled her eyes, but had complied, since obviously he felt the need to be corny. Another sacrifice she made, putting up with his bad puns and old-fashioned traditions.

Her heels alerted Cristina and Izzie to her presence in the kitchen, and they looked up from their brownies. Cristina quirked an eyebrow at her, glancing at her watch. "Isn't McDreamy like…4 minutes late?" She asked with a straight face, though Meredith snorted.

"You're keeping track? Someone would think he's your boyfriend," She said, not mentioning the fact that she had kept track in her head, too. Izzie looked bored with the conversation already.

"Seriously, Mer? You two are like…always together. What's this date thing all about anyway?" She asked in a jumble of words, brownie shoved in her mouth. Meredith wrinkled her nose in obvious distaste at Izzie's eating habits.

"We want a night alone, thank you very much, because we never get that," Meredith told her, shooing a pointed look her way. Izzie had the grace to blush and look down, remembering all the times she had walked in on Derek and Meredith in the throes of passion.

"What, so you're going out to have hot sex all night? Wear your teddy, then, he'd like that," Cristina joked, earning a slap over the head from Meredith. "Shut up Cristina," She told her. "You do not get to know about my sex life. Or my teddies," She added, pouring a glass of water. Izzie picked up her brownie.

"I'm leaving. Before you two get all Golden Girls on me and talk about all the sex you're missing," She told them, walking out of the kitchen. Cristina smirked at Meredith. "Someone's not getting any," She said cheerily, but Izzie was already up the stairs.

The doorbell sounded, and Meredith set down her water, glancing at Cristina. "Okay Cristina, out of my kitchen. I'm off to have some hot sex," She said with a smile, walking towards the door. In answer, Cristina stuck her tongue out at Meredith's retreating form, and proceeded to stuff the rest of her brownie in her mouth.

Meredith opened the door to find Derek, looking very handsome and refined in his casual suit. Meredith smiled slowly at him, stepping outside next to him so she could shut the door and lock it with her keys. When she was done with that, Derek grabbed her suddenly around the waist and kissed her deeply, his mouth melding to hers. Meredith pulled away breathless a few moments later, and put a hand on her racing heart.

"Let's hurry up with this date so we can get back to that part, yeah?" Meredith asked, kissing his smiling lips quickly before pulling him by the hand to his car. He helped her in and then got in himself, putting in carefully into reverse, and a minute later they were off.

"So where are we going?" Meredith asked slyly, hoping he'd answer her this time. Derek had been mysteriously silent all through the week when he had planned this. He just grinned his McDreamy grin at her.

"Patience, Mer, patience. You'll love it, I promise," He told her confidently, turning his bright blue eyes back to the road. Meredith pouted.

"But how do you know? I've never been a girl for surprises," She informed him. He had the gall to smile at her again, like that would solve everything. With a good-natured huff, she slouched in the seat, pretending to ignore the hand he laid on her knee, when really all she could think about was how her skin felt like fire where he touched her.

'No! Bad Meredith! You're mad, you don't like surprises,' She told herself, looking out the window, trying hard to ignore him. But it became too much when the hand that rested on her knee began tracing aimless patterns. Sighing, she sat up, rolled her eyes at his triumphant look, and took his hand, lacing his fingers with hers. Maybe she could handle one surprise.


The drive was a bit longer than Meredith had expected, but she laughed in irony and delight when Derek pulled up to the ferryboat docks, parked and helped her out of the car. Her eyes sparkled with delight, little did she know was a sight that took Derek's breath away, and turned to him excitedly.

"I can't believe you!" She said, thwacking him lightly on the shoulder, him pretending to cringe in pain. "You planned this..." She said in awe, staring at the little restaurant twinkling with lights.

They had come here before, once, before Addison. It had started out as lunch, Derek being a kind boss and taking her here since she didn't want to be stuck with lousy cafeteria food. Until she realized that her idea of a lunch between friends wasn't the same as his. His smirk had told her that he thought it was a date. Nonetheless, she stuck around, admiring the beautiful view of the water and the lively atmosphere of the restaurant. She had dubbed it 'their place'. She had never imagined them coming here again.

Smiling an indulgent smile, Derek just took her hand and led her towards it, pulling her close to him and wrapping an arm around her waist, nuzzling her neck. Meredith grinned, but said nothing.

Inside was a very comfortable restaurant, with hardwood floors, cozy booths and bright, warm colors on the walls. The people were friendly, and there weren't many customers, so Meredith and Derek got a booth near the back, where the best view of the ferryboats was.

With a happy sigh, Meredith settled into the booth across from Derek, giggling when his foot rubbed against hers diliberately. She looked up to see him grinning devilishly, and she rolled her eyes.

"Honestly, Derek, this is dinner. We came to eat...remember?" She said with a raised eyebrow, watching his expression turn to one of wry acceptance. He stuck his tongue out at her playfully, winking, and she giggled again. God. She hadn't giggled since she was like a senior in high school.

"Dinner is overrated," Derek said suddenly, his eyes pursuing the menu. "Wish we could skip straight to dessert," He added with a smirk at her. Her face flushed. Oh, she wished they could too.

"Shut up," She laughed, folding her menu and laying it off to the side. Derek just shook his head and smirked even wider, causing Meredith to kick him under the table.

Once they had placed their orders they sat and talked, about Derek's aspiration to become Chief, about Meredith's upcoming residency and about anything and everything they could think of. As Meredith ate, she kept glancing at Derek, and he kept her laughing. She'd never find anyone better for her, she knew.

Once they were done, they set out for home again, knowing Izzie had gone to stay with Cristina, on the expectation that when Derek and Meredith got home they'd be making a lot of noise.

They were right of course.

Meredith stepped through the door to her house, closing it behind her after Derek had come in, and found herself looking into his deep blue eyes when she turned around. Smiling, she slipped her arms around his neck, pressing a kiss to his lips, and what started out innocently quickly became passionate and hungry, and before she knew it, Meredith was stumbling up the stairs after Derek, and then she was sprawled under Derek on her bed, most of their clothes gone. What happened next was a blissful few moments shared between two people who loved each other.

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