"Derek? Have you seen my suitcase?" Meredith cried, panicked, her hazel eyes searching the empty bedroom for any sign of her large suitcase. Derek had insisted she not bring such a large bag, but Meredith was a girl, after all, and a worrier. She always packed extra.

But now her bag was nowhere to be found, and Meredith internally fretted. How could they move to New York like this, all of a sudden? They'd had barely a week to pack up everything they owned and move it across the country. The perfectionalist in Meredith stressed that, too.

But they had made the decision, and now it was done. Derek had worked out a contract with MMC, their belongings had been packed up and sent away in moving trucks the day before, and now here they were, almost ready to catch their flight to New York. A city Meredith had never even set foot in.

Jerked from her thoughts by the sound of footsteps, Meredith turned to see Derek in the doorway, lugging her large green suitcase along with his smaller black one. She grinned and relaxed. The bag was located. Everything was okay.

Derek took two long steps toward her and suddenly she was gathered in his arms, her face pressed against his chest, her arms around his neck, and his hands on her waist. He seemed to just be comforting her, seemingly waiting for the moment when she would talk first.

She took a deep breath. "I'm gonna miss this place," She admitted quietly, her eyes scanning the barren bedroom where she and Derek had spent so many nights together. Where their bed had sat, where their dresser had been. Theirs. Their first stuff. And now it was on its way to New York in the back of an old U-Haul.

She felt Derek nod against her head, his lips pressing soothingly against the top of her head. He understood. Even if he wasn't going to miss Seattle quite in the same way she did, he understood. That she knew.

"I know. And I am too. And I know…I know this was your home, and I'm sorry," He told her in a quiet murmur, his chest rumbling with the movement of talking. Meredith shook her head emphatically.

"Derek, we've talked about this," She said, pulling back a bit to meet his gaze. His blue eyes were clouded with an emotion she didn't recognize. Regret, possibly? "You asked me to make the choice and I did. We're moving to New York, and that's final," She said firmly, her eyes soft.

He nodded, the look in his eyes fading as he looked at her with a look of adoration. Then, before she knew it he had cupped her face in his hands and met her lips with his in a sweetly fiery kiss. She relaxed into it, her fingers curling around the base of his neck, his skin warm against hers. The feeling of his lips on hers was maddening, but the kiss was slow, sweet. Perfect.

When the need for oxygen became too great, Meredith pulled away, breathing a bit faster than she had been before, heart racing. What a wonderful way to say goodbye to her former home.

"Come on, Mer," Derek coaxed her softly. "Let's go."


The drive to the airport was spent in comfortable silence, happiness on both counterparts in realizing that they finally communicated everything. That they knew exactly where the other stood in this whole matter. And really, that was what they had both wanted all along.

Meredith's friends had decided to say good-bye to them at the airport, Izzie figuring it wasn't a proper sendoff without being there. But by the tears that had gathered in her eyes, Meredith knew any sendoff, proper or not, would be hard enough for all of them as it was.

The airport was slow today, and the lines went quick, and it wasn't long before Meredith and Derek were seated, across from Izzie, Cristina, Alex, George, and even Mark. They all sat quietly, as if almost afraid to break the silence, and only the reassuring pressure of Derek's hand against hers helped Meredith calm down, her nerves already frazzled.

When the voice over the intercom called for them to board, Meredith and Derek stood, and the others stood apprehensively, all shuffling their feet before surprisingly, Cristina was the first to move and embrace Meredith tightly. No tears were apparent in her eyes, but if Meredith knew her friend, she was using every ounce of willpower she had not to cry. But Cristina Yang didn't cry.

After her hug, Izzie stepped up, already crying, Meredith soothing her. George was next, with a surprisingly long hug and a kiss on the cheek. Meredith smiled sadly at him, knowing this was harder for him than he let on, too.

Alex hugged her as well, telling her she'd do fine with big city life. She just laughed, a tear somehow finding it's way down her cheek as the only family she'd ever known wished her well in her new life.

Finally Mark stepped up, hugging her tightly before whispering, "Don't forget the Dirty Mistress' club, alright?" He said with a smirk, and Meredith just cried harder, memories flooding her mind.

They all said goodbye to Derek too, Izzie hugging him, Alex, George and Mark clapping him on the back and wishing him good luck. Cristina just nodded, but at least it wasn't unfriendly. It warmed Meredith's heart to see her friends finally accepting Derek. But just as they were about to leave.

Finally they had to board, and joining her hand with Derek's, Meredith walked off in the direction of the plane, watching her mismatched family slowly become smaller until she could no longer see them.


Once on the plane, Meredith and Derek loaded their stuff and sat down, Meredith's hand gripping his tightly, biting her lip and moving her feet agitatedly. Derek smiled. "Are you scared of flying, Mer?" He asked reasonably, stroking her palm with his thumb. She seemed to relax at that.

"A little," She admitted, not meeting his gaze. "The last time I was on a plane, my mom and I were moving to Boston, and my dad had just left us. I was convinced I was going to die on the plane, I mean, I was five. I don't know…ever since then…no good memories with planes," Meredith told him, moving to lean her head on his shoulder. He stroked her hair with his free hand.

"Don't worry, Mer. I'm here," He told her, and the open intensity in his voice brought tears to her eyes. Her gaze met his, and she found it full of love. "Thank you," Was all she could say, her head staying on his shoulder, gripping his hand when they took off, and slowly relaxing in his as the climbed higher, on the way to the start of something new in New York City.

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