-----Bella P.O.V------

Edward is has been back for a month now and life has been perfect. I still do not trust that he loves even though he constantly tells me. He is so stubborn about the idea of changing me but so far he has not backed down on his deal to change me after graduation. I am counting down the days until i go from klutzy old Bella to new graceful Bella. I am currently grounded because of the whole motorcycles Charlie freaking out thing. He was so mad at first but now he is just happy that I am home and plans to make me stay home until I am 40! I know Charlie and eventually he will come around...hopefully. It is about 6 AM and I need to have a human moment but i am just in complete bliss of being in Edward's arms that I don't want to move. Its so good to have him back.

"Bella I know that your awake and you should be getting ready for school soon." said Edward.

"I'm still asleep trust me."

"Bella do I have to make you get up?"

"It depends how would you make me get up?"

Edward leans over and starts staring into my eyes. Ok well I know how now but I can resist him! Ok I totally can't.

"Edward thats not fair stop dazzling me!"

"I will do whatever it takes to make you get up."

"Ok then change me right now"

"When I said whatever it takes I didn't mean taking away your soul"

"Fine then I am staying right here!"

"Bella you forced me to do this"

Edward leaned really close. I could feel his breath across my face. Suddenly he starts tickling me across the stomach like crazy.

"Edward knock it off this is ..hahaha...not ...hahaha. Funny!...hahahahah...u cheater...AHH"

Ouch! That really hurt! I fell right off the bed and onto my back. Thats gonna leave a bruise. This is what i get for being a total klutz.

"Bella are u ok?"

"Yea just peachy. Well now that I'm up I need a human moment"

I said while walking towards the bathroom. I look back and Edward is staring into space looking at the corner of my room. Oh no he must be thinking about something. Edward thinking equals trouble for me. Great. Just Peachy.