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Amid the swirling fog and steady metallic breathing Pyramid Head stood at the top of the Brookhaven hospital with his burden, itching to drop the creature in his arms and resume his normal sequences of maiming and slaughtering. But he couldn't. Something told him to help this creature. Was it because he could feel the heat from the lithe body on his skin when he couldn't feel the gunshot wounds the townspeople had given him during their violent encounters? Or was it the odd familiarity that was becoming a constant sensation all of a sudden?

The being trembled and arched its back, pain rolling over Pyramid Head as he struggled to keep his hold on the creature. There was the comforting despair that he knew so well; but coming from this creature it was bittersweet, another new sensation to add to his growing collection. With a faint groan the feeble body settled into his arms again. What was wrong with it? Only those who had a death wish approached him voluntarily; maybe this creature was so wracked with whatever emotional pain it suffered from it wanted to die. If so, it had come to the right place.

With this conclusion he placed the creature on the steps and curled his empty fist. He could take care of this without the great knife, of course, but this was a good a time as any to pick up the weapon again. It wasn't as if he was going to dispose of the corpse like the humans did. Thinking of the humans still loose in the town made the natural aggression flare even higher, and without a second thought Pyramid Head was in the street, striding towards the spot where he had dropped the blade. Something prickled in the pit of his stomach but he ignored the small feeling, instead choosing to look forward to using his weapon again. This was going to be a fast job; since the creature was obviously too weak to fight back and it would be too easy to break.

As soon as he was down the street he knew that something was wrong. The gigantic weapon was missing, and in its place was a thin, almost imperceptible line where metal met pavement as it was dragged away. It was an understatement to say that this was infuriating, especially since he knew who did it.

"Hurry up! Can't you feel the change coming? It's going to happen while we're still out here if you don't hurry up!" A voice shouted down the street, echoing through the silence with little care of personal safety.

"Shut up! Do you want it to hear us?" This one was hushed, more learned in the dangers this town brought.

"I think we're causing enough noise for us to hear it anyways." A third voice muttered, accentuated by the dull scraping of metal on concrete.

"Just hurry!" The leader of the three pulled on the rope tied around the knife with an enormous effort and managed, with the help of his comrades, to heave it forward a foot or two. The other two, who were strong young men of the church, added their strength in the surprisingly easy task of dragging the monster's sword back to their sanctuary. Up ahead were more sturdy men, ready to assist the rest of the way. Their only danger was the fiend finding out what they were doing, and so far they had been lucky. The sword was lying out in the middle of the road with the fiend no where in sight; all they had to do was take it and leave as quickly as the heavy weight would allow. The idea was to rid the fiend of his weapon and greatly weaken him, and at first this idea seemed ridiculous but now it was actually working.

The youngest of the bunch, Jeremy, gave another heave with a satisfied smile. They had reached the large group and he wouldn't have to drag the gigantic piece of metal any further. He dusted off his hands on his worn pants and looked back down the street, only to freeze in horror at what he saw.

The fiend was upon them, snarling and bearing down with the massive pyramid helmet, hands empty but still deadly. It knew what they had and was going to get it back at all costs. Before the teen could scream he was swept off his feet by a powerful arm, and as his head hit the pavement a spray of blood coated the monster's boots as a fresh corpse landed on the ground.

It didn't take long for the humans to group together, three of the strongest men wielding the sword like amateurs. They waved it up into the air to fend Pyramid Head off before letting it drop back down with a dangerous clang. The monster seemed to consider the consequences of being hit with its own weapon, but whatever the consequences were the situation seemed to be in its favor because it did not retreat.

"St-stay back! We have your weapon and you cannot harm us!" It was the weakest threat Pyramid Head had ever heard over the years of menacing others. He was vaguely surprised that these people had even managed to drag the Great Knife any distance, let alone wield it for more than two seconds. If he had an ounce of tolerance in his body he would have felt a little proud of their accomplishment, but he didn't, and they were going to die.

The sword went whirling towards his stomach and he stepped back right into the weak daggers and pitiful guns of the other church members. These weapons didn't even stand a chance against him, although his Great Knife could cause some problems if he became too distracted; better to get rid of the weaker ones first.

Jeremy shut his eyes as he heard the adults that he used to think were invincible scream while being slaughtered over him, the hot blood raining down on his stained robes. Silently he prayed to the only entity he could think of at the moment, the one called Valtiel that his father was a follower of, praying to be spared so he could go warn the others back at the church. He was so scared.

It didn't take long to demolish the throng around him, and the people with his Great Knife had quickly submitted to his overbearing force. They had all died easily and a little too quickly. Not bothering to wipe off the blood that was going to become another part of his attire, Pyramid Head picked up the Knife, feeling the familiar weight in his hands. A few feet in front of him an unlikely survivor was slowly staggering to his feet, robes stained with his family's blood. The boy turned and saw the monster, reaching out a hand before falling to his knees.

"Please," Jeremy pleaded, holding his father's robes to his chest, "Spare me. I- I didn't mean to anger you." It would be a heartfelt plea if it was directed to someone with an ounce of pity in them, but, unfortunately, it was not, and with a swing of his knife Jeremy was dead.

It did not take long to return to the hospital, but along the way he had to deal with pitiful traps set up by the humans until the siren sounded yet again. The creature was still comatose when he reached the hospital steps, despite the evident danger towering over it. Pyramid Head raised his knife to strike, to end it all and to return to the similar routine that he was comfortable with. Unsatisfied, maybe, but comfortable. He didn't need this creature to keep him from ruining his reputation.

The creature stirred, struggling to climb to its feet as Pyramid Head paused in mid strike. With a shaking arm it pointed at him as if daring him to strike. This was confusing. Before the executioner could attack, however, it leapt to the side, pulling out a rope it had concealed under its robes and strangling the armless creature set to spurt acid at his back. With startling vigor the creature pulled the rope tighter and tighter, deftly avoiding the acid until the monster stopped twitching and dropped, dead, to the ground. As if it sensed Pyramid Head staring at it the creature raised a hand up to him, fell to its knees, and slumped against his boots.

For a second time he was forced to look at the tattoos on the being's arms, and for a second time he recognized the symbol but did not know the meaning. This time, though, he had seen it on the back of the robes of the humans. Did this mean something? With a faint sigh he let the knife clang on the pavement as he scooped up the odd creature once more. If he was going to find answers to these growing questions he would have to go back to saving the creature. And if he was going to do that he would have to….

The unwanted realization hit him all at once: he would have to go back to the church, his only connection to these symbols. Joy.