The Iris Chronicles Book#1

Hi Mallow here, well it is time to unveil my greatest masterpiece that I want to share to the world, it took me a very long time of e-mailing, racking my brain and a lot of coffees to come up with the ideas of my newest saga. The Iris Chronicles, the saga where it tells you of the life of Iris AFTER the events of I Love You Mommy. Naturally your going to first have read Sleeping Beauty and I love you Mommy to understand this part of the saga and all the characters, but I'll try to put as much explanations in the story as I can.

Again I am forced to repeat this, I do not own FF7 characters and/or locations, if I did you'll be seeing FF's made by Mallow and the stories will actually connect with one another. However I don't so don't sue. However I do own all made up characters including Iris, and other madeup locations.

Finally I want to thank all the people who are actually is in this story, you know who you are. Your motivational help was something inspiring, I will try and portray them as best as I can, if you don't like them or you want to make a change you can still E-mail me. Special thanks to Tiger5913, Forbidden and Lena your characters will make their official if not small debut this chapter (their roles will increase though so don't worry) for every other person who made up a character, they'll debut as the story progresses so I hope you don't feel left out right now, but I'll make it all special I promise.

Around words means a character biography, this explains ANY important characters that you have to know. (Whether they were part of the FF7 world or made up) I can guarantee you characters who are introduced this way will get involved with the active action.

Now let's get to the story :)

Chapter 1: And so it begins...

Our story begins in a quiet yet prosperous town, you probably are some traveler who has been seeing this world and are here to meet with Cloud Strife, he's only a small acquaintance, you know him well enough and your here to see him. Just as your about to arrive at his house a little girl recognizes you and greets you, she seems familiar.

Girl: oh hello, Had no idea you were going to come. Well I'm glad you came anyway, it's nice to have company over. Who am I you ask? Oh come on don't you recognize me? Well if you don't how long has it been since I last saw you? I think it was about 2 years, yeah that seems right I last saw you when I was 6 and I'm 8 now. Oh come on do you still not know me? I'm Iris, yep it's me in the flesh all right, I glad you did not forget :)

Name: Iris Gainsborough Strife
Age: 8
Eye color Green
Hair color Blond
Likes- friends, having fun, going to the mall, cake
Hates- seeing innocent people get hurt, her dad and mom's enemies
Weapon: Staff
Bio: I'm just your normal little girl. Well okay maybe I'm not so normal, my father was THE greatest hero of the planet and my mother was part of a near extinct race, the Cetra. Well despite all this I don't let details like that ruin the fun I can have...oh do you want to keep a secret? I'm trying to learn how to fight like dad so I can defend myself in case someone wants to kill me, someone did during a visit to the Promised Lands I made with dad. I believe that it's my destiny to follow in his footsteps even if it involves fighting, I don't mind though it's actually quite fun. Oh and PLEASE don't tell dad, kay? It will be our little secret.

Iris: anyway, I think I saw you at my parent's wedding...I'll never forget that, it happened 2 years ago...


Priest: and do you, Aeris Gainsbourough, take this man, to be your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold through sickness and health until death do you part?

Aeris: I do, now and forever

Name: Aeris Gainsbourough Strife
Age: 28 (2 years ago)- 30 (present)
Eye color Green
Hair color Brown
Likes- peace, flowers, Cloud (my dad :))
Hates- seeing innocent people get hurt, Sephiroth
Weapon: Staff
Bio: yep this is my biological mother, she just a little after I was born sacrificed herself to save me, dad and this whole planet by summoning something called HOLY. Dad was really devastated and tried to hide any knowledge of her from me fearing that I would do the same thing, all this time he's kept it bottled up. However mommy really wasn't quite dead she was in fact in a coma waiting for her time to come back, well now's she's back and I've never saw dad quite as happy.

Priest: and do you, Cloud Strife, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold till death do you part?

Cloud: I do

Name: Cloud Strife
Age: 27 (2 years ago)- 29 (present)
Eye color blue
Hair color blond
Likes- adventuring, Aeris (my mom :))
Hates- Sephiroth
Weapon: swords
Bio: This is dad, he's been taking care of me ever since I was little. I always thought he was totally open with me, but after I found that he was hiding a lot of things from me I felt kinda bad. Don't get me wrong I do love him but now I can't help but think, does he have any other secrets? Dad is a little over protective and thinks that he can always protect me, I'm sorry dad but not even you can do that.

Iris: this is so exciting, I'm can actually say I saw my own parent's wedding

Iris' friend#1: calm down Iris and let them finish, wow this looks so romantic...I hope I can have a wedding like this

Iris: you will Jen, I just know it

Name: Jennifer Gabrielle Messina
Age: 9 later 16
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Likes: Vanilla ice cream, singing, dancing, true friends, and honest people!
Hates: Judging by outer appearance and lip synchers.
Weapon: whips
Bio: that's Jen, she's my best friend and has always been for me through thick and thin. Jen's a big dreamer and always seems to have a new dream that she wants to have come true. However knowing Jen they sure will.

Iris' friend#2: I predict they will have lots of love and happiness in their future

Iris: I don't quite believe that Lena, they'll be happy but they don't need predetermined fate to tell them that, they'll be happy with the futures they create and I know their going to be together forever :)

Lena Faith Winters
Age: 8 (present)
Eye color blue
Hair color red or orange if you want to call it
Likes: the future, myths, tarot cards, predicting good futures
Hates: predicting bad futures, Death, not knowing how to solve problems
Weapon: Tarot cards (they are thrown)
Bio: Lena is my only friend who's the same age as me, Lena's really into myths and legends and now she's taking up fortune telling. Lena's always telling me about the future and how it's predetermined but I don't believe it. Believe it or not, Lena might have very well been my first opponent...

Priest: and with the power invested in me, you may kiss the bride

Cloud and Aeris faced each other and both slowly moved in for a long and passionate kiss, they have both been waiting for this day and now it has come

Cloud: well now that's done, who wants cake? Last one there doesn't get any!!!

Upon saying that comment almost all the guests charge toward the cake almost running Cloud over. Iris couldn't help but laugh a little.

Iris: oh dad you still amuse me at times...huh? I thought I saw someone...can it be?

Iris runs over to the direction that she saw the person and she was right. Well actually there were two people, one of them was a young girl slightly older than Iris but still a young girl she was looking at the other figure with an obvious hatred in her eyes. The other figure was an older but still young woman while she may look physically beautiful, she has a hint of sadness in her eyes, upon seeing both of them Iris knew who they were.

Iris' friend#3: what are you doing here? Your not wanted here

Woman: I was a friend of Cloud's ever since we were kids, I know he would want me here

Iris' friend#3: than if your such a "great" friend with Mr. Strife why aren't you sitting at the wedding? I'll tell you why, you can't face the truth. All your stupid seducing didn't faze Mr. Strife so when his real lover comes back you can't face him, you can't stand seeing him happy and you're not the one making him.

Woman: T-that's not true

Iris' Friend#3: is it? I know your type, you try and satisfy all the needs in your own life never caring if you ruin anybody else's. Why you even used his own daughter to get what you wanted...

Woman: no, that is so wrong, Iris was Cloud's daughter and she was like a daughter to me so I had to...look after her I couldn't let her grow up without a mother figure

Iris' friend#3: well if that's true, than you are no longer needed, right? Iris' mother has returned


Iris' friend#3: I'm only going to say this once, if you even try and ruin their happy lives now that they are together again, I will personally kill you. I have the ability to do so, the only reason I'm not doing it now is because today is supposed to be a wedding, a happy time not a good day for a funeral.

Woman: will you? I seriously doubt it, kid

Iris' friend#3: doubt as much as you want. I lost so much because of people like you, I'm going to make sure that I don't lose anymore, so you can be sure that this is a promise.

Iris: Christi? Auntie Tifa? What are you doing here?

Christi: glad you could join us, Iris

Christina Nonomura
Age: 12
Eye color mahogany
Hair color ebony black
Likes: fighting, being romantic, her boyfriend/fiance this comes later, writing, and any thoughts of Tifa being brutally murdered.
Hates: Tifa, damsels-in-distress, giving up.
Weapon: katanas
Bio: Christi is my oldest friend. She may act rough and tough, but deep down I know she's really nice. She has been like an older sister to me always looking out for me but does that really mean she has to be mean to Auntie Tifa? Christi shows an obvious sign of hating her, I wonder why? Maybe if she got to know her...nah that will never happen, but I will say this however Christi, I'm glad she's on my side.

Tifa: Iris.....

Tifa Lockhart
age: 26 (2 years ago)- 28 (present)
Eye color reddish okay to tell you the truth I'm not sure, she really doesn't have an easy eye color that sticks out
Hair color dark black
Likes: she never tells me, but I know she likes dad
Hates: again she never tells me
Weapon: gloves
Bio: Tifa has been my foster guardian ever since I was growing up, maybe at one point I COULD have called her mom but something inside prevented me from doing so. Maybe it was feeling that she wasn't? Auntie Tifa always has a hint of sadness in her eyes like she lost something...maybe she has?

Iris: hey Christi why are you here? I thought you were watching the wedding

Christi: I was but than I saw her, spying on wedding...

Iris: anyway come on they're serving cake

Christi: cake sounds good, you coming?

Iris: not yet, I'll catch up with you there's something I want to do

Christi: all right, but I can't guarantee there'll be any left

And after saying just that Christi left, Iris turned to her Auntie Tifa with a look of excitement in her eyes, she hadn't seen her in awhile and wanted to know how she was doing

Iris: hello Auntie Tifa, I haven't seen you for some time now, where were you?

Tifa: uuummm I was busy

Iris: oh, why didn't you come to mom and dad's wedding? I even saw them mail an invitation to you, did you not get it?

Tifa: I got it, it's just well...well it is about your mom and dad

Iris: what is it?

Tifa: they're happy together, aren't they?

Iris: very

Tifa: that's why I can't see them or's because they're happy

Iris: huh?

Tifa: there was a time I wanted to call your father my...well you know

Iris: dad did tell me

Tifa: all my life I dreamt that I could be with him, but all my dreams never worked out he fell in love with your mother instead. Every time I looked at them it always told me how I never fitted in how I can never belong...and when she temporarily died I stood even worse of a chance. Now they're getting married just like Cloud had always hoped would happen...words cannot express how happy I feel for them but I get so sad every time I see them now. I sometimes wish to myself that I could lose all my emotions and start hating them but I can't and I won't. Cloud and Aeris are both my friends and I don't want to ruin my friendship to them even if it means having to live with the pain.

Iris: Auntie Tifa...

Tifa: that's why I came here, I wanted to at the very least I want to say goodbye but only to you

Iris: WHAT??!! Your leaving? But why?

Tifa: I'm so lonely even though I know I have friends. I can't seem to get over this loneliness in my heart so I'm going to find myself and find where I truly belong.

Iris: will I ever see you again?

Tifa: you can count on that kiddo. You know I'm glad out of all the people I can talk to that person is you. Farewell for now

As Iris watched Tifa turn and slowly walk away on her journey. Iris did not feel the slightest bit sad for her instead she felt a great joy for her, knowing that wherever Tifa went she was going to be fine.

Iris: goodbye Auntie Tifa, I hope you find what you are looking for...well I'd better get back before all the cake is gone.

Iris gets back just in a nick of time, there was a good quarter cake left. (Luckily Aeris and Cloud bought the super sized jumbo kind) Iris was than greeted by the newly weds and parents.

Cloud: hey Iris, I thought you were going to miss the cake

Iris: me miss cake? Never gonna happen

Aeris: the way you're scarfing it down, I'm not surprised...say is something wrong?

Iris: what makes you say that, mom?

Cloud: your mother has a knack for questioning when she feels that the slightest thing is wrong, don't worry you'll get used to it

Aeris: and what do you mean by that?

Cloud: err...nothing of course, your just worried about the person that's all...err yeah that's what I'm trying to say

That response caused some people in the crowd (mostly the males) to gesture a "whipped by your wife" motion, this causes Cloud to sheepishly look down.

Aeris: so is there something that happened, Iris?

Iris: let's put it this way mom, are you happy with dad?

Aeris: yes very happy

Iris: and dad, are you happy with mom

Cloud: you even have to ask? Of course I love your mom

Iris: than there's no problem, your both happy

And that quizzical remark was the last thing Iris had to say that day, it left both her parents wondering what she meant by that but they decided to respect her privacy.

*End flashback*

Iris: yep that was exactly two years ago...

Iris than turns to look at her watch and seems to grow upset by what she sees

Iris: darn I'm late!!!! Oh I'm sorry it was nice meeting you but I gotta meet someone today.

And with that the little kid sprinted away from your sight leaving you to think "woah she's fast" well your about to knock on the Strife's door when a tall silvery-hair man approaches and asks:

Man: this wouldn't happen to be where Cloud and his beautiful wife live, would it?

You reply yes it is and all he does is grin however it is a very cold and evil one and it almost pieces through the very essence of your soul.

Man: excellent, I thank you for your help now step aside

You: HEY!!! Who the hell do you think you are?

Man: you do not know me? Good for you, hearing my very name itself will probably kill do what I say, you helped me and your reward is letting you live, don't make me change my mind.

You're about to protest but that very dangerous looking sword the man so casually shows you definitely tells you he means business. The first thought that comes to your mind is just get the hell out of here. Which you do, you silently curse yourself for choosing a cowardly decision but you know this is something way out of you league, you couldn't stop the man even if you wanted to. While your leaving you swear you hear the man say.

Man: soon Aeris, you will be mine

Elsewhere on Mt. Nibelhaim

Woman: oh come on kid, you need to keep your guard up if you want to win

Iris: puff puff, but your too fast

Woman: so? Than you'll have to be faster. The real enemy will never go easy on ya so if you feel that you can't do this than you can let your father protect you.

Iris: No, I guess you're right Auntie Yuffie, now let's try again

Yuffie Kisargi
Age: 24
Eye color brown
Hair color dark black
Likes: materia, cute guys
Hates: don't know if she does hate anything
Weapon: Shurikens, boomerangs
Bio: Auntie Yuffie, well what can you say about her? She along Auntie Tifa also took care of me that's way I refer both Yuffie and Tifa, Auntie. When I wanted to learn how to fight I first went to her and at first a little reluctant eventually agreed to train me in secret. I'm sorta glad, she's a really tough teacher, I've learned a lot in only 2 years. Oh here's a little secret I think she has a crush on Uncle Vincent, hee hee don't tell anybody.

Yuffie: I hope you're ready this time

Iris: I am

The two assume fighting stances and they begin anew again. Yuffie started by delivering multiple kicks at Iris, which all the inexperienced fighter could do was to blck them and hope for the best.

Yuffie: heh you're still too slow, be a little aggressive

Iris: I'll show you

Iris tries to land a multiple punch combo on Yuffie which are easily blocked

Yuffie: you're fighting the Great Yuffie not a turtle, kid

Iris: why you!!!!

Iris than puts most of her strength into one fast punch, Yuffie totally unprepared for it gets nailed in the stomach HARD as the punch hits home. Yuffie falls to her knees in pain.

Yuffie: ooooooowwwwwww

Iris: OH MY GAWD!!!! I didn't mean to hit so hard are you alright?

Yuffie jumps to her feet and gives Iris a grin

Yuffie: no sweat kid, that was very good though...hey WHAT'S THAT OVER THERE??!!!

Iris: where?

As Iris turns around, Yuffie begins to show her expressions of pain from the punch behind Iris' back. When Iris turns around again which is when Yuffie begins to look like she's fine.

Iris: WOW! You're really tough Auntie Yuffie, that was my best punch too

Yuffie: yeah but I can take it!!! (OOOOOWWWWWWW I never knew she can hit so hard, that's the last time I EVER underestimate her. Amazing though I only trained her for two years and her power has grown this much in that short period of time, she must really be related to Cloud. I wonder how much potential she has? Or maybe she has a limitless potential and she can get stronger any time she wants to?)

Iris: planet to Auntie Yuffie

Yuffie: sorry must have spaced out, well kid I have a gift for ya

Iris: really what?

Yuffie: close your eyes

Iris: kay

Yuffie than pulls out a staff from the things she brought, and tells Iris to open her eyes and presents it to her.

Yuffie: I figured since you're learning how to fight you might need a weapon, this a guard staff, it isn't the strongest staff out there cause it's made out of cheaper materials but it's great for beginners

Iris: I love it, it feels so light

Iris than takes a few practice swings and accidentally nails Yuffie in the knee

Iris: oh I did again, I'm so SORRY!!! Are you hurt?

Yuffie: no...ow...just fine kid, well let's go home

The two than turn to go down the mountain, as they walk they talk about things and everything seems to be going fine, just than Yuffie stops.

Iris: what's wrong?

Yuffie: I don't know but I think I might have...felt something, no I'm just working too hard never mind

However at the base of the mountains, Yuffie's feelings are confirmed as a serpent monster comes seemingly out of nowhere and attacks them, Yuffie is prepared and casts ALL CREATION, the creature falls dead.

Iris: what was that thing?

Yuffie: why it's a Midgar Zolom, what's it doing here? Zoloms don't live here nor ANYWHERE near here. Something is up

However another Zolom creeps out and knocks Yuffie away it turns to Iris and it speaks:

Iris Lv-10 HP 900 MP 150

Zolom: diiiiiiiiieeeee

Iris: you can talk? What are you doing here then?

The Zolom does not respond and lunges and strikes at Iris. However Iris nimbly dodges the strike.

Iris: Guess reasoning not going to work, well take this!!!!

Iris charges at the Zolom and jabs her staff at it, she follows it with an upward swing of her staff, twirls, hits it with an downward swing and she finishes with an uppercut strike with her staff ending her four hit combo. The Zolom is overwhelm by this new attack and falls down dead.

Iris: woah...I did that?

(End Battle-Mode)
Result: Iris gains a level, Iris learns Limit Break Level 1: CETRA SLASH

Yuffie: that was incredible, it took me a long time to be able to handle one of those, you're a lot stronger than you look.

Iris: aw thanks

Yuffie: that thing's behavior was strange though... Zoloms aren't picky about their targets. It looked like that one was intending to go for you.

Iris: it also talked.

Yuffie: ooookay now I know something's up

Upon saying that several three more Zoloms come out

Yuffie: get out of here Iris, I'll take care of these ones

Iris: but...

Yuffie: look I'm no detective but I think something happened to your parents otherwise these things won't be attacking

Iris: okay, I'll be back I promise

Iris turns towards to the direction to Nibelhaim, she is able to make it to the outskirts and is shocked by what she sees. There is a crowd of the Nibelhaim townspeople standing there, they seem both worried and upset. Iris sees Mrs. Messina (Jen's mother) and goes talk to her.

Iris: Mrs. Messina, what's wrong?

M. Messina: it was awful everyone was doing minding there own business, when these dark men came, they chased almost everyone out of the town. However we're not leaving yet because there are still people in the town including my Jennifer. You know how stubborn she is, she said she had to help as many people as she can before she leaves, oh I'll never forgive myself if anything happens to her. We have to wait to see if the people still in the town make it out.

Iris: please, did my parents make it out? Like they would NEVER let a thing let a thing like this happen.

M. Messina: no they didn't make it out, in fact they were the only people I never saw at all. I don't know where they are or what happened to them, I'm so sorry Iris.

Iris: WHAT??!!!

Without thinking Iris races off into the invaded Nibelhaim, people try and call her back saying it's too dangerous but Iris didn't hear them or probably ignored them, for she kept on going till she was in the town itself. She had to find her parents and help the trapped people, she wasn't training for 2 years for nothing.

End Chapter 1: And so it begins...
Next Part: The Four Strongest Girls on the Planet

And so ends the first chapter of my really long series. Looking back I conclude by saying, I'm going to be here for awhile before I'm done.

I apologize to any Yuffie fans there are cause I made her look like the comic relief for a good part. I apologize for any Tifa fans I may have offended by the role I gave Tifa but I think it suits her, she needs to find soul searching answers to her questions. I apologize to any Aeris/Cloud fans there too cause I agree I didn't use them enough, but they'll play a bigger role as the story progresses.

Oh I can't apologize for how some characters acted, that was how the people I asked requested them to be like so I tried to keep them in that character.

Anyway next chapter the action heats up as Iris fights for her town oh but she's not going to do it alone (yep some of the other made up characters are going to help.) Also Iris learns of her first major enemy (if you haven't been able to figure it out up till now.)

Well peace. :)