The Iris Chronicles Book#1

Hi Mallow here, once again with another chapter of my own PERSONAL Final Fantasy and if I had my way it would be a REAL Final Fantasy and all these characters will be on the gaming screen. Sigh like I wish, oh well I'll keep dreaming

Yadda yadda don't own Final Fantasy yadda yadda blah blah

Hey Zeion Strife thanks for the compliment but don't go too far, my characters aren't perfect and I'm not that good. For some of that characters they were made up by other people and they are: Jen, Christi, Liete, JON, Andy and Heather all respect and rights should no HAS TO go to their own creators, they helped me a lot and I am eternally grateful. For the original characters which include: Iris, Lena, Leo, Lance I just look around my surroundings and do my best at looking around and finding inspiration for them and creating them but don't take my word dor it so let's go behind the scenes.

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

We are taken to a computer in a basement. The room is really messy with papers on the floor and boxes of junk surrounding the area our attention is taken to Lance watching TV.

Lance: Belldandy...*drool* I wouldn't mind someone like YOU living with me forever!!!!

Leo: BAKA!!!! You're on

Lance: oh! So I am, how ya doing people? Lance Kinneas here, if you forgot who I am I'm that incredibly bright, talented...

Leo: and not to mention horny

Lance: HEY!!! Can I help it if the girls all want me? Anyway I'm the mechanic and the brains of the group and this is my associate Iris' self proclaimed rival Leo Celestials

Leo: hmph, I still can't believe Mallow made us do this...what Mallow was thinking while coming up with us is that he takes snips of favorite TV shows, books, games and personal quirks he sees in people around himself...

Lance: more or less combine them together apply a few extra finishing touches and VOILA! Characters get made take me for example I was thought up when Mallow thought hey wouldn't it be something if the "brains" was a ladies' man? So he took Irvine Kinneas (from FF8), Locke (from FF6) and a genius personality and there's me!!!

Leo: I on the other hand was created with a lot more thought, Mallow felt that Iris' would need a rival and so I was made, he gave me Heero Yuy's personality (Gundam Wing) Vegeta's ideals with enemies (Dragon Ball Z) and a few other touches so there.

Lance: creating characters may not be the easiest thing to do but its fun and don't be afraid to change a character, heck Mallow does that a lot why when he was starting out Mallow almost made me interested in Iris

Leo: I'm glad he changed that I don't think Iris would be interested in a baka like you

Lance: shut up, the only thing left is TRYING not to make it sound too obvious (like using names are okay but don't make a character dress exactly like an already existing character, etc) it's a great way to avoid a lawsuit

Lance: like the time you got pulled over because you're driving underaged?

Lance: heh well that will change in that next book well let's get on with this chapter

Leo: it's the final one of this particular book

Lance: I can hardly wait...*turns back to TV* oh come on Keiichi you love Belldandy don't let her leave please, you made a promise!!!

Leo: BAKA!!!! You've seen this OAV of Ah My Goddess!#5 100 times now you already know what happens!!!!

Lance: yeah but it gets more interesting every time at least I appreciate good anime you Heero Yuy impersonator

Leo: well at least I'm not a Belldandy stalker

Lance: HEY I only wanted her autograph

Leo: to the point you actually snuck into the temple where she lived?

Lance: hey there's nothing wrong with a little devotion

Leo: you took pictures of Keiichi and her "getting it on"

Lance: okay THAT'S IT CELESTIALS!!! You're GOING DOWN!!!!!

Lance jumps at Leo and a fight gets started.

Leo: DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!

Lance: you first!!!!!

Iris: *sweatdrop* um....on to the story

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

Chapter 6: Sephiroth's duel?

Nibelheim was attacked (again) and was saved again by this group of special young people. The final battle is almost at hand and the group is licking their wounds and getting prepared.

Doctor: I'm sorry but because of the extra strain your father put on himself, it made the poison work even faster, he's got 24 hours at the most

Iris: Isn't there ANYTHING you can do?

Doctor: I don't have the ingredients I can't make an antidote

Iris: I understand can I be alone with my father please?

Doctor: as you wish

As the doctor leaves, Iris is left alone with her father and her thoughts

Iris: father, why? Why did you risk everything like this?

Cloud: because you and your mother are the only people left in this world that I truly hold dear

Iris: father, please rest you can't risk straining yourself in your condition, please father...let me deal with Sephiroth

Cloud: you possess your mother's determined spirit...I don't know what to say, I know I don't have long but I can't risk losing you to that monster like how I lost your mother

Iris: father what happened on that day? Why did Sephiroth come back? Where is mother?

Cloud: every time I think of that moment, I curse myself for being so weak...

Iris: I can take it, heck I've went through worse

Cloud: very well...

[Flashback, the day Aeris disappeared (and basically all these events happened]

Cloud: I was at home with your mother, just enjoying the day

Cloud: [so where's Iris?]

Aeris: [she's on a camping trip with Yuffie up in the mountains]

Cloud: [so we're home alone today?]

Aeris: [yes]

Almost by instinct Cloud wraps his arms around his wife

Cloud: [than you know what that means...]

Aeris: [Cloud...]

Cloud: [aaaawwww you're blushing]

Aeris: [I am not...]

Cloud: [oh come yes you are]

Aeris: [well so are you]

However this happy moment is ruined when Cloud gets a strange feeling

Cloud: [damn, I don't know what, but there's something here...stay here I'll check it out]

Cloud: I left our bedroom, got my trusty Ultima Weapon and made it to the living room...that's where I saw that devil, that demon...Sephiroth

Cloud: [S-S-Sephiroth]

Sephiroth: [oh hello Cloud, I'm not interrupting anything am I? Heh heh]


Sephiroth: [A temporary set-back...but I thought you of all people would understand me I am a God]

Cloud: [you're still just as insane as ever I see, what do you want?]

Sephiroth: [you're head on a stake would be nice, but not today no what I want is the lovely goddess that you selfishly hold for yourself]

Cloud: [A-Aeris? I'm not going to let you harm her like you did last time]

Sephiroth: [oh come now, Cloud I can assure you that my intentions towards her aren't violent...just shortly after I defeated I felt that my plans have failed my great masterpiece METEOR had failed. What had destroyed it? I did a little investigating and found out Aeris summoned HOLY, I was incredibly impressed never in my mind would I believe a woman of such beauty and charm was capable of such power, she's the most powerful woman on the Planet and the only one fit enough of being my goddess, and you Cloud are going to personally deliver her to me]

Cloud: [you're in love with her? HA you're even crazier than I thought; well you came way too late she's already married bucko and your stupid mind control tricks won't work on me this time I'm even stronger than I was then. Leave us alone now and maybe just maybe I will spare your pathetic excuse for a life]

Sephiroth: [indeed you are, but that won't stop me...Aeris will be mine]

Cloud: I fought him as best as I could at first I proved to be a little stronger than he was...

Sephiroth: [you're power has increased by tenfold Cloud, I am remarkably impressed]

Cloud: [spare me your flattery you've gotten weaker without your precious mama]

Sephiroth: hmph

Cloud: Aeris...why did you get involved?

Upon hearing sounds of fighting, Aeris goes out to investigate herself

Aeris: [Cloud? Is something...wrong?]

Sephiroth: [ah the goddess shows her face]

Cloud: [Aeris, get out of here...]

Aeris: [no, if Sephiroth has returned I want to fight him with you]

Sephiroth: [touching...but it won't save you]

Cloud: Sephiroth that monster, played with my weakness

Iris: your seemingly natural ability to help people whom you care for?

Cloud: yes, he lunged at her sword first; it was like that terrible incident at the Forgotten Capital he knew what I would do for my wife

Iris: so you got fooled by his trick and took a shot that looked like it was heading for mom?

Aeris: [CLOUD!!!!]

Cloud: [ alright?]

Aeris: [Cloud! I should be the one asking that you were the one that got stabbed]

Cloud: [don't'll take more than a sword wound to slow me down]

Sephiroth: [once again Cloud I'm already one step ahead of you, I prepared my blade just for you it's been tipped with a rare poison that is specially designed to kill off your infused Jenova cells upon entering your bloodstream, you will die a slow and very painful death]

Aeris: []

Sephiroth: [speechless my dear? You can save him you know]

Reaching into his cape Sephiroth pulls out a vial

Sephiroth: [this vial can cure him, and for a small price all you have to do is agree to be MY wife]

Cloud: what happened next...surprised even me

Cloud: [Aeris...don't...I don't care what happens to me, but I can't live with the idea of you giving yourself to him...]

Aeris: [Cloud, all these times you protected me...whenever I was with you I felt so safe and secure...Cloud, my husband...this time I'm going to protect you!!!]

Aeris whirls around and turns to face Sephiroth a very apparent look of anger was on her face without a word she lifts a hand and fires a white beam that blasts the vial (and almost takes Sephiroth's hand too], she than lowers her hand and her own Princess Guard materializes in her hands as she takes a fighting stance ready to fight.

Aeris: [do you think I'm so naïve? I don't believe for one moment that you will help Cloud, I don't need any of your charity to help him.]

Cloud: [Aeris, you don't stand a chance...]

Sephiroth: [HA this shows how much you know your own "wife" didn't you know the secret power she has? One that rivals even mine]

Cloud: [power? Aeris what is he talking about?]

Aeris: [it was after I summoned HOLY and died for it Cloud, the Planet allowed me to return to you...but my body was too damaged to return on it's own I used the leftover power that HOLY left behind after it destroyed METEOR to heal myself...but something happened the HOLY energy fused with me and became a permanent part of me...I'm sorry I didn't you this sooner Cloud, but I didn't want you to worry about me. I should have enough power to finish off Sephiroth and after I'm done I should be able to cure your poison]

Sephiroth: [my Aeris that's quite a burden of you thinking you can eliminate me without Cloud's help...but it's qualities like that, that turns me on]

Aeris: [shut up you sick freak, I hate try to hurt this Planet, you toyed with Cloud's mind and body, you tried to become a god at the expense of others this is unforgivable and as a Cetra it's my duty to stop those who wish to harm any living creature]

Iris: so if mom was just as strong as Sephiroth, so why is he still here?

Cloud: he relied on cheap tactics once again...

Aeris: [FIRE 3, ICE 3, LIGHTNING 3]

Aeris fired her three spells almost at the same time all Sephiroth could do was block the onslaught of the attack but surprisingly he never lost his cocky smile

Sephiroth: [impressive, you actually damaged me]

Aeris: [I'll do a lot more than that when I'm through, ULTI-]

Sephiroth: [nice plan of attack, with your power an ultima spell would do nicely, but aren't you forgetting something?]

Sephiroth holds up Cloud in front of him by the throat as a human shield

Sephiroth: [toast me and you'll toast Cloud]

Cloud: [forget about me Aeris, just finish the job]

Aeris: [I-I...I can't]

Sephiroth taking advantage of the situation drops Cloud and lunges at Aeris who lowered her guard, he's able to knock her out and carries her in his arms

Sephiroth: [you would make the perfect queen for me Aeris, but it's those feelings of kindness that slows you down, I'll show you what true power'll hate me at first but you'll thank me later, farewell Cloud live this day as the beginning of your nightmare first you lose your wife, shortly after that you'll lose your first-born]

Cloud: [You Bastard, if you do anything to Iris!!!]

Sephiroth: [I don't need to do anything to her that she'll do to herself...]


Cloud: and that's what happened

Iris: that...that monster, hang tight dad...I'll defeat him once and for all

Despite being bed-ridden, despite all that has happened, despite seeing his only daughter about to fight for her life, Cloud Strife for the first time in some time smiled.

Cloud: I knew you'd say something like that, but tell me Iris why do you fight?

Iris: to find mom and to avenge you...

Cloud: no, you don't fight that reason, the path of vengeance never brings anyone relief, believe me I should you fight for another purpose I can see it in you, please I know Sephiroth has angered you but think clearly and tell me your true purpose

Iris: I...I fight so no one has to go through what I'm going through, so that they don't have to see their own families suffer...I fight so I can protect my family and friends, I fight so I can help people see a peaceful planet because I love this planet and I can't let anyone ruin I think that's why I fight

Cloud: no you answered correctly, good people should have pure intentions when they choose to fight...that's why I am a failure at a fighter

Iris: that's not true dad! You're the greatest fighter ever!

Cloud: am I? Or did I do so well because I got lucky? No you truly represent those who should fight with your purity, that determination, the ability to fight with no hatred in your soul...I wish I could have been like you when I chose to become a SOLDIER, when I chose to fight, Iris I wish I can be as strong as you are...Iris only you can save this planet and your mother...Iris I know I tired to slow you down when you wanted to take this path...but know this...Iris no matter what, I believe in you!

And with those words Cloud fell fast asleep.

Iris: he spent a lot of energy today, like I said hang tight dad...everything will be all right...and dad? Thank you

Iris leans forward and kisses her beloved father on the forehead, leaves to check on Yuffie (who still is sleeping soundly) and leaves to gather her friends

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

Lance sighed he just couldn't believe the damages on the engine on the SUV, oh well Lance liked working on things it keeps him occupied, well at least things were going his way, Lance smiled at the memories of meeting all the cute girls on his journey: Jen, Heather, Lena, Iris, Christi, Liete yep this journey was definitely worth it. He was so into his work that he didn't see JON approach him.

JON: sir Lance?

Lance: ARGH!!! Hey don't sneak up on me bud, so how are ya feeling?

JON: well as good as a kid who got metal weaponry grafted to him would feel, your friends did an incredible job in the repairs, my systems are at 100% efficiency again in fact they also upgraded my ammunition capabilities so I can carry more ammunition without affected my mobility.

Lance: well what can I say? They're professionals

JON: why are you repairing our transportation I was told we would not need it

Lance: I just can't stand leaving something in repairs I don't know it's just a pet peeve of mine

JON: do you want me to assist you?

Lance: no thanks, do ya mind if I do this ALONE?

JON: oh I understand sir Lance

And JON leaves Lance to continue working on the damaged vehicle, however Lance wasn't alone for long as a woman in her mid-twenties, Asian descent and looks A LOT like Jen approaches him (can you guess who this is? :))

???: excuse me are you Lance Kinneas?

Lance: huh? Wha? Oh sorry didn't see you there, yes I am do you need anything?

Mrs. Messina: Just want to talk, so you're the boy that my Jen keeps talking about

Lance: basically...hey Jen talks about me? What does she say anyway?

Mrs. Messina: well you're an incompetent flirt who can't keep his mind on his job for more than a second...

Lance: yeah I knew she'd say something like that...

Mrs. Messina: wait I'm not done, but you're a kind and compassionate person who always does his best to help everyone before he considers helping himself

Lance: wow she said that...about me? I thought I left a bad impression on her

Mrs. Messina: well apparently you did not, you're the first boy that Jen has ever talked about this descriptively

Lance: why thank you, but I wouldn't know why I'm just a simple mechanic...I not anything special

Mrs. Messina: I can see you work very hard, amazing repairing a that sorta advanced for your age?

Lance: I ask myself the same question, but I don't know fixing and making things has always been like an instinct to me, I don't know where I got was like when I was born I could handle anything mechanical if I had the right tools, well I thought that I should use this talent to help Mrs. Messina for a mom you're pretty cool

Mrs. Messina: (hhhhmmm, handsome, hardworking, charming and modest to the boot...people like this are very fact he's PERFECT!!!!! He'll make the perfect husband for my Jen)

Lance: um, why are you looking at me like that?

Mrs. Messina: oh nothing, you know if you ever want to learn more about Jen, you're always invited to our house

Lance: gee thanks...well I better get back to work

Mrs. Messina: well good luck

And she leaves

Lance: wow I never Jen thought about me like that...things certainly are different around here

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

Meanwhile in the Nonomura household, Christi was lost in deep meditation. What was happening was quite surprising Christi had actually made a once in a lift-time spiritual link with someone very far away in a similar meditation.

Christi:....who are you? You have powers similar to mine...are you a friend or enemy?

???:...first tell me about you, your powers are indeed similar to mine and I do find this strange do I know if I can trust you?

???: you don't as I don't know if I can trust you...very well I will give you my name, I am called Troy

Christi: and I'm Christi

Troy: I can tell you right now, if you don't have any intentions against my family or me than I am not your enemy

Christi: I guess the same can be said for me

Troy: that is good

Christi: tell me who is your family?

Troy: they are the...

Christi was so deep into her spiritual link that she didn't notice a figure enter her home and step right in front of her, after waving his hand in her face he comes to the conclusions that she is really out of it and decides to get her attention the old fashion way.

Curt: HEY CHRISTI!!!!!!!

The sudden distraction causes Christi to snap out her meditation and breaks her spirit link; she turns to face Curt with the look of utter frustration.


Curt: um, I wanted to see you

Christi: did you realize that because of what you did, I have almost a million to one chance of doing EVER again?

Curt: but I missed you, you do things without ever telling me

Christi: I don't tell you so you don't get in my way

Curt: oh I get it!

Christi: what are you talking about?

Curt: you don't tell me anything because...YOU ARE CHEATING ON ME!!!!

Christi: WHAT??!!! I'm not even interested in you!!!

Curt: I can't believe how selfish you are, Christi you always think of yourself

Christi: HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!!!!! You of all people have no right to call me selfish; do you have any idea what goes on with my life? If you lived one day as me, you will be thanking god that you don't go live with my type of pain I don't have time to deal with you

And with those words, Christi grabs her katana and leaves the perplexed Curt alone to ponder what he just did

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

In an empty field four figures were there, two of them looked like they were about to fight, one of them was standing leaning on a wall observing the last two and the last one was playing with her baby blue dragon.

Jen: okay Heath, I'm not going to hold back

Heather: and neither will I

Jen: should we use weapons?

Heather: yes, I was taught that enemies would always use one

Jen: so weapons it is! Fine by me, I was hoping for a challenge anyway

And so the fight between the Kunoichi (female ninja) and the Cetra began. Heather started things by charging towards Jen but Jen calmly held her ground and using the advantage of having the longer weapon lassoed Heather's wrist forcing her gun-blade to go flying out of her hand.

Jen: we just started and already I have the advantage, things aren't looking well for you

Heather: don't get your hopes up I've only started

Heather quickly tugs on the end of the whip and pulls Jen close enough to elbow her in the stomach causing her to drop her whip. Heather takes it and throws it aside.

Heather: there now it's you and me hand-to-hand

Jen: yes let's fight the way humans have been fighting since the dawn of time, only a fool would trust his or her life with only their weapon

Heather: stakes are high, are you nervous?

Jen: nah, I can still beat you in fact I can wager on it

Heather: do you have something in mind?

Jen: you seem interested in Lance, I already promised him a can have it if you win

Heather: yes, I like that prize...but what happens if you win?

Jen: well I would like to know why you seem to know him, before...oh I'm sorry is that too personal to ask?

Heather: no, I can deal with it; very well if you win I'll tell you

Now the fight begins for real, both combatants prove that they are both equal skill being able to block every punch, every kick that they were able to throw at each other. Soon the fight was over, both fighters had done equally well, neither one had done any serious damage to each other and both looked like they were unable to continue.

Jen: so...pant...who won?

Liete: well from my viewpoint it looked like a tie

Heather: really?

Liete: what do you think Andy?

Andy:....I agree...

Liete: woah, is that all you're going to say? (Geez what a stoic guy)

Jen: so how do we settle this now?

Heather: I guess we can share the prizes, we BOTH go out with Lance and I guess I can tell you a little secret

Jen: all right sounds fair


Andy suddenly gets up and leaves

Liete: he doesn't say much but I guess even he knows when he isn't wanted, I guess I'll go with him

And Liete leaves to follow

Heather: long ago...I-I had a friend...who was very so like Lance

Jen: how exact?

Heather: enough, whenever I felt weak...he'd would always be there for me...I know I'm too young to have feelings this serious but I could have very well said I loved him


Heather: one day...he died trying to protect me, I never felt so weak in my life not being able to do anything for him, all I have left is my memories but I know that they'll keep me going...I don't want to let anyone else down, so I don't want to let Lance down either

Without warning Heather takes off running with tears in her eyes

Heather: (you don't remember me Lance, that's what hurts the most)

Jen: am I...getting in the way? Maybe Lance was meant for Heather, argh I wish I knew what was going on in her head

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

Andy stood alone watching the sunset memories passing through his mind. Memories of his past, memories of his journey, memories of the pain and suffering that he had to go through day after day. They were total strangers to him and yet he felt so compelled to help them, was it to ease his pain? His thoughts were interrupted by a voice behind them.

Liete: so that's where you are, you know you're really hard to follow

Andy: I prefer not to be followed...what do you need?

Liete: nothing, I just never got to thank you...

Andy: thank me?

Liete: yeah, without your help Lily could have been that horrible monster forever and...well I don't want to talk about what I would have done...Lily is my best friend in the whole world so that's a reason to thank you

Lily: ^_^

Lily hops off Liete's shoulder and the baby dragon begins nuzzling Andy's leg

Liete: see, Lily thanks you too

Andy: amusing, but you're welcome...I just did what I had to do, tell me if you had to would you kill Lily if you had no choice?

Liete: I...I don't know...but I would have found a way to help her, I don't want any of my friends to die

Andy: I thought so, that what makes people like you and me don't want to be alone but I embrace the loneliness

Liete: but why?

Andy: why do you want to be with people?

Liete: I think loneliness is painful

Andy: well I think being with people is more painful

Liete: huh?

Andy: people die everyday, when I get close to anyone I fear that tomorrow they won't be there anymore

???: but you don't have to be alone

Liete: Iris?

Iris walks in on this scene, obviously hearing everything

Iris: you seem like a nice (and cute) guy, and I want to be your friend...

Liete: yeah so do I

Iris: you can choose whatever path you take but don't feel'll always have friends but you must stop to make them

Liete: Iris is right Andy, loneliness is a greater pain than loss you should think about that


Iris: well guys we're getting prepared for the biggest battle of our lives, meet me a town square, okay?

Liete: right *salutes*

Iris: oh come on Liete, you're not a soldier anymore

Liete: huh? Oh sorry force of habit

Iris: we'll meet you at town square, okay Andy?

Iris and Liete leaves Andy with his thoughts but when they are totally gone he says these words:

Andy: thank you Iris, Liete...

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

Again elsewhere in Winter's household

Lena: man what a day...never in my life would I experience what I have seen

Man hanging on wall: HEY! Little girl!!! Can you PLEASE let me down?

Lena: huh? Oh you're still here...

(Read Chapter 2 for what happened)

Lena: not now I'm busy...I want to consult the cards first...

Lena than draws her tarot cards and begins reading them in the Tarot fashion

Lena: strange...the cards don't tell me anything, we must be going down a path where anything could happen but who will win? Sephiroth or us?

Just than there is a knock on the door, Lena gets up and opens the door and finds Heather at the door.

Lena: you know there's a doorbell

Heather: door...bell? Why do I want the door to play music?

Lena: never mind, say have you been crying?

Heather: no...I came because your friends say you're a psychic

Lena: I wouldn't say that, I can read a little tarot cards but that's it

Heather: that will do

Lena: so what do you want to learn about yourself?

Heather: no it's not about me...I want to learn something about Lance

Lena: why don't you ask him? I bet he'd spend hours talking

Heather: no I want to learn about any deep, spiritual things deep inside Lance that not even he would know

Lena: I'm not sure what you mean but I guess I can give it a shot

Moments later

Lena: the cards don't tell me anything, no wait...there's something different about him, yes the cards say that he's not the person he believes he is

Heather: I knew it!

Lena: huh? Know what? Heather do you know something that we should know?

Heather: nothing, it's not important besides Iris told me that we had to meet in Town Square, the other reason why I came here was to get you

Lena: oh okay (she's hiding something but what?)

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

Again elsewhere at the foot of Mt. Nibelheim, Leo was passing the time by thinking of his many battles that he participated in but whenever he did that it brought him the memory of his one loss.

Leo: why? WHY??!!! Why did I lose to her? Her ideals are weak and she hates fighting so why did I lose when we fought? It doesn't make sense, I've been training far longer than she has and yet she still is my equal!!! AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH

In his frustration Leo responds by blowing up a huge rock with a beam, Jen than enters the scene hearing everything

Jen: do you want to know why? Because Iris has something that you don't


Jen: she has a reason to fight, people to protect. As long as she knows that there are people still depending on her, she'll keep on fighting...maybe one day when you find a person to protect, you can truly equal Iris


Jen: look I didn't come here to lecture you; we're needed at town-square

Leo: very well, the lack of action was boring me

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

Later at Nibelheim Town-Square

Iris: okay so what did that weird lady say again?

Jen: she gave you a strange jeweled orb and said it was the key...

Leo: so what are we waiting for, use it!!!

Iris: um I don't know how...

Everyone (except Leo and Andy): -_-'

Leo: hmph, baka


Iris: what? Why are you all looking at me like that...damn I hate being this close yet so far

However when Iris holds the orb up to the sunlight it begins to glow

Iris: huh? I think it's reacting

Heather: why didn't I see this before? It's a teleportation gem; they are usually set to transport people or things to one certain location

Lance: where do you think that is?

Leo: isn't it obvious? Sephiroth is finally going to stop hiding behind his goons and fight us at his lair

Lena: but...what happens if the gem doesn't take us there? Maybe Sephiroth will take us to some deserted location and let us die there

Andy: no that wouldn't make sense...despite all he's done he's still a warrior and has to retain a sense of pride

Iris: and besides he doesn't think we're any challenge to him

Christi: well let's prove him wrong shall we?

Heather: all right everyone touch the gem but make sure that enough sunlight is touching it, though...

Everyone did so and in an instant there was a flash of blinding light, as everyone felt almost like they were lifted and soon the blackness came...

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

When everyone could see again they realized the gem did do its job, because they were now in a cold, dark place with a very large gloomy looking palace in front of them

Iris: I guess it worked...

Liete: I knew I had to do this one-day...but I never saw myself this far

Lance: gee was this so predictable or what? A dark and gloomy castle and us preparing to storm in for the biggest battle of our lives, can this get any more movies-like?

Jen: what's the matter, scared?

Lance: you're mean Jen...

JON: my scanners indicate a lot of high energies surrounding this place, but I cannot sense much life forms within the structure

Lena: strange wouldn't he keep something important like his own home guarded?

Christi: I guess he's confident that no one can beat him

???: ah children, so you've arrived! Welcome to my humble abode


Sephiroth: now now, are my guests going to act this way? I'm in the tallest tower of this castle, go there...if you feel that you have the courage


But it was too late the voice was gone. Iris frustrated, stamped her foot on the ground and charged inside even blowing up the door on her way in, everyone were not too far behind.

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

An hour JON had said the castle was completely empty: no guards, no monsters, in fact the whole hour so far was spent trying to navigate through the huge place.

Christi: okay we've been here for an hour and so far we passed by a hall, a kitchen, a study, a library, a conservatory, a lounge and a ball room

Lena: gee all this place needs is a billiard room

Lance: *snacking on a turkey leg he managed to steal from kitchen* yum...needs cranberry though...

Heather: LANCE!!! We're here lost and all your thinking about is your stomach?

Lance: sorry but this isn't easy work you know

Leo: this better end soon...I might go postal on them

However persistence does pay off and soon the gang has reached the staircase leading up the tower and Sephiroth waiting for them

Iris: We made it!!!! Okay let's finish this

Sephiroth: yes let's...

Leo: you better be prepared Sephiroth...your strength is nothing compared to mine

Sephiroth: you mere children think you can actually beat me? Well let's find out if you're worthy of fighting me...

Suddenly the wall opposite to them begins to crumble and break down as a huge tentacle creature enters it also looks vaguely familiar

Heather: J-Jenova?

Sephiroth: no this is a creation from of my new assistant, Jenova Nightmare. Iris' father already killed my real mother and for that I hope his death is slow. This creature is a product of your nightmares and if not, it will be...

With an evil laugh Sephiroth disappears leaving the children to deal with this new monster.


Iris: damn, we're going to have to beat this thing if we want to get through...

Leo: Hmph! I don't care anymore...

Iris: WHAT??!!

Leo: I only care about two things, killing Sephiroth and defeating you...but IT NEVER SEEMS LIKE THAT!!!! I only fight for battles that I want to fight and I couldn't care less if this abominations of nature lived or died...tell me when this fight is over

Leo casually leans on the wall not moving a muscle

Iris: damn you Leo!

Heather: never mind, I don't mind...I will kill this thing myself

Lance: Heather...what are you doing?

Heather: t-this freak took almost everything that I loved 300 years ago; I will not rest until I know that every piece of it is destroyed


Lance grabs Heather and restrains her

Heather: let go of me!!!! This thing must die!!!

Lance: Heather you're not thinking clearly!!! This thing will kill you in your frame of mind, we don't even know if this thing's got a weakness

Jenova just than let's out a cry and swung a tentacle at Heather and Lance, luckily Lance saw it and was able to roll the both of them out of the way

Lance: hey! You okay?

Heather begins to stare at Lance with a shining look in her eyes

Heather: Lance, you did it again...

Lance: what did what?

Heather: nothing...just thank you Lance...

Lance: *blush*

Andy: this is nice but can it wait?

JON: I have finished scanning this creature. It is too big to be taken on directly so the only solution is to destroy its core

Liete: where's that?

JON: the creature has it hidden within its center, but it will only show when the tentacles are immobilized and even after that's done the core will only show itself for only a few minutes enough time to make only one shot

Iris: well we've learned that he only thing fast on it, is its's not capable of speedy movement

Lance: and it likes to attack things that moves in close enough, that's why it attacked me and Heather

JON: I've scanned any possible attacks Jenova can do and they are all close ranged

Christi: so it's main purpose is to keep as away from the tower, we could try to sneak by it but it is too big to sneak around

Iris: so we're going to take it out, it's the only way

JON: it has 8 tentacles and they all have to fall at around the same time otherwise they'll regenerate

Iris: well there's 10 of us, well 9 since Leo is being a jerk...

Leo: hmph

Heather: you guys each take out the tentacles, I'll destroy the core...I want to strike the finishing blow

Iris: I understand let's go!

Fighting a human opponent was one thing but fighting a tentacle was another thing, and hitting one was difficult let alone hitting them at the right moment.

Lance: argh don't these things hold still? I can't seem to get a clear shot

JON: neither can I Sir Lance, even when I target it

Iris: I'm not going to give up now...PLANET BEAM

Iris fires her trademark attack and as luck would have it she hits a tentacle and torches it right off.

Iris: YES!!!!

Andy: good one Iris...

Iris: (WOW HE NOTICED ME!!!!!)


Andy followed up with his wolf shape beam attack and torched off another one, unfortunately the rest of the group wasn't having it so easy. Lance, Lena and JON were trying to target a tentacle but weren't having much success, Liete just got hammered by another stray tentacle and was sent reeling, Jen whip had caught one but she was having trouble keeping it down and another one grabbed Christi and was trying to squeeze the life out of her.

Christi: argh, sorry but I don't play that way...ODIN ZANTESUKEN

With some several swift movements Christi was able to break free and make Jenova sushi out of the tentacle.

Liete: ow that thing hit's hard...ready Lily?

Lily: ^_^

As if it were planned Lily leapt forward and bit the tentacle that struck Liete

Liete: okay that's good MAGIC ART

Liete begins to draw and paints a picture of giant saw-blade and sure enough it came to life and decapitated the stunned tentacle

Meanwhile Lena has used her CONFUSE CARD to distort the tentacle she was fighting and with a few well-thrown cards it also came tumbling down. Meanwhile Jen had still wrapped one of the tentacles and it was threatening to rip free

Jen: argh, oh no you don't...HEAVEN'S SURPRISE

But this time instead of sending a spark projectile from her whip she channeled the electricity through her whip and was shocking the wrapped up tentacle like an plug in an outlet. It soon fell down limp


More Vulcan fire came but was too slow to hit the speedy tentacle, however when the cyborg fired a HEAT SEEKER the missile hit and literally blew the tentacle to pieces, now there were seven down

Jen: Lance! Hurry up I think the rest are regenerating

Lance: easier said than done, oh the hell with it...REMOTE BOMB

Lance quickly hurled a surface mine, which attached perfectly, Lance quickly, pulled out his detonator and pushed the button blowing off the last tentacle. Now that all 8 were gone Jenova began to roar in pain and as true to what JON said the core began to show itself, it looked like Jenova's true "face" and it looked hurt

Heather: finally I'm going to send you back to hell...HEAVEN'S GATHER

Heather plunged her gunblade deep into its "face", she showed no compassion or remorse as it began to whither up and die, Heather than slowly removed her blade and sheathed it. After that she makes a short prayer and whispers:

Heather: there I've done in peace, my friend Lance


Lance: huh? Did you say my name?

Heather: what? No of course not

Lance: I heard ya, you said something about me resting or something...

Iris: well I didn't hear her

The rest of the group all nod in agreement

Lance: heh, I must be hearing things

Leo: finished? About time

Unfortunately he doesn't see that Jenova is not totally dead, in with what seemed to be its last of its strength it raises its face and shoots a beam from her mouth aimed straight for Leo before totally dying, luckily Iris sees this and rushes to save him. There is a big explosion as the dust consumes Iris and Leo.

Jen: IRIS!!!!!

Liete: oh my god...

Lance: I never could have seen that coming

Lena: are they alright?

Iris: YOU JERK!!!!!

Christi: something tells me, they'll be fine

As the dust clears, the rest could see that Iris is now sitting on top of Leo after rolling out of harms way with him. There was a huge hole punched into the wall just a few feet behind them where Leo used to be standing.

Iris: be more careful!!!! You're going to get yourself killed


Iris: what?

Leo: why did you save me?

Iris: what type of question is that?

Leo: you know very well that I'm going to kill you after I destroy Sephiroth

Iris: I know you won't...and even if you did, I value life too much just to let you die. Life is a valuable thing and if we just sit there and let it die, than we're no better than people like Sephiroth. I love all living things and I feel that they all deserve a chance, even you Leo...

Leo:...a chance?

Iris: yes, take Sephiroth for example...father used to tell me stories that he used to be a good man but when he found out he was born from Jenova that all changed. He went on a rampage and nearly destroyed this planet...he he even killed mother and he destroyed his chance

Leo: but aren't you on this quest to save her?

Iris: she was allowed to come back from death but that wasn't until some time after I was born, I never knew she existed for 6 years...

Leo: she means a lot to you doesn't she?

Iris: yes, that's why she's counting on me and I can't let her down. I also know that Sephiroth's plans would hurt many things that's why I have to fight to end his dark ambition and bring peace to this planet

Leo: peace, that's only a dream


Leo: this world thinks fighters like us aren't needed but that's not true. Just as long as there people, there will always be conflicts and from those conflicts fighters like me will be born.

Iris: I don't think it's a fact if we try hard enough it can be a reality

Leo: anyway I owe you one, now can you get off of me?

Iris: oh sorry

Leo: (I think I understand now, but peace...that is only a fantasy it can never truly happen)

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

After Jenova Nightmare's defeat climbing up the tower was easy, at the top seemed to be some sort of gothic shrine and standing next to it's alter was Sephiroth

Sephiroth: aw greetings children, you've made it this far...I'm impressed

Iris: SEPHIROTH!! Prepare yourself

Sephiroth: I was impressed but not enough to allow you the honor of fighting me; you are still weak children before me

???: will you allow me the honor my lord?

Sephiroth: Lady Athena, yes I think I'll allow you this honor

From behind a one of the curtains the hooded woman from Mt. Nibelheim walked out and daintily stepped towards Sephiroth's side

Athena: I have heard of how you defeated Jenova Nightmare, very good that creature was one of my best creations, few could ever figure out its weakness or muster the strength to defeat it

Heather: something doesn't feel right about this

Lance: damn, who is this woman?

Lena: why do I feel that I know her?

Jen: yeah same here

Christi: me too

Iris no...It can't be

Athena: you've done an impressive job so far, fighting for your beliefs, fighting for what you think is right, but you must understand change is before us...the planet is past, the time of Sephiroth is now. All your fights are going to be nothing compared to this one, so I hope you are strong enough but if you are not don't cry children, your suffering will end soon

Athena reached for her hood and removed it, revealing...

Iris: NO!!!! Mother?

...Aeris. (oh come on who didn't see this one coming?) Aeris removed the rest of her robe (no you hentais she's not nude keep your thoughts pure please) showing her skintight, quite revealing costume (it's obvious Seph's a perv)


Aeris: now let's make this a spectacle of a fight...MAELSTORM

Aeris suddenly sends black shockwaves which collides into everyone and sending them flying back into a wall.

Iris: mother stop what are you doing?

Heather: Athena...I can't believe I didn't recognize the name before

Lena: do you mean THE Athena?

Heather: you heard the legend too?

Lena: it's one of my favorite stories

Iris: what? What does this have to do with mother?

Lena: long ago there were 3 gods who called themselves the Heavenly Messengers they caused pain and suffering to anyone who met them

Heather: in the end, some who couldn't stand the suffering that these gods were causing fought back, one of them was killed, the second was sealed away and the third mysteriously vanished, Athena was the one who got killed and as a spirit I guess she chose your mother's body as a medium

Iris: so you're telling me mom is possessed?

Heather: yes, but don't worry I think I can exorcise the spirit out, but I'm going to need at least 5 minutes of concentration

Christi: I don't think we have that much time and you're going to stick out like sore thumb

Lance: don't worry, I'll protect Heather...don't worry Heath, I'll die before I let anything happen to you

Heather: No Lance, please don't make a promise like that

Lance: but

Heather: please...just don't

Lance: I'll try but I won't make any promises

Iris: okay we'll serve as a distraction and maybe I can talk to her

Aeris: are you quite done? I'm getting bored

Iris: mother, it's me Iris

Aeris: stop calling me that

Aeris rushes forward and grabs Iris by her throat

Aeris: if I had children, they wouldn't be this weak did you forget about me? Please remember who you are

Aeris: hmph, I know that I'm Athena and you are a fool who is in the way

Aeris than throws Iris into a wall, Iris braces herself but gets slammed into it and falls dazed on the floor.

Christi: its no use we're going to have to take her down without hurting her until Heather's done the spell

Christi than powers up and sends her KATANA BEAM flying towards Aeris, unfortunately she nimbly flips out of the way.

Christi: damn...she's fast





The sent attacks go flying but before they strike Aeris she begins casting a spell


The attacks hit the Planet Protector shield and bounce off harmlessly, not even doing a scratch on Aeris

Liete: what the? We didn't even do a scratch

Aeris: ho ho ho, do you even think you can even touch me? MAELSTORM

The black shockwaves again fill the atmosphere hitting everyone again even Lance in the distance who is being a human shield for Heather

Lance: argh...such's...incredible

Heather: stop it Lance, you're going to die if you don't stop

Lance: I can't Heather, you must finish that spell you're doing and free Iris' mom, otherwise she's going to hurt people against her own you want that to happen?


Lance: don't worry I can take this

Meanwhile Aeris had just taken out JON and Jen easily with her Princess Guard, she casts ULTIMA and knocks out Lena and Liete


Aeris sidesteps and avoids the move and kicks Christi in the gut


Aeris sidesteps again and grabs Andy's arm and elbows him in the face

Andy: she's tough

Christi: I never knew Mrs. Strife could be so inhumanly strong

Aeris: and now it's time for judgment, HOLY LIGHT

The room begins to glow; a dim light at first but it begins to get brighter and eventually consumes the entire rooms and an explosion soon follows. When the light passes everyone is hurt badly, in fact the walls and ceiling were destroyed in the explosion revealing a very long drop if someone was to fall.

Christi: can't end like this

Christi tries to stand but eventually succumbs to her injuries and passes out, meanwhile at the other end of the room Lance had used his body to this time cover Heather from the light, he was successful but was entirely spent

Lance: there...pant...I did...all...that I could do, it's all left to you Heather, sorry I couldn't do more

And he too passes out

Heather: LANCE!!!! No there's no time I won't let it go in vain Lance

Leo: damn her strength is unbelievable

Andy: I knew she was strong but this is totally something else, Leo we're the only ones who can fight

Leo: not quite, look

Leo gestures to Iris who was slowly beginning to stir, she was able to block the upcoming attacks and was trying to get up

Andy: I see okay Leo the only way out of this is to give her everything we've got...Iris will be our trump card in case we fail

Leo: let's do it

Andy and Leo begin to charge their remaining power and unleash it at their fullest



The two unleash the attacks and hit Aeris before she is able to cast any spells, the aftermath of the attack was successful they had been able to hurt Aeris a bit

Aeris: heh heh heh

Leo: what's so funny?

Aeris: I find it funny that you're so frantic that you'll waste your energy like this

Leo: what do you mean?


Holy light and angels begin to surround Aeris as they magically heal her

Leo: pant, all that...for nothing

Andy: it's not over yet...Iris will pull through

And the two also pass out as Iris begins to get up and views the chaos before her

Iris: Jen, Christi, Lena, Lance, JON, Leo, Liete, Andy...I'll stop her don't worry, how close are you at finishing Heather?

Heather: just a bit longer Iris

Iris: that's all the time I need

Sephiroth: so what does the little girl have up her sleeve?

Iris slowly begins to walk towards her mother with a look of hope and determination in her eyes

Iris: mother, please I don't care what you say you are still my mother

Aeris: Are you deaf? I am not

Iris: I know you still remember me somewhere inside, that's why you couldn't finish me when you had the chance, that's why you saved dad back at Mt. Nibelheim, that honor stuff was all nonsense you still love him

Aeris: C-Cloud? head...what's happening to me?



Scene: when Cloud and Aeris first met

Aeris: hello would you like a flower? It's only 1 gil

Cloud: okay


Scene: The church

Aeris: are you alright?

Cloud: yeah I will be.....this flower patch broke my fall.....wait a minute...FLOWER PATCH??!!

Aeris: yes....this is the only place they grow in Midgar, I feel that this is a very special place....

Cloud: maybe they grow because a special person takes care of them....

Aeris: *blushes* well......uummm so do you remember who I am? I remember who you are...

Cloud: how can I forget? You're that flower girl I met in that slum.....

Aeris: YOU DO REMEMBER!!!! Oh how rude of me....I'm asking if you remember when you don't even know my name....I'm Aeris...

Cloud: nice to meet you, my name is Cloud, I'm a SOLDIER...First class

Aeris: really? Do you have any materia?

Cloud: yeah....

Aeris: so do I, but mine's's good for absolutely nothing....

Cloud: maybe you don't know how to use it?

Aeris: no, no it's nothing like was my always brought me luck....anyway you said you were a SOLDIER?

Cloud: yes....

Aeris: than could you be my Bodyguard?

Cloud: well it will cost you.....

Aeris: about one date?

Cloud: all right....


Scene: Golden Saucer in the gondola

Aeris: Cloud, I'm having a lovely evening....

Cloud: I'm glad your enjoying yourself.....I'm having a great time myself....

Aeris: Cloud.....I want to meet you....

Cloud: But I'm right here....

Aeris: No Cloud....I want to meet the real you....

Cloud: The real me? Anyway Aeris I have a question to ask you....were you and know Serious?

Aeris: no we were not....we were kids back then, and I guess to me it was puppy love....when I said the whole Zack was my true love, I didn't really mean it....any feelings I had with him.....I guess aren't there anymore....

Cloud: really......Aeris...I have to tell you right now.....if I don't I think i'm going to explode....Aeris, I love you......I have ever since we met and I still do....

Aeris: Cloud.......but what about Tifa?

Cloud: I can only love her as a friend....Aeris please you must tell me....what do you think of me?

Aeris: Cloud....*gets all teary eyed*

Cloud: What's wrong....

Aeris: I'm just so happy.....I can tell you too....Cloud I love you too....and I.....*Cloud moves in and they share a passionate kiss*


Scene: Just after the date

Cloud: Aeris...

Aeris: I had a lovely evening, thank you I'll never forget it

Cloud: Aeris, there's something I want to ask you

Aeris: what?

Cloud: I know it's going to sound sudden but you can refuse...after the time we've spent together I've been thinking and I've decided that you're the one for me, what I'm trying to say is...Aeris will you marry me?

Aeris: Cloud I'd love to, but we can't right now, there's too much chaos and suffering in the world...if we had a child than what type of life would we be able to give them? Cloud I'm not turning you down but can we get married after this is all over? After we stop Sephiroth

Cloud: all right I'll wait...after its all over



Iris: you're remembering him? Please mom do, father's hurt really bad and only you can heal him

Aeris: Cloud's hurt...Cloud? CLOUD!!!

Iris: I know that spirit in you is strong but please mom find the strength to fight!!!


Heather: amazing even when she's possessed Iris is finding a way to reach her, I bet she can do anything when she sets her mind on the task, Iris you've inspired me, your determination is what my people back then should have only regret is that I can't tell them, instead I'll free your mother

Sephiroth: WHAT?! What is going on, what is that brat doing?

Aeris: Iris? Is that you my little Iris?

Iris: mom? You...

Aeris: yes...but...the pain...

Iris: please hold on a little longer

Aeris: child...thank you

Heather: there it's done, now evil spirit BEGONE!

Heather shoots a white sphere at the now calm Aeris, it hits her and at first Aeris begins to undergo a seizure like movement but eventually she stops and falls to the floor and a figure wearing a scantly clad costume (one similar to the one Aeris is wearing), she has raven black hair and soulless looking red eyes exits Aeris' body, it's obviously the spirit of Athena.

Athena: NO! How can this be possible? I chose the perfect medium and my hold on the female's body was perfect how was she able to resist?

Iris: my mother won't just simply give up; she'll never stop fighting when there are people on the line, that's a trait that I inherited from her

Heather: now I'm going to seal you away so that you may never harm another living creature again

Athena: very well now that I no longer have a physical body anymore, I admit defeat. But know this my fellow gods will avenge me

Heather: ha, you're bluffing...Zeroth was sealed away as well and your leader disappeared without a trace there's no way they'll come back, no not without the legendary mystic Cetra that defeated them in the first place

Athena: there's someone out there whose ambition is greater than Sephiroth he'll be someone to fear

Heather: whatever, BEGONE

Heather casts a yet another ball of light but this one made the evil spirit fade upon impact, Heather wipes sweat from her brow

Heather: wow I never knew I was capable of this

Sephiroth: you little BRAT!!!! YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!!!!

Iris: it's over Sephiroth, give up now

Sephiroth: never, you may have made my love stop loving me but I will still destroy you

Iris: loved her? That's the funniest joke I've ever heard, you were the one who killed her and you expected her to love you? You had her possessed just so you can have tell you what you wanted to hear? You made my mother no better than a puppet, I'm going to beat you down just for that now don't get me started on the rest of the evil sins you've done

Sephiroth: enough talk, now you die

Sephiroth draws his Masamune and charges straight for Iris. Unprepared Iris takes the full hit and is knocked out of the tower but she does not go alone, she is able to grab Sephiroth and drag him down with her.

Heather: IRIS!!!

Heather runs to the edge just in enough time to see Iris and Sephiroth crash into a balcony below, Iris gets up first and gesture Heather to help everyone and not worry about her.

Heather: all right, I hope you know what you're everyone I hope this works, HEAVEN'S TEARS

Small clouds begin to gather as a misty, refreshing rain begins to shower over the fallen fighters and heals their more serious injuries; they all begin to stir a bit.

Heather: that's the best I can do I'm sorry but this spell still needs perfecting

Aeris: than allow me, GREAT GOSPEL

Again Aeris casts her famous healing spell but this time for all the fallen warriors, with Aeris' magic strength everyone was on their feet in no time.

Heather: you must be Iris' mother; it is an honor to meet you

Aeris: thank you, but where is Iris?

Heather: Sephiroth, he knocked the both of them down there

Aeris: if that monster does anything to my daughter...

Everyone rushes to the site where Iris fell and could see that Iris was beginning to fight Sephiroth on the balcony below and was on the receiving end.

Sephiroth: what's the matter? Where's that confidence now? HA HA HA

Jen: we have to help her

JON: no stop, I'm scanning some sort of field that is surrounding the two, it was kill any living matter that passes through...I'm afraid there's nothing we can do

Jen: you mean she has to fight him alone?

Aeris: I...I believe she can do it

Christi: Iris has always been able to overcome the impossible and she can do it again, right?

Meanwhile Iris was not in a very good condition, she was forced to her maximum strength but was still getting beaten. She raised her staff to block any more up coming attacks

Iris: pant...pant...

Sephiroth: pitiful and I don't even need to use my Masamune yet, now take this!!!

Sephiroth charged at her and executed a fierce four hit punching combo and ending it with a sidekick that sent her back.

Iris: argh

Sephiroth: TAKE THIS!!!!

Sephiroth had now drawn his Masamune and swung it directly at Iris giving little time to defend, however she was still able to block with her guard stick, unfortunately Sephiroth's Masamune was able to cut it easily into two.

Sephiroth: HA did you believe that a piece of tin can save you?

Iris received another kick after that mock; Iris looked up at the still healthy enemy things weren't looking good and since she now did not have a weapon that gave Sephiroth an unfair advantage.

Sephiroth: so child, do you yield? Do you fall on your knees like your father did? Maybe I might spare your life

Iris: pant...never...I won't give up, you're going to have to kill me if you want to fully beat me

Sephiroth: ha ha very well, let's see how you take this! SUPER NOVA

The tired Iris wasn't ready for this, Sephiroth's strongest summon. She took almost the full extent of the damage as the planets were striking her. She finally fell to the ground the only thing keeping her alive was her determination

Sephiroth: I cannot believe that a mere child could cause me so much grief...

Iris: damn, I don't...have anything left to fight

Sephiroth: you know that I'm not lying I do love your mother but your accursed father had to win her first. So I killed her so she would not interfere and plus I would rather saw her one with the planet than in Cloud's arms

Iris: you're...sick

Sephiroth: when you're mother returned, I was impressed about how she was able to cheat the boundaries of death and what even amazed me more was how powerful she became, apparently she became one with HOLY, heh she didn't even realize this until later. So I made my decision right there to make her my queen after I cleansed this planet of the filth called humanity. However she was too hard to control, she still had those dilutions fed to her by that scum you call a father.

Iris: mom, will never give up on were...wasting your time

Sephiroth: at first I thought that too...but I was in luck that was how Athena came. Once she was one of the most powerful beings but now was powerless, as she no longer had a physical body so I offered Aeris' just as long as she agreed to do whatever I asked

Iris: I take that back, you're not totally need help

Sephiroth: things were going smoothly, now that I had a queen I was ready to go through with my plans but you interfered. What is with you Strifes that you always interfere? I killed your grandfather and now your father will eventually die from the poison and now so will you...

Iris:, you bastard

As Sephiroth begins to loom over Iris, sword in hand things looked like it was over.

Sephiroth: pity, you could have become almost as beautiful as your mother too bad you'll never see that day!!!

Meanwhile up above the "spectators" watched on fearful for Iris' life all feeling helpless that they couldn't do anything, Leo was the angriest and pounded the ground in frustration.

Leo: DAMN!!!! I can't believe that we have to sit here and watch this!

JON: yes but I'm afraid no living matter can pass through the field Sephiroth has made

Leo: wait, you only say living matter cannot pass through

JON: correct

Leo: so can energy or inanimate objects make it through?

JON: the statistic probability of that being possible is...

Leo: OUT WITH IT TIN HEAD!!!!! Can it be done or not?

JON: it should be possible though not likely

Leo: that should do, mother of Iris

Aeris: yes?

Leo: Iris has told me that you are the most powerful magic user on this planet do you think it would be possible to heal Iris from here?

Aeris: it's quite a distance, but I'll do anything for my daughter...okay I'll do it

Leo: good

Jen: but Leo, even if you heal her Sephiroth still has the weapon advantage

Leo: don't worry I have that covered

Back down below, Sephiroth has raised his sword at the downed Iris

Sephiroth: how ironic, you're mother died in a very similar fashion as you, on the ground


Iris could hear her mother's voice overhead and a soft light beginning to touch her no embrace her, instantly she could feel her strength returning. Iris looks up just in time to see a sword impale her chest or that would have happened if her mother's GREAT GOSPEL didn't also include temporal invincibility. Iris quickly took this time to move out of the way before the invincible effects wore off.

Sephiroth: I see that you have to resort on cheap tactics to win

Iris: shouldn't I be the one saying that? You have to poison my dad just to beat him and you have to possess my mother just to make her like you

Sephiroth: you talk too much you know that kid?

Iris: whatever...

Sephiroth slashed at her with his Masamune again and again, Iris with her newly gained strength avoided the blows easily but it wasn't helping her gain the upper hand. However Iris could hear this time Leo's voice calling to her.


Iris looks up just in time to see Leo throw his sword at her, Iris turns her attention back to the fight and without looking, catches Leo's sword by the handle.

Iris: thanks Leo...

Iris this time, is on the offensive and fights back with an aggressively yet skillful grace that suits her. Sephiroth is unprepared to fend off this attack quite surprised that Iris also had skill with a sword; this is the moment that Iris needs to capitalize and with a skillful slash knocks Sephiroth's Masamune out of his hands and down the tower. Seeing that her enemy was now weaponless Iris draws away the sword and charges straight for him, before Sephiroth even can react Iris had pounded him in the gut with her fist, she than follows this by jumping vertically a few meters into the air with a raising/flying uppercut punch to his chin.


Sephiroth is knocked away by Iris' new technique and falls dangerously close to the edge of the balcony; he takes a moment to wipe some blood off his cheek.

Iris: that was for mom and dad...

Iris begins to charge energy into her hands and aims the surface of her palms at him. Sephiroth's eyes widen as he realizes what she was going to do.

Sephiroth: no! Wait!!!!


Iris' trademark beam shoots out of her hands and blasts Sephiroth with such force it knocks him off the tower, she could hear his screams as he began plummeting to his death.

Iris: and that was for me...after all that fighting it's finally over, I...I won, I DID IT!!!!!

Despite all he serious expressions she was showing going into the fight, she finally gets to show the little girl side of her and begins jumping around and making a victory sign.


After the moment passed, Iris begins walking out of the room to find her friends; she finds them just outside the room. She is greeted by many hugs from some of her friends and her mom, others gave her thumbs up and two gave a grunt of approval (that was Leo and Andy).

Iris: I defeated him and he's never going to bother anyone else ever again...

Jen: so how do you feel Iris?

Iris: it was a very tough battle but I couldn't have done it without you guys...oh that reminds me, Leo thanks for letting me use your sword you can have it back

Leo: keep it, you need it more than I do

Iris: Leo...

Leo: just think of it as a rival's gift to remind you that our battle is not over yet

Iris: I'll keep that in mind

Aeris: your father?

Iris: FATHER!!!! I almost forgot about him, mom only you can heal him

Aeris: (but will I be in time? I shouldn't have let my own blind rage for Sephiroth get in the way...Cloud is dying because of me, maybe things were better off if I stayed dead)

Iris: mother I can only guess what your thinking but don't think that dad's life would have been better off without you...he was completely miserable but he tried to hide his pain and pretend that he was happy but when you came dad now is sincerely happy and that's the greatest thing I ever want to see. Mom you must never give up hope on yourself or dad

Aeris: you're right because sometimes hope is all we have, Iris we have to leave right away I have to see him

Lance: what a touching moment now if this was a movie all we need is a disaster to interrupt this peaceful moment

Just then the walls of the palace begin to shake, crumble and fall as the place begins to come down forcing the heroes to start running for their lives.

Aeris: this place was created by Sephiroth's demented mind and since he's no longer here this place cannot support itself


Lance: sorry...I guess it's a gift

Jen was concentrated on getting out she didn't see a piece of shrapnel almost hit her and causes her to trip.

Lance: JEN!!

Lance stops and runs back to tend to her, everyone is about to stop and help

Lance: don't worry about us; I'll save her, just go!!!!

Everyone else turns and reluctantly leaves, leaving Lance and Jen

Lance: Jen, you okay?

Jen: Lance, you came back for me...

Lance: hey you do still owe me a date and besides I can't leave a pretty girl to die

Jen turns her face away just a bit to hide her blushing smile. Lance figuring that he is hitting a sensitive topic decides to change it

Lance: can you walk?

Jen: I think so...ow, I must have twisted my ankle when I tripped

Lance: I'll carry you, come on everyone's gonna get worried about us

Lance scoops her up and begins to run but after a while another piece of the ceiling threatens to crush them

Jen: Lance save yourself


Just then a blue light begins to emit from Lance

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

Meanwhile everyone else was able to get out successfully and was some distance away from the palace

Lena: is everyone alright?

Iris: Jen's still in there!!!

Heather: Lance is as well, I'm going to go try and help them

JON: I shall come too

However Heather was already too far ahead for her to hear JON all that mattered right now was to help Lance. However when Heather got to the palace entrance, she let out a gasp of surprise. Lance was holding on to an unconscious Jen while a blue energy sphere was surrounding the both of them. Lance looked like he was in some sort of trance as he step by step walked out of the crumbling castle while any falling hazard bounced harmlessly off his blue shield. It wasn't until Lance had safely set Jen on the ground that his energy shield disappeared and Lance himself collapsing to the floor.

Heather: (his powers are beginning to manifest themselves...but Lance is not used to using them so they put him in a trance like state so he can use them effectively...Lance I knew it, you are the one)

JON: MADAME HEATHER!!!! How is Sir Lance?

Heather: huh? Oh it's you I saw Lance and Jen here unconscious, they appear to be fine

JON: that's a relief...

Lance begins to stir and soon opens his eyes

Lance: Heather? What happened? Where am I?

Heather: you made it out

Lance: and Jen?

Heather: you saved her life, Lance

Lance: thank god, but I can't remember how I did it

Heather: don't worry Lance *bends down and hugs him* the important thing is that you're safe...(Lance you're not ready to know the truth yet, just wait a little longer, okay?)

Lance: *is taken by surprise by hugs back* I suppose you're right...

However Jen was awake all this time and saw the scene with Lance and Heather that led to them hugging, a brief pang of rage fills her soul, was this jealousy? Jen closes her eyes so she doesn't have to see anymore.

Jen: Lance...

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

The trip home was a fast and easy one (thanks to the teleport orb) but everyone couldn't settle down just yet. Now was going to be the time to find out whether Cloud would live or not, Aeris was in his room alone right now trying to figure out the best way to heal him. Meanwhile outside the room:

Iris: please...let my father be okay

Jen: don't worry Iris, your father's tough he'll make it

Liete: after all he did fight Lily even in his bad condition

Lily: qui?

Liete: no Lily, I don't think you would have won if Cloud gave you two out of three bouts

Leo: if he truly lives up to his legendary status he'll live

Lena: he'll live...

Iris: is this one of your predictions?

Lena: no this is my instinct

Andy: Iris...I don't want to lie by saying he'll make it...but

Iris: that's all right all I want is hope that he'll make it

Andy: than I Iris I believe he'll make it

Iris: thank you that's all I need...

Meanwhile inside Cloud's room

Aeris: Cloud...

Aeris looks over her fallen husband, he usually is so full of life especially in his eyes and in his eyes alone Aeris can lose herself in them. However now is not the time to think such pleasant thoughts, Aeris kisses her Cloud on the cheek as she begins to work, chanting and casting the strongest version of GREAT GOSPEL she can ever cast. If it worked Cloud should be able to recover in no time but if it failed, no she didn't want to think of what would happen if she failed. Soon the task was over and all that was needed was to wait and see if it worked but it looked like it wasn't going to.

Aeris: had to work, have to get up.

Unable to take anymore Aeris begins sobbing at Cloud's chest

Aeris: Cloud after we've all been through after all the sacrifices we made, you can't die...please Cloud please don't leave me, I love you...

Aeris was so wrapped between her cries that she didn't see that it had worked and Cloud was slowly beginning to open his eyes he gently put a loving arm over her and began to speak.

Cloud: ah morning hon, what's for breakfast? Hey why are you crying?

Aeris: because you are...

Aeris stops crying at once and slowly looks up, the look on her face was priceless


Unable to contain her joy, Aeris began hugging her husband at a surprisingly demonic strength

Cloud: hey hey, a little tighter and I won't be...

Soon they broke off the embrace and began talking

Cloud: I see that you defeated Sephiroth...

Aeris: no that wasn't me our little girl was the one who did that

Cloud:...Iris did that? Our little Iris?

Aeris: she's not so little anymore Cloud, she's developed a sense of maturity somehow and...


Aeris: CLOUD!!!!! Pay attention, this journey that she went on has taught her many things and...

Cloud: Aeris, please don't say what I think you're going to say...

Aeris: this is her destiny she chose to fight of her free will and now her path is going to go in that direction

Cloud: I was afraid you were going to say that. *Puts his hands over his face* ever since I took her to the Promised Land when she was 6, an evil spy tried to hurt her...Iris was the one who killed him by using some of her unknown powers...but ever since then, I didn't want to admit it but she changed...she was trying to grow but me, I was stopping her and slowing all because I didn't want her to fight. At first I thought she was doing it because she was related to me and had to but it didn't take until I was dying in my own bed to see her determination in her eyes, I thought I saw you in her eyes. Tell me Aeris am I a bad father for trying to deny what Iris wanted to do?

Aeris: I will be honest with you and you weren' just did what you thought was right, Cloud nobody wants to see their loved ones go out into the battlefield it's perfectly human nature. Like when we learn that someone dies or is missing we feel a part of ourselves do the same thing

Cloud: yes, that was how I felt when you died Aeris

Aeris: Cloud...

Cloud: people are always dying on me Aeris, when I was father was killed in an accident, my mother was killed when Sephiroth went crazy, Biggs, Wedge and Jessie were good friends but damn that Shinra and finally were the most painful pain to take when Sephiroth thoughtlessly took your life I thought a part of me was gone, I almost considered taking my own life when Sephiroth was dead...but I thought about Iris, the last part of my life that went right and felt that I couldn't leave yet, no I had felt the need to raise and protect Iris...

Aeris: is that why you felt so attached to Iris? Because you couldn't bear another loss?

Cloud: I don't know I just don't know anymore...

Aeris: your father...I admit I heard about all your other losses but your father, do you want to talk about him?

Cloud: sure, my father was a Shinra SOLDIER first class but that meant he would always be away from home, I always missed him but I was inspired by day, I was only a young boy...maybe around 11 or 12, when I heard the news that he was killed in a motoring accident. Heh, I remembered that I cried for days...but I felt that I had to follow my father's footstep and try to become a SOLDIER myself.

Aeris: Cloud, I understand this is becoming too painful for you

Cloud: that's all right...I like talking to you, I feel that I can leave my problems behind whenever I'm with you...

Aeris: that was sweet Cloud

Cloud: oh and I like your new outfit...

Aeris: wha?

Aeris looks down and realizes that she was still wearing that scantily "bad girl" outfit that Athena made her wore when she was possessed by her. Aeris lets out a shriek and tries to cover herself up.

Aeris: and I see that you're still a perv Cloud, I'm going to get dressed. Geez why is it the female villains always seem to wear next to nothing?

As Aeris heads to her wardrobe, she does a quick scan and finds a pair of jeans and a blouse and begins putting them on

Cloud: hey can I help it if you have a great figure? Sephiroth didn't do anything to you did he?

Aeris: well he had a spirit of a long deceased goddess possess me

Cloud: no I meant in the ahem, sexual sort of way

Aeris: don't worry I may have been possessed but that was one thing that I didn't do...thank god, I don't think I could live with myself had I done that

Cloud: that's a relief...hhhhmmmm maybe I should have thanked Sephiroth for giving you that outfit

Aeris: do and I'll personally run a sword through you

And the happy couple was able to laugh after all they have through; after the laughter died Cloud began to get up.

Aeris: hey are you sure you want to get up? It might be easier if you rested a bit

Cloud: Aeris I've rested long enough, all I want to do now is see my daughter, enjoy the new peace that she gave to everyone and basically just live

Aeris smiles sweetly at Cloud as she kisses him on the lips and soon they share a passionate French kiss

Cloud: what was that for?

Aeris: for being you...

Cloud gave his wife a roguish grin as he follows her out of his room. Outside Iris and her friends were waiting anxiously for some news and when they saw the Cloud had fully recovered their cheers and congratulations could be heard from the entire town.

Iris: DAD!!! YOU'RE ALRIGHT!!!!!

Cloud: heh, it'll take more than a poison to take me out

Iris: dad, I said this once and I'm not ashamed to say it again, you're invincible!!!!

Cloud: well I'm not totally; there are two people who have a lot of power over wife and kid

Leo: this is the living legend? I don't know what is funnier, his hair or the fact that he's considered a legend

Iris: Leo don't be so mean

Leo: heh, whatever

Aeris: well thanks for all your help everyone...well I know some of you but I regret I don't know all of your little friends yet Iris

Iris: oh that's right, well you already know Jen, Christi and Lena

Lance: I'm Lance Kinneas, at your service

JON: call me JON


Heather: I'm Heather...

Liete: Liete and this is Lily

Lily: ^_^

Andy: Andy

Cloud: *whispers to Aeris* what an interesting bunch

Aeris: *whispers back* well our friends weren't any less interesting

Cloud: that's true

Iris: mom can my friends stay for dinner?

Aeris: hhhhmmmmm...I'm sorry, but there's something we're going to do tonight Iris...

Iris: *disappointed* well I guess I can show you around before you go

Iris and friends turn and leave.

Cloud: I know that smile; you have something planned don't you?

Aeris: you'll see Cloud...oh and go wake up Yuffie I'm going to need her help

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

A few hours later...

Iris: well I guess this is goodbye

Lance: oh come on Iris I see it more as a see you around

Heather: yeah as long as we're friends we'll always have some good times

Leo: and besides I'm still you're rival, you'll be seeing me a lot

Iris: okay but don't try and see me when I'm bathing okay?

Leo: I'll try to keep that in mind

Lance: why? Something tells me you enjoy the view

Leo: SHUT UP!!!!

Lance: okay okay you don't...geez you're sensitive...

Just then Aeris walks in

Aeris: Iris, can you and your friends come with me for a sec?

Iris: huh? Why?

Aeris says nothing but turns and walks away, everyone follows her perplexed to what she had planned. Whenever Iris asked her, Aeris only hushed her and kept telling her it was a surprise. Finally they were at the foot of Mt Nibelheim, where there was a grand surprise waiting for them.

Iris: m-mom?

There in front of her was a tables all laid out with food, Christmas lights being hung to add lighting, many people all dancing or talking (or eating) and there was distinct music being played in the background, it was obvious that this was supposed to be a festive party.

Iris: mom, but you said...

Aeris: I said your friends couldn't stay for dinner but I didn't say you and your friends couldn't enjoy a party

Iris: thanks mom, YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!

Jen: but how were you able to ship all the supplies here without any of us noticing?

Cloud walks in to explain this

Cloud: well I know that Iris can spend hours talking about this town so we had at least 3 hours to prepare, I used the PHS and phoned some of the old gang

Liete: some of the old gang?

Which is when some very familiar faces show up

Barrett: wassup?

Iris: Uncy Barrett?

RedXIII: I have heard about your fights and exploits I'm quite impressed

Iris: uncy Red?

Yuffie: you knocked me out with my own materia, HA HA I never expected anybody else to do that to me but you


Reeve: like I said I could drop all the work I'm doing if it's for you kid

Iris: Uncy Reeve

Cid: how we were able to gather supplies so quick, I admit I'm guilty as charged...need to get someplace fast? There's nothing better than the Highwind

Iris: Uncy Cid too?

Vincent: it's nice that we meet again, Lady Iris...

Iris: Uncle Vincent!!!

Tifa: don't forget about me too, I told you we would meet again

Iris: Auntie Tifa...I don't believe this you're all here!!!!!

Lance: amazing...she knows ALL the heroes of the planet?

Cid: course we did kid, we knew her while she was still in diapers

Barrett: we hard how you kick that foo, Sephiroth's ass, that was just so f...

Aeris: Barrett, language...

Barrett: sorry...

RedXIII: I guess what Barett is trying to say is that you deserve a celebration after what you guys did made a page in history forever

Yuffie: too bad you won't be famous like us...

Vincent: but in our eyes and a few people you are and that's all you really need

Iris: I I don't know what to say...

Heather: I think we can

Christi/Lena/Jen: LET'S PARTY!!!!!

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

Some time the party was already in full swing...

Iris: *stuffing her mouth with cake* this is great!!!

Aeris: Iris, watch it you might get a tummy ache later

Cid: aw let her Aeris, the kid deserved it

Aeris: fine but that doesn't excuse you for smoking

Cid: but Aeris...

Aeris: put it out

Cid damn...gee spike your wife's tough

Cloud: hey I couldn't ask for anything better

Aeris: hey are Reeve, Red and Barrett drunk? Okay who was the one who brought alcohol?

Tifa: *crossing her fingers behind her back* gee I don't know Aeris...

Aeris: sigh

Soon the upbeat music begins to slow down becoming slow dance music. People (excluding the drunk ones) try to find a partner to dance with.

Cloud: would my lovely goddess give me the pleasure of the next dance?

Aeris: of course...

Cloud takes Aeris' hand as they begin to slow dance to the music. Vincent deciding to do something totally out of character walks over to Yuffie who was already dancing with someone.

Vincent: may I cut in?

Man: sure

Yuffie: V-Vincent?

Vincent: may I ask for the next dance?

Yuffie: s-sure...

Vincent: (gee she sounds nervous)


The two begin to dance

Yuffie: (he's so graceful and good...I can't compete with moves like this)

Vincent: something wrong?

Yuffie: oh it's just that...well you're just well where'd you learn to dance like this?

Vincent: skill requirement of a Turk I guess

Yuffie: *raises an eyebrow* oh really?

Vincent: okay you caught me, I learned in my spare time

Yuffie: it's just that you're really good

Vincent: oh it's easy all you have to do is...

And after a few seconds of instructions, Yuffie was able to keep up with Vincent

Vincent: there I think you're getting the hang of it...

Yuffie: (OH MY GAWD...this is just like how I dreamed it would be!!!)

Overwhelmed Yuffie practically faints in Vincent's arms

Vincent: um Yuffie...

Meanwhile elsewhere Lance was going to have some trouble

Jen: hey Lance

Lance: hi Jen

Heather: hey Lance

Lance: hey Heather

Heather/Jen: LET'S DANCE!!!!

The two girls realized what they both said and give each other an annoyed look they than turn to face Lance for his decision

Lance: ee...uum...eep...(I'm in trouble)

However Lance is able to see JON coming up to him

JON: Sir Lance the food is great why don't you try some?

Lance: good idea, JON cover me...

Lance than takes off like a bullet just wanting to get out of there

Lance: I would rather risk a pit full of Tonberrys before I risk the wrath of two girls

Elsewhere Tifa had walked up to Iris

Tifa: hello Iris

Iris: hi auntie Tifa

Tifa: congratulations on beating Sephiroth, I wished I could have helped

Iris: don't worry Auntie Tifa...he's not going to bother anyone else ever again

In the distance enjoying the party but keeping close watch on Tifa was Christi

Christi: I don't trust her

Lena: oh come on Christi you always say that

Christi: I know but this time it doesn't make any sense, I was there 2 years ago when Tifa told Iris that she "wanted to find herself" and didn't want to be found don't you find it the least bit suspicious that she today of all days come back?

Lena: hey it might have been a coincidence

Christi: I hope you're right Lena, I hope you're right.

____________________________________________________________________________ ____

Soon the party was over and everyone was packing up and saying their goodbyes

Leo: Iris, well it was a challenge...but this is where we part ways for now

Iris: I guess it is

Leo: but don't think it's over between us, whenever you see the moon and stars think of me...because I'm going to train even harder until I can beat you

Iris: I'm not going to make it easy for you, you know

Leo: I know I expect you to be strong, I'll you have surpassed me but tomorrow who knows?

With those words Leo leaves and soon is gone

Lance: I'm going to miss you Heather

Heather: remember what I said before just as long as we are all friends we are always going to have good times, just don't forget me, okay?

Lance: don't worry I don't plan now I can brag to all the mechanics back home that I know royalty, so what are you going to do now?

Heather: I'm going to travel to see how much this planet has changed and evolved since my time

Lance: guess phoning you is out of the question

Heather: phone?

Lance: I'll tell you when you come back

Heather: until then

Heather too than leaves, Jen and her mother walk up to Lance after she is gone

Jen: so you're going back to that garage?

Lance: yeah, it's not much but at least I get paid and its home

Mrs. Messina: wait what are you talking about home?

Lance: I also live at the garage

Mrs. Messina: WHAT?!! You live in a garage full of rude and vulgar men?

Lance: well if you want to put it THAT way yes

Mrs. Messina: you poor thing, that's it Jennifer prepare the guest room at our house

Lance/Jen: WHAT?!

Mrs. Messina: you are a kind and charming boy there's no way I'm going to let you move back there. You're staying with us and I'm going to help educate you and give you a proper place to live but first I'm going to give you a bath, mister. (There's no way I'm going to let a future husband of Jen become a rude and vulgar mechanic, he needs a real mother figure)

Lance: HEY WAIT!!! That's okay, really...

But it was too late Mrs. Messina began dragging him away by his arm

JON: what about me Sir Lance?

Lance: JON! Go back to the garage and tell the chief I'm not going to be able to come back and JON you be my replacement, okay?

JON: I won't let you down Sir Lance

Soon JON and Lance (with Mrs. Messina) were gone

Iris: guess Lance is staying with you

Jen: it would appear so

Iris: maybe this is fate?

Jen: fate?

Iris: you know you and Lance are destined to do something big

Jen: Iris are you suggesting...?

Iris: just a thought

Jen: well I'll see you tomorrow

Iris: yeah Jen

Jen also leaves, Iris is now greeted by Christi and Lena

Christi: Iris, thank you...I was able to use my skills for the greater good, now I know I have a reason to keep on with my training

Iris: and what is that?

Christi: to help ya again what else?

Lena: I would also like to thank you, your words ring true so from now on I won't always worry about the future but I'm just going to live

Iris: well I'm glad to help, see you two tomorrow

Lena/Christi: bye

After Christi and Lena, Liete came up to her.

Liete: I just want to thank you again for all your help...

Iris: what are you going to do?

Liete: well I'm the last of the elfin race, for a long time we were never free but I am so...Lily and me decided to move in here

Iris: can you do that?

Liete: just you watch

Iris: all right, it would be nice to have another neighbor

Liete: well I better get cracking getting a place to stay

After waving goodbye Liete leaves. Iris can see Andy standing alone Iris goes over to him.

Iris: hi Andy, what are you doing?

Andy: I'm just resting, thinking, deciding where to go next

Iris: oh well if you want...well um I spoke to my parents and they can stay with us if you want

Andy: that depends do you need me for anything?

Iris: well I would like to learn how to fight like you

Andy: as you wish I'll stay but under only two condition

Iris: that is?

Andy: don't treat me like a guest and under no circumstance follow me when I leave whenever I go out, agreed?

Iris: okay...

Andy: good but I need to tell you right now I'm a very strict instructor

Iris: heh, the tougher the better

Andy: well I guess we can begin with our first lesson...

Iris: um not today Andy, I'm going to be sleeping in ALL day

Andy: heh heh, I almost forgot you still are a child

____________________________________________________________________________ ____


"It has been a few weeks since our battle with Sephiroth and these past weeks have been very peaceful. I've occasionally hear from all of mom and dad's friends and they are all doing well, the only person that I don't know about is Auntie Tifa who after the party disappeared again I guess she wasn't ready to come back yet. Mom and Dad are doing better than ever, if anything I guess this incident has brought them even closer than before, dad has decided to start training to fight again and mom has chosen to as well but at the moment mom can't do it right now, want to know why? Well when dad found out the look on his face was priceless.

Aeris: hello Cloud, how was your day?

Cloud: same old, same was yours?

Aeris: well do you remember the night we had AFTER party?

Cloud: heh, I'll never forget that one I don't think either of us got any sleep last night why'd you ask?

Aeris: read this

Cloud: what's this? Yadda yadda, if liquid turns pink blah blah than you are pregnant??!!! Aeris this a birth test

Aeris: well... *shows him a pink vial*

Cloud: well you know these tests are never accurate on the first attempt usually a person has to do it more than once...

Aeris: here...*shows a second pink vial*

Cloud: oh come on, two times aren't always enough sometimes a third time is needed

Aeris: third time's the charm? *Shows a third pink vial* Cloud, I'm pregnant again *hugs him* isn't this exciting?

Cloud: *faints*

Aeris: was it something I said?

"My friend's lives have also gone back to normal well almost, Lance now lives with Jen."


Lance: Jen I'm really sorry...


We see Lance being chased by Jen who has smoking and spiky hair and holding what looks like a hair dryer.

Lance: Oh come on Jen how was I supposed to know that I put one of my blaster parts in the blow dryer?

They run by Mrs. Messina who is drinking an espresso and smiling

Mrs. Messina: aw the sounds of love...

"Christi has became the new heir to the Nonomura temple"

Christi's father: so you four think you have what it takes for me to pass the style of our temple to you?

Boys: yes sensei

Christi's father: we'll see, you only have to do one test for me to consider you worthy of me inducting you four into our temple, Christi...

Christi comes out sword drawn and ready

Christi's father: all you have to do is knock my daughter's sword from her hands and you win but if she knocks it from yours than you lose

Boy#1: knock a little girl's sword out of her hands this should be easy...

And the fight if you want to call it that was over almost as soon as it had begun, Christi had knocked all four boy's swords with her ODIN'S ZANTESUKEN and was slowly drawing hers away.

Christi: well it would appear you failed, would you care to try again?

Without a second's hesitation all four boys did a complete 180 and was out of the temple gates screaming

Christi: (that was nothing, I'm going to train very hard and one day I'll be just as strong as you are Tony, my brother)

"Lena still deals with tarot cards but now knows how to live better for the future"

Lena: I sense you will go on a trip

Man: me? On my salary yeah right...

The man walks away but doesn't see the rock on the ground and sure enough TRIPS and falls face first in the mud

Lena: *shrugs* I did try and warn him

"JON is now Lance's replacement at the Mechanic Corps"

Chief: hey JON pass me that X shaped screw driver, I've got to tighten this bolt on this engine

JON: negative my scans indicate a flat edge screw driver is better

Chief: look don't tell me how to do my job, just pass me the screw driver

JON: as you wish

Chief: there I think I'm done...

Unfortunately the loosened bolt comes undone again and the whole engine falls apart.

Chief:....flat edge screwdriver you say?

JON: affirmative

"Heather is still traveling and I hear from her occasionally but I hear she's adjusting to this new time quite well"

Heather: mmmmmm, this is delicious I can't believe that the royal chefs couldn't make anything this good...

Server: would you like another one?

Heather: mmm yes please

The server leaves and comes back with more food and Heather begins to eat again.

Heather: mm, what do you call this?

Server: um it's a McChocobo burger

We see now that Heather is eating in a fast food joint called McMidgar's

Heather: well I'm done

Pays the server with some very old gil worth pennies in her time but here worth thousands going to pay for your meal with this?!!

Heather: what is it not enough?

Server: no this will do and feel free to come by anytime here, miss

Heather: what a nice establishment and friendly service too

"Liete unbelievably did find a place to live in Nibelheim and she even owns a weapon store selling some of the finest weaponry you can't get anywhere else"

Liete: hello welcome to my shop may I help you with anything?

Thief: no I'm just browsing

After seeing something he likes the thief quickly pockets it before Liete could see it unfortunately Lily does and clamps down on his leg.


Liete: you must have stolen something otherwise Lily wouldn't have done know Lily has a jaw like a steel trap and she usually never lets go unless I tell her to, she also knows tricks do you want to see her roll over?

Thief: AAAAAHHHH NO NO, here's the thing back please just get it off of me

Liete: Lily release...

Lily does so with the man running away screaming

Liete: another day of business I suppose?

"Andy is a really good teacher but he still keeps to himself"

Andy: Iris...should I? No I can't I have sinned too much, I can't have any friends no not until I calm the beast within but I hope Iris knows this I'll always be on her side whenever she needs me

"And Leo? Well I don't know what happened to him he's the only one who never keeps in contact but that's okay, I know it sounds strange but I do kinda want to see him again at least when he was around things were never dull. Well it took me a few weeks to write down all these stories but I guess I'm done for now until I write again"

by Iris Gainsborough Strife

Iris sighs in content relief as she finishes writing in her journal on Mt Nibelheim suddenly she can hear a voice behind her

???: we meet again

Iris: you can't surprise me Leo, so how have you been?

Leo: I've been training hard and I feel today is the time for a rematch

Iris: you think so? You're just going to lose again

Leo: HA talk is cheap prove that to me...

As the determined rivals take their fighting stance prepared to give it everything they've got a thought crosses Iris' mind

"Is it truly The End? No it's only the beginning!!!!"


Well that was my first story of my long chronicles I think I'm going to take a break for now but I'll be back soon with a sequel :)

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