Chapter One: A New Arrival

As the sun was setting in Radiator Springs, Sally Carerra was flipping through a magazine in her motel office. Oh for Chrysler's sake, I wish someone would come to Radiator Springs! The sleepy little town hadn't seen a customer for as long as Sally had been a resident. Given she hadn't really lived there long, but it was still long enough to know that this town was suffering. There were only a few businesses still running, and only a handful of residents. Someone will notice us, and then we'll be put back on the map. Eventually. As she read, she could hear Fillmore and Sarge over at Flo's saying something about the yellow traffic light. Then, suddenly, a loud backfiring noise along with the sound of Sheriff's siren was heard making its way up the road. Sally looked out the window of her office and saw a blur of screaming red knock down a line of caution cones on the road. Then as the barely recognizable shape of a car whizzed by, it suddenly veered to the right and was going straight at one of her cones (she owned the Cozy Cone Motel, and all the rooms were giant caution cones). The car screamed and swerved again, heading back across the road. It went right into a barbed wire fence, which got hooked around its front bumper, and then headed towards Flo's Café. By this point, the car was too far down the road to see from the window, so Sally headed out of her cone and sat by Lizzie's Curios Shop. She noticed that the panicked car had knocked down Luigi's tires and was currently hooked around the statue of the town's founder, Stanley. It was then that Sally felt she might not be safe out on the road, so she quickly returned to her office. A few seconds later, the car raced by going the other way, dragging along the statue of Stanley! Then after the car drove by, Sally could no longer hear its engine. She drove out of her office to see something hanging from the telephone wires, which she assumed must be the car. Sally drove closer to see who had caused all this panic. She expected maybe a delirious foreigner or maybe a scared young car. But what she didn't expect was to see the Manufacturer's gift to women. In the telephone wires, caught up by the barbed wire, was a sleek, red racecar, which was apparently unconscious.