Jian, you do, don't you?
"Jian? Do you love me?" Out of the blue. Like everything Lucia says. "Uhhh...I...It...Well...Uhh...What was the question again?" Oh, shit. That always happens. "Jian, you do, don't you? I heard what you said at The Cathedral Of Althena"
"That was a while ago...What's that?" I picked up an ordinary rock. "Jian, it's a rock. Answer my question." She looked cross. "But it's a 7653 MISTAKE rock that Althena accidently messed up on, it's quite rare." My lie didn't work, o'course.
I suck at lying. "Jian, Althena didn't make mistakes, and I should know. YOU are avoiding my question." She was gonna' kill me, I knew it. "Gotta' fly. SONOUR QUA!" A huge rock hand formed and held Lucia tight while I ran for my life. She was screaming words I don't want to mention. Then I meet Flora. "Hey, Flora! How are you doing?" "Great.
What are you running from?" "Lucia. Remember, I went that way." I pointed to a forest full of weird sounds, "I need to hide here, okay? You do the fake-out." So I sat and waited. 40 minutes later, I got out of the bushes, only to see Lucia round the corner, so I hid again. "I'm going to strangle him..." I heard her mutter, "Oh, hi Flora! How are you doing"
She acted so damn cheerful, you couldn't tell she was ever angry. "Where'd Jian get to? I need to ask him something"
"He went that way." Flora looked absolutely sincere, no trace of a lie. A short time after Lucia ran off, I came out of hiding. "Thanks, Flora." And with that I went on to Healriz. I THINK I love Lucia, maybe. I hope.

What'd you think? FIRST LDS FIC EVER! SO COOL!
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